Kink Braves Stink for Foot Fanciers

Kink.comOnly weeks after announcing their intention to shoot a scene tailored to the wants of a fan (in fact a scene scripted by one), the reigning monarchs of expressive depravity, those proud perverts of Kink dot com have launched their latest excursion into the sordid world of human sexuality. Only, it’s a side we’ve seen in abundance already: foot fetishism.

The site has been online a few days and it’s already clear Foot Worship and its creators want to do far more than toe a false line of modesty and propriety. As its name says, Foot Worship doesn’t just want to love feet, it wants to make idols of them. To guide the site with an aggressive hand, Kink has called upon Maitresse Madeline who tells that the site “is about more than just the beauty of feet.” The director domme, who is also largely responsible for Kink’s Divine Bitches, continued. “I want to bring a sense of style and power to the shoots. I wanted to take foot worship to a new level.” John Sander, Kink’s VP of Marketing also has high hopes for the site and ample confidence in its lead creative force, calling Maitresse Madeline someone who “knows how to do fem-dom”, and adding that Kink is “really proud of what she’s accomplished with Foot Worship.”

But confidence does not a great fetish site make and Foot Worship’s future will only be defined by its present success. Foot fetishists vocal about their preferences throughout the pornoverse tend to favor the dainty and submissive. When Mike Adriano, the contemporary master of the body part closeup, shoots feet he tends toward the messy and colorful. Others like Nacho Vidal and Rocco Siffredi (and to a lesser extent Manuel Ferrara) are all aggression. Foot Worship seems to offer content that bridges these two styles and adds plenty of Kink’s signature female domination. There’s also a heavy fantasy element in play here, with tropical motifs, a flirty 50s housewife scenario, and even an American Apparel-wearing hipster-starring three-way foot fondling feast. Add in Andy San Dimas, Julia Ann, Kimberly Kane, Chanel Preston and Kink mainstay Lorelai Lee and you’ve got a recipe for genre-busting foot fetishism well worth keeping a very, very close eye on.

Foot Worship is now online at Kink dot com. Look for a full review coming soon to Mr. Pink’s porn reviews.

Elegant Angel’s Performers of the Year 2013

Elegant Angel's Performers of the Year 2013Every year, at the end of the year, one of porn’s most consistently brilliant companies, Elegant Angel, releases its Performers of the Year feature, and this year it’s shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.

Asa Akira, widely considered by fans and industry folks alike to be the breakout performer of 2012, Brooklyn Lee, winner of the 2012 AVN Award for Best New Starlet, and Lily Carter, a nominee in that same category and one of Elegant Angel’s most celebrated new performers, have been announced as the headlining cast of Performers of the Year 2013. With Ms. Carter performing her very first gangbang (with seven-men!) and what will no doubt be heavy, hardcore turns from both Lee and Akira, both of whom have shot many firsts for Elegant Angel, the release, due at the tail end of December, is sure to impress even those fans who’ve followed these girls’ careers throughout 2012 and have seen Asa in particular go from strength-to-strength. (Her Asa Akira is Insatiable 3 feature held her first double-anal and concluded her acclaimed gonzo trilogy.)

While exact details are still under wraps and the final lineup will be announced in “a couple of weeks”, the William H. directed feature is getting a DVD and Blu-Ray release just in time for the holidays. With company like this, who says you shouldn’t be alone on Christmas?

The Other Woman – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink;

I’m a 34 yr old woman. I’ve been seeing a guy from my office for 6 months, it started as just friendship and drinks, pizza, after work to now having sex for the past 3 weeks. He excites me on every level. My problem is, I didn’t know our relationship was suppose to be a secret, and was told he lives with another woman. I questioned him, he confessed but said he really needs me and wants me to stay with him, while he stays with her. Am I stupid or just in love?

The Other Woman

Dear Other Woman;

Unfortunately, the dilemma you’re faced with has been one experienced by many of others in the past, present and will be in the future. The heart can’t draw imaginary lines in the sand, it has to rely on the power of the mind for good judgment, and also the scruples of those we tend to offer our affection to, and it sounds like both of those attributes have let you down.

There was a line I heard in a movie one time, and, I always thought in a few words, it summed up what a relationship is suppose to be, and that is; “You make me want to be a better person.” It doesn’t sound to me like this relationship is turning you into a woman you can look in the mirror each morning and sleep without a guilty conscience with at night. How much are we to give to someone else before we lose sight of who we are? It seems to me, you’ve been giving, he’s been taking, and the one losing the most is his girlfriend waiting at home in the evenings, a meat loaf drying out in the oven, and candles that have burned down to but a clump of wax.

The first person you need to take care of is yourself, you need to keep in mind, he’s climbing out of your bed and back into the one they share, and no bed is large enough for three people…well, unless you’re going for a physical threesome of sex, then you can certainly make it work! But, seriously, I’m sure you have shed many tears over this situation and don’t you deserve a man that doesn’t make you cry? One that is all yours, to focus not only on a friendship but the intimacy of sexual pleasure as well, which when combined, will be everything you’ve hoped for.

Don’t just settle. You may feel you need him, he may excite you in many different ways, but when the door closes behind him, and you’re left with the crumpled sheets underneath you, how cold does that really make your night? Don’t share him with anyone, break things off in a friendly manner,  wish him well, and maybe think positive thoughts for his girlfriend. Don’t just be, “the other woman,” be THE woman!

It’s not love, it’s lust. Show him the door and then buy yourself a new vibrator, you can still feel the completion, but not have to shave your legs for it!