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Seth MacFarlane: Too Busy for Porn

Seth MacFarlane, cartoonist, voice actor, movie director, and Michael Bublé-wannabe, is entering a new phase of his career with a just-announced hosting gig at the 85th annual Academy Awards this coming February. So in-demand is the Family Guy and Ted … Continue reading

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Videobox Recommends…

Videobox might be one of the most popular, successful, and influential adult websites since the dawn of the Internet era, but that doesn’t mean those running the joint always are infallible. A recent change to the way the site operates … Continue reading

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Around the World with James Deen, Gentleman

We’re all well aware that Americans and the English have very different attitudes toward sex – and to who else but celebrities should we turn for examples? Stateside, famous folks are prone to hiding their incredible acts of debauchery until … Continue reading

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Loss of Words – Missy’s Sex Advice

Dear Missy Pink, My girlfriend and I recently entered the sexual stage of our relationship. The sex is good, no complaint there, but it’s the afterwards that there is awkwardness. Am I suppose to talk, if so, what do I … Continue reading

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