The Funding of Vanessa Del Rio

Vanessa Del RioBack in June of 2012, Mr. Pink’s reported that Radley Metzger’s 1975 landmark adult masterpiece, The Opening of Misty Beethoven was seeking crowd funding for a Blu-Ray release through Kickstarter. After raising almost the entirety of its $10,000 goal, Kickstarter suspended the project and left 435 Productions seeking an alternative crowd-funding avenue. Cut to February 2013 and reviews are starting to appear praising the completed Blu-Ray, with Twitch calling it “a remarkable release” and the film “an incredible document of a time when the future of cinema was still being formed”.

Now, another legendary (naked) woman of the screen might finally be getting her due… if the donations keep coming in, that is. With a projected budget of $300,000 and less than $10,000 raised so far, a proposed biographical feature film based on the life and work of Vanessa Del Rio hopes to depict and define a central figure of porn’s Golden Age, a woman who bridged the porn world and the mainstream entertainment industry with later TV roles (NYPD Blue, for one) and earned herself a spot in AVN’s illustrious Hall of Fame.

Using crowd-funding website IndieGoGo, director Thomas Mignone, the man responsible for 2007 feature On the Doll and music videos for Morbid Angel, Mudvayne, Soulfly, Slipknot, System of a Down, and Sepultura, hopes to raise the funds required to bring his take on Del Rio’s life to the big (or at least small) screen soon. With rewards ranging from digital downloads and DVD/Blu-Ray copies of the finished film to a visit to the film set and an associate producer credit – the latter what David Mamet calls “what you give to your secretary instead of a raise” – all donations tie contributors to the film and perhaps even to an indelible part of pornographic history.

In Celebration of J. Stephen Hicks

J. Stephen HicksLast week we brought you news of the unfortunate passing of a true original of erotica, J. Stephen Hicks, founder and chief photographer of Digital Desire. After outpourings of love from Hicks’ colleagues and competitors, details of a celebration of the man’s life and work have been released. At Sunset Restaurant near Hicks’ home in Malibu, friends and loved ones of the departed will gather to share in his memory.

In tribute to her late husband, Hicks’ wife Lani vows to keep Digital Desire in operation and trusts Mark Lit and Charles Lightfoot, two proteges of Hicks, to carry on his incomparable work. In praising Hicks’ work and character, his chief competitor and fellow erotic artist, Holly Randall, detailed their occasional clashes over model bookings, magazine spreads, and customers, and noted that she “secretly cursed his talent”. In a surprisingly warm tribute to her main professional rival, Randall calls Hicks “a master at harnessing natural light… and of his craft.”

Hicks’ family released an obituary (excerpted below) which can be read in full at AVN.

Stephen had a restless soul and an ever-growing curiosity about the world. From Bhutan to Africa, South America to Asia, Europe to Mexico, he sought new cultures, new experiences, new canvases for his unequaled nature photography. His passing has left an immeasurable void in those who loved him. But all our lives are richer and more complete for having been touched by his life and love.

Friends and loved ones will gather at Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, California at 4pm on Saturday February 23 to celebrate the life of J. Stephen Hicks. Donations can be made in Hicks’ honor, and in lieu of flowers, to The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Heal the Bay, and the Surfrider Foundation.

Host a Pornstar in Your Man-Cave

Adult DecalzWhile I don’t have enough excess room in my abode to create my own personal man-cave, I’m sure plenty of you reading this not only have the room, but have the inclination, the wherewithal, and the desire to carve yourself a homey little hovel filled with trinkets and memorabilia, perhaps a pool table, a few lava lamps, and a makeshift bar with ample liquor in constant stock. Go ahead, bro, knock yourself out with the most badass man-cave you can imagine, but it still won’t be complete without one very special item: a fucking pornstar wall decal!

The company, AdultDecalz (the “#1 selling adult decal”!),  is now adorning men’s walls with saucy yet refined images of their favorite adult models and performers. AdultDecalz moves into exciting new territory, striking deals with three of porn’s most esteemed studios, Digital Playground, Naughty America, and Evil Angel, with others reportedly to come. Fancy gussying up your den, pool room, or other such hideout with the likes of Madison Ivy, Jessie Jane, Kayden Kross, Selena Rose, Lisa Ann, Esperanza Gomez, and Asa Akira? Well, short of kidnapping the real thing and imprisoning your chosen starlet in some kind of wall-mounted bondage rack*, this is as close as you’re gonna get. Imagine lining up a YouTube-inspired, heavily rehearsed trick shot and challenging your buddy with the same – there’s no way he’ll be able to compete with Kayden Kross’s ass staring him down. You pot everything else, then the black, and win. He goes home. You stare at your killer pornstar decal in privatorum, you dig?

