Losing the Desire – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

Before my husband and I were married, he had an insane streak of jealousy, which never bothered me, it was flattering and showed me he cared. Now it’s been a little over two years since we became man and wife and the jealousy is gone. He’s noticed other guys checking me out and even men he works with will make comments, and he’ll laugh and shrug it off. I’m not sure how to take his new action, or lack of it, should I start to flirt back with other men to see if I find a spark?

Losing the Desire

Dear Losing;

There are a number of ways to take into consideration what the cause of your issue may be, and even more ways to handle it, but certainly not the one you’re thinking of.

Just because before your marriage he showed rage when someone was attentive towards you doesn’t mean he loved you more than he does now, and with only two years under your belt of marital bliss, now is certainly not the time to test his affection.  You may have seen his jealousy as a compliment, but for him, it may have been the fact that he loved you so much, he was afraid of losing that love, a bit of insecurity on his part, but, now and then, you’ll find that trait in men and women alike. Once you said the, “I do’s,” he began to feel more at ease, you married him, you love him, you’re man and wife, and, as the vows go, “until death us do part.”

It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he’s confidant in his trust within you, so, should you begin some innocent flirtation back with the men that are tossing their balls into your court, he will probably witness as you not loving him the way he felt you did. Your bond is still on a strong learning curve right now, I’m sure you both learn something new about one another every day, those are the traits that will make you fall in love all over again, and keep the already present love stronger. However, a bit of mistrust and he’ll start second guessing his comfort zone. And, let us not forget, sometimes even innocent flirting for whatever reason, can lead to something else. Even though you don’t have any intention of being unfaithful, all it takes is one vulnerable moment, and a pair of bedroom eyes laced with charm, and you may shed your inhibitions and your clothing, leaving you consumed with guilt.

The old saying, “less is more” can certain play into this situation, the less you give him cause to question, the more your marriage will bloom and become everything you’ve both wanted it to be. Instead of turning on your feminine wilds with one of his co-workers, flip the switch for your spouse. Show him you’re appreciative of his trust and that you don’t want to saturate the sheets with anyone else. Slip into some sexy lingerie, light a few candles, and introduce your body to him in ways he’s not experienced before. Remember the learning curve I mentioned? Well, that pertains to the emotional as well as the physical. Leave the lights on in the bedroom, assume an un-ladylike position, offer him everything that you have to give, go a little wild, it’s okay to partake in hardcore pleasure, after all, you’ve got a piece of paper framed on the living room wall and a ring on your finger that gives permission.

The OC: A New Porn Mecca

ocweeklyThe San Fernando Valley might be known throughout the world as the home of hardcore porn, but it seems a new challenger has appeared – and it’s only a short jump across LA County. Orange County, home to the Crystal Cathedral, UC Irvine’s huge student population, Disneyland, Gwen Stefani, and that TV show everyone would like to forget, is also the birthplace of many of adult entertainment’s most highly lauded performers: Jenna Haze, Tasha Reign, and Eva Angelina, to name a few.

In its current issue, the annual Sex Issue, OC Weekly has ranked the 20 most accomplished Orange County-based “entreporneurs” from yesterday and today, and editors even allowed the former Laguna Beach star Tasha Reign to grace the publication’s cover.

From Huntington Beach harlots Eva Angelina, Candy Apples, and Jenna Jameson to well-equipped OC residents Peter North, Billy Glide, and Michael Brandon to the most infamous crossover pornstar of the last ten years, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, it seems Orange County isn’t as conservative and God-fearing as many of its residents would like to pretend it is.

The annual Sex Issue of OC Weekly is freely available throughout Orange County now and ‘America’s Porn Paradise’ can now be read (and ogled) in full online. Still, nothing beats a free bathroom poster of the OC porn industry’s proudest offpsring, writer/director/producer/performer/TV star/Penthouse Pet/UCLA student, Tasha Reign, right?

The Funding of Vanessa Del Rio

Vanessa Del RioBack in June of 2012, Mr. Pink’s reported that Radley Metzger’s 1975 landmark adult masterpiece, The Opening of Misty Beethoven was seeking crowd funding for a Blu-Ray release through Kickstarter. After raising almost the entirety of its $10,000 goal, Kickstarter suspended the project and left 435 Productions seeking an alternative crowd-funding avenue. Cut to February 2013 and reviews are starting to appear praising the completed Blu-Ray, with Twitch calling it “a remarkable release” and the film “an incredible document of a time when the future of cinema was still being formed”.

Now, another legendary (naked) woman of the screen might finally be getting her due… if the donations keep coming in, that is. With a projected budget of $300,000 and less than $10,000 raised so far, a proposed biographical feature film based on the life and work of Vanessa Del Rio hopes to depict and define a central figure of porn’s Golden Age, a woman who bridged the porn world and the mainstream entertainment industry with later TV roles (NYPD Blue, for one) and earned herself a spot in AVN’s illustrious Hall of Fame.

Using crowd-funding website IndieGoGo, director Thomas Mignone, the man responsible for 2007 feature On the Doll and music videos for Morbid Angel, Mudvayne, Soulfly, Slipknot, System of a Down, and Sepultura, hopes to raise the funds required to bring his take on Del Rio’s life to the big (or at least small) screen soon. With rewards ranging from digital downloads and DVD/Blu-Ray copies of the finished film to a visit to the film set and an associate producer credit – the latter what David Mamet calls “what you give to your secretary instead of a raise” – all donations tie contributors to the film and perhaps even to an indelible part of pornographic history.