Samantha Saint Gets Wicked

Wicked Pictures, one of porn’s dominant studios and one-time home to such legends as Chasey Lain and Jenna Jameson, has signed its newest contract performer, Samantha Saint. Having quickly risen to pornographic prominence after starting as a Twistys Treat of the Month, Saint, who shot more than twenty movies in her first year on the job, now joins the illustrious stable of contract girls signed to Wicked; girls including Jessica Drake, Lupe Fuentes, and Alektra Blue.

Samantah Saint
Jonathan Morgan @ Moby Picture

Announced during a live webcast from, and with an introduction by Drake, Blue, and fellow Wicked girl Kaylani Lei, Samantha Saint, a Penthouse, Club, and Hustler covergirl, is a fantastic addition to the Wicked harem and one that will no doubt have fans’ loins on fire in little time at all. Saint, who allegedly lives life by the motto “Live today like it’s your last,” will appear in her first Wicked production under contract – she has performed for the company in the past as a freelancer – in Jonathan Morgan’s Couples Camp 2. Tease that he is, director Morgan posted this pic of Ms. Saint on the set of said movie, with the caption “God I love what I do!!!!” Can ya blame him?

Two New Fan-Approved Fleshlight Girls

Kayden KrossIn an unexpected tie, Kayden Kross and Alexis Texas have both managed to pull in an even number of votes and both score the highly coveted 2012 Searchlight prize from Fleshlight: their very own, custom-crafted Fleshlight replica! Announced live at the Comedy Store in Hollywood during comedian Sam Tripoli’s The Naughty Show, the two winners pulled ahead of other contestant, Asphyxia Noir, to nab the joint prize. Now, only two days later, Kayden has her own profile page on Fleshlight’s endlessly entertaining website and fans can already buy their way into her two-time AVN Award-winning pussy.

The Searchlight competition ran for months and featured heavily on Fleshlight’s blog, Fleshlife. There, users can now view all of the videos made with each of the three contestants, videos in which they state their case and tell you why their pussies deserve to be immortalized by the producers of the adult industry’s most acclaimed male masturbator toys.

Asphyxia, with her facial tattoos and pseudo-gothic styling may have been a little too intimidating for many voters, but the well-read, surprisingly articulate Kayden, the favorite, was, with her Texan co-winner, enticing enough to get guys voting like crazy. Hell, Kayden has even been given her own unique Fleshlight texture, dubbed “Bookworm” after her love of reading.

As for Alexis and her snatch… well, I suppose we’ll just have to be patient.

A Drink with Kink

Kink.comPeter Acworth might be best known as the man who brought human sexuality’s darkest desires to a hundred-year-old castle in the middle of San Francisco’s Mission district with Kink dot com, but he’s really just a local bar owner at heart. Well, he is now that The Armory Club has opened in the same building that houses Sex & Submission and Bound Gang Bangs, among other now infamous Kink sites.

Calling itself “a social escape from the normalcy of everyday life,” The Armory Club offers creative, handcrafted cocktails, award-winning locally brewed beer, and “an exciting wine list” all in a ballroom modeled on Kink’s legendary Upper Floor. With pressed tin ceilings, a lit onyx bar, and cast-iron fireplace, the club is a natural progression for Acworth, whose personal touch has made Kink one of the most consistently engaging American porn studios of recent years. “For me, the Armory Club is just an extension of the Kink lifestyle,” Acworth told AVN. “We may produce fetish material, but we’re also a member of the community… We’re as much an ethos as we are a company.”

Having officially opened its doors on September 18th, The Armory Club, while housed in the profoundly imposing Armory castle, welcomes all patrons 21 and over and promises that while there’s nothing inherently sexual about the club, don’t be surprised if you waltz in to find the likes of Bobbi Starr, Lorelai Lee, or James Deen knocking back a Whistle Pig rye after a hard day in the torture chamber.

Get Her Sticky and She Won’t Cry “Icky”

MrPinksA study recently published by “peer-reviewed, open access journal”, conducted by Charmaine Borg and Peter J. de Jong of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands has found that arousal trumps disgust when it comes to sex and that women are less likely to be turned off by something “icky” when their juices are flowing. What does that mean for the layman? Get your girl excited enough and she’s likely to try almost anything.

Quoting Sigmund Freud in its introduction – “A man, who will kiss a pretty girl’s mouth passionately, may perhaps be disgusted by the idea of using her tooth-brush.” – Borg and Jong laid the groundwork for their study, arguing that disgust has evolved to be a defense mechanism that guards the body from “external contamination”. Raising the question of Horny vs. Gross as a means to test the extent to which external stimuli (like a dick) may be rejected during sexual activity of varying degrees of, well, hotness, Borg and Jong investigated just how turned-off study participants were by blindly putting their hand in a container of lubricated condoms or split pea soup, and by being asked whether they’d bone an obese chick. When aroused, the guys responded with a rousing “Hell yeah!” When not aroused, they politely declined and elected the pea soup to be tactilely repulsive. The same rang true for females, too, as they, sexually aroused, accepted stimuli they would’ve otherwise rejected.

Still need a simpler, less nerdy version? If you’re trying to convince your girl to take it in the rear and she exhibits reluctance at every turn, spend a good amount of time warming her up and getting her blood flowing to all the right areas and then ask. She might just say yes! In any case, it’s better to take conversations in a kinky direction while you’re both aroused and not, say, eat pizza or watching football. (Unless she’s a cheese or touchdown fetishist, that is.)

Oh yeah, and this study also explains masturbator’s remorse, something we’ve all struggled with from time to time. Haven’t we?

AV Idol in Rough Waters

Sola AoiA recent conflict between China and Japan has seen the two nations arguing over who should rightfully control the Senkaku Islands, an uninhabited cluster of islands in the East China Sea. Challenging Japan’s current control, China, which calls them Diaoyu, regards the islands as their own, saying that their location (in Chinese waters) and history (China controlled them over 100 years ago) equates to ownership. Japan, seeing this as part of a wave of anti-Japanese sentiment, ignored these claims and the two countries found themselves embroiled in quite the drama.

In an effort to ease tensions between China and her native Japan, AV idol Sola Aoi posted on her Sin Weibo account (the equivalent of our Twitter) and asked her 13 million followers to find peace and unity. Holding a sign sporting her hand-painted calligraphy and reading “Japanese-Chinese Friendship,” Aoi’s post backfired and saw Chinese fans and netizens complaining of her plea’s apparent lack of sincerity; evident, apparently, because she placed her native Japan first on the sign.

Among the insults and slurs tossed her way – one notable comment called her a “Japanese dog” – there were a few supportive remarks. One in particular, encapsulated the conflict beautifully: “Who the Diaoyu Islands belong to is not important, as long as Sola Aoi remains on my hard disk.”