*Mr. Pink’s cannot and does not condone or encourage this course of action, no matter how appealing it may seem on paper.

PornHub Denied Super Bowl Ad Spot

PornHubTry as they might to gain mainstream acceptance, many adult industry entities find themselves blocked at every turn, including, not surprisingly, the most-watched television event of the year: Super Bowl XLVII.

Ok, so it might be hard to believe any porn company, website or otherwise, would manage to have a commercial aired on national television under any circumstances, let alone during the Super Bowl, but PornHub insisted on trying, only to find their submission rejected by CBS. If you’ve seen the relatively harmless ad, you might wonder “But why? It’s just a fully-clothed elderly couple sitting on a bench gazing lovingly at each other over a gentle piano score. What’s wrong with that?” The reason given by CBS is as follows: “CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission.” Sounds simple and clear enough, doesn’t it? Could it be, though, that PornHub knew they’d be rejected regardless of the actual content of their submission and cobbled together as inoffensive an ad as possible just to point out how prudish network television advertising really is? The cynic in me say “No shit, Sherlock,” while the other Mr. Pink, the valiant warrior fighting for justice and equality for porn, its purveyors, its performers, and its patrons… well, he also agrees.

If you care to, you can vote on whether or not you find the commercial, which has been removed from public availability by YouTube, worthy of Super Bowl airtime. Not surprisingly, most folks are voting in support of the spot. Where do you stand on this vitally important issue facing America today?

Drained From Desire – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

I am one of your older readers and inquirers, but I hope there are no age limitations. I am a 64 year old female, my husband is 68 years old. Our sex life was wonderful when we were younger, a bit sparse as the family was growing up, and then once they moved out with lives of their own, our sessions increased in frequency again. Unfortunately for the past few years, and I’m sure it’s age related, we were down to just a couple sexual sessions a year, which was making my husband feel like less of a man. We visited our physician and he was put on male enhancement medication, which works beautifully, to the tune of nightly love making. My problem is, I cannot keep up with him. He has a pill to give him the stamina that I don’t feel, and would very much enjoy cutting things back to just once or even twice a week, but, he refuses to lessen his dosage. I don’t want to say no to him, but I’m a tired old woman!

Drained From Desire

Dear Drained;

So many times in letters I receive, they seem to teeter on that line of the difference between genders, and this is one of those cases. Women enjoy being held, cuddled, hand holding, a soft kiss to the cheek, all of the expressions of intimacy that can at times leave us as fulfilled as a full blown love making session. But, for men, things are a bit different. A man many times will measure himself by the notches on the bed post they will mentally make each time they’ve raised their flag on mount vagina, and, when the flag isn’t flying as high as it once was, it not only devastates the ego, but robs a male of a self worth.

In your husband’s mind….and his boxer shorts, he feels like he’s 20 years old again, and, he’s not only impressing himself, but he feels as though he’s back to being the man you fell in love with years ago. His bones may ache, and he may make old man sounds getting in and out of his favorite recliner, and, quite possibly he has to put on reading glasses to see the TV Guide, but, when he feels the rise of what use to be flaccid, none of those other signs of age matters to him.

Since you sought out the advice of your physician for the original issue, it’s apparent you feel comfortable talking with them, so, my advice would be to turn that direction once more. Have him explain to your husband that the over use of anything can be bad, not to mention there are certain side effects associated with some of the male enhancement drugs, so, if it’s represented as a medical limitation, it may be an easier pill for him to swallow.

On the nights when things at Grandma and Grandpa’s house go wild, make the most of it, wear him out a bit, put on something sexy, maybe give a little smack to his butt and call him, “Stud.” Reassure him in a not so apparent manner that the once or twice a week is plenty for you, he satisfies your female urges enough to carry you through until the next time.

I’ve always said, men have two emotions, hungry and horny, if you see them without an erection, make them a sandwich! So, keep the cold cuts coming, and when he does take his dose of meat mood medicine, forget about a snack and put out a full spread for him!