Seth MacFarlane: Too Busy for Porn

Seth MacFarlane, cartoonist, voice actor, movie director, and Michael Bublé-wannabe, is entering a new phase of his career with a just-announced hosting gig at the 85th annual Academy Awards this coming February. So in-demand is the Family Guy and Ted creator that he’s had to turn down other hosting gigs because he’s too busy. No, not another Comedy Central roast (he’s already done two), but the most prestigious awards ceremony in the nation, the AVNs.

Having offered MacFarlane a gig manning the mic at the upcoming 2013 ceremony, AVN was no doubt disappointed to find the crown prince of televised vulgarity was just too damn busy to present the not-entirely-unphallic glass trophies to porn’s best and bangingest come January next year. As the host of what will be the 30th anniversary of the AVN Awards, MacFarlane could’ve had his choice of porno pussy, but since he just signed a $100 million deal with Fox, I doubt he’s all that hard up for sexual favors.

Videobox Recommends…

Videobox latest moviesVideobox might be one of the most popular, successful, and influential adult websites since the dawn of the Internet era, but that doesn’t mean those running the joint always are infallible. A recent change to the way the site operates has users up in arms; or it did until those at VB managed a compromise. So, what happened?

A little over a week ago, the Videobox homepage no longer displayed the most recently added DVDs to the sites immense archive and instead offered members a selection of titles from the collection that an algorithm had decided they were likely to be interested in. Watch a lot of interracial porn at VB? Get recommendations of other interracial titles. Split your viewing between anal and all-girl? Log in to find a mix of your two favorite niches conveniently arranged underneath the Videobox banner. Sounds neat, right? Not everyone thought so and response from members was, to put it mildly, not entirely appreciative.

After blogging about the change and participating in discussion with members, Videobox and its spokesperson (Josh) compromised. Although the recommendations will still hold prime position, the newly added DVDs are due to be back on the front page within the week, meaning members will no longer have to select Movies, then sort by Date / Newest in order to find the latest additions to Videobox’s already enormous 13,00o-title collection.

But, wait a second… Why is everyone still complaining? Having a rotating selection of titles tailored to your tastes by an algorithm that runs invisibly and undetectably behind-the-scenes to keep your dick hard ’cause it knows what you like is an awesome move on VB’s part! This was always a part of VB’s interface and although it usually just nested beside a DVD you had already chosen, showing similar titles and the work of the same performers, it had a powerful influence on what VB’s members, Mr. Pink included, found themselves watching. Are you really going to ignore the most mathematically plausible recommendations of one of the few truly great adult video sites just to keep your viewing trained on the newest titles, most of which aren’t even really new, merely new to this site? You can’t please everybody but you can please yourself, especially at Videobox.

Around the World with James Deen, Gentleman

We’re all well aware that Americans and the English have very different attitudes toward sex – and to who else but celebrities should we turn for examples? Stateside, famous folks are prone to hiding their incredible acts of debauchery until they’re found out by TMZ or a nosy neighbor, at which point they might issue a public apology and hug their spouse, seek treatment for “sex addiction”, or simply vanish from the public eye while Jay Leno makes jokes at their expense for a good thirteen or fourteen minutes. In England, legend has it,  the Brits are a bit more reserved. There’s not much that’s funny about sex in the UK, hence “spotted dick“.

Nowhere is the sexual and cultural divide more evident than in these photoshoots starring everyone’s favorite pornstar-cum-thespian, James Deen. Appearing in the US and UK editions of GQ and GQ: Style respectively, the shoots give us great insight into what those in each nation regard as sexy, at least where men are concerned. Check it out!

James Deen UK GQ James Deen GQ

Loss of Words – Missy’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

My girlfriend and I recently entered the sexual stage of our relationship. The sex is good, no complaint there, but it’s the afterwards that there is awkwardness. Am I suppose to talk, if so, what do I say? Talking about the weather probably wouldn’t be right, but the silence is uncomfortable, I’m no good at this part.

Loss of Words

Dear Loss;

You bring up a good point, talking about the weather right after an orgasm doesn’t exactly fit the post euphoria bill. Unless of course you’d word it as the heat wave you felt through foreplay and how the flash flood warning did indeed come true as she squirted her appreciation for your diligence.

You’d be surprised how many couples have issue with this afterglow moment and what to do with it. When things are building sexually between the sheets, it’s raw, animalistic nature that takes over, you don’t have to think, you just go with what feels good, but now you’ve caught your breath and have the ability to again speak…but what do you say?

Don’t feel as though you need to have a discussion that lasts for hours, that’s not the case, neither one of you expect that I’m sure. Maybe something tender, like, “I really felt connected to you,” and then an embrace would be words of few, but they carry a massive meaning. For some couples, those moments afterwards is a good time to express what really felt great, maybe something different was done and a compliment is spoken, that will feed the furnace to your future love making sessions, knowing what is a turn on will almost always bring a repeat performance.

Silence can be very loud, and when nothing is said, it can make your partner feel as though it wasn’t enjoyable for you. Of course, needless to say, just rolling over and snoring is definitely enough to leave a gap of insecurity, so curtail your slumber until each of you feel complete satisfaction from your hardcore sexual experience.

Some things come naturally with time, you said your relationship is budding in the sexual department, so nourish it with after climax conversation, and by all means, don’t be afraid to share a kiss or two that will seal the delightful deal and may even take you into another round of bedroom bliss.