Kimberly Kane is Wonder Woman

Kimberly KaneThe early 21st century wave of pornographic parody movies, the one we’re currently wading in the oh-so-pleasant waters of, has already seen two attempts to immortalize DC Comics’ iconic warrior princess, Princess Diana of Themyscria. The first, Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody arrived in 2010 from Mile High saw Tori Black don the red, white, blue, and gold armor of trendy mod boutique proprietor Diana Prince’s alter-ego, while it was Chanel Preston who wielded the Lasso of Truth in director Rob Black’s Wonder Woman Interactive: A XXX Adventure Game Parody. Of these two valiant parody efforts, fanboys still seemed to feel that Diana’s time hadn’t yet come, parody-wise, but that’s all set to change with the meeting of this Princess and parody porn’s reigning king.

Axel Braun, the director responsible for porn’s biggest parodies movies and the winner of an astonishing ten AVNs including three Director of the Year awards in three years, knew he’d have a tough job finding exactly the right person for his Wonder Woman but after auditioning more than a dozen actresses and seeing many excellent interpretations, Kimberly Kane stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Kane, who stands 5’9″ tall, 134 lbs, 36B-26-35, seems an appropriate physical fit for the Amazonian warrior princess. who’ll be a more adult rendering in Braun’s film. “What [Kane] brings to the character is the image of a strong, independent woman,” Braun said. “The movie deals with the Wonder Woman story in a much darker, more adult way. She’s not going to be the goody-two-shoes that she was in the ’70s. She’s a woman, she kicks ass. And Kim can definitely kick serious ass.”

With three weeks of intensive physical training bringing her to tip-top, fighting-fit shape, Kane, who previously worked with the director on Star Wars XXX, This Ain’t the Expendables XXX, and Batman XXX porn parodies, seems more than ready for the role, telling AVN “It feels good to be trusted with another of his mega roles.”

To see just how well she’ll do as the famed Wonder Woman, we’ll have to wait a while. Until then, though, Kane promises to keep enthusiasm high, even amidst the potential embarrassment of her promised onslaught of TwitPics showing her previous, more youthful, no doubt adorably awkward attempts at slipping into those white-starred underpants, telling “I was Wonder Woman for Halloween for like 10 years… so I can’t wait to share those pics on Twitter!”

Axel Braun’s as-yet untitled Wonder Woman parody went into production this week.

Larry Flynt Sells HQ

Flynt Building

The original master Hustler himself, Mr. Larry Flynt, has sold the legendary Wilshire Blvd. tower that has served as Larry Flynt Publications’ headquarters since its purchase in 1984 for $18.8 million. The new owner, Santa Monica-based Douglas Emmett Inc. paid $82 million, which Flynt says he’ll be putting towards “buying another casino”. The stately building, designed in 1972 by William Pereira, also currently houses the Brazilian consulate and numerous law offices and even features a sculpture of John Wayne on the grounds. So why would Flynt want to sell? Expansion, of course.

Built in 1972 to house Great Western Savings, for whom John Wayne was spokesman, the LFP building (as it has long been known) became Hustler’s headquarters and Flynt’s office, creative counsel, living space, hospice, and war room during his infamous battles with the Jerry Falwell in the United States Supreme Court, an assassination attempt, the death of his wife Althea, recovery from drug addiction, and resurgence in the adult entertainment world. So this can’t have been a decision made lightly. Although the new owner will take possession of the property by the end of summer, Larry Flynt Publications will be staying put as a leasing tenant, at least for the time being.

My Racy New Life with Life Selector Pt. 1

Life SelectorI love my job, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it seems like every site that comes under review is essentially the same as the one before it. Does it have HD videos and high-res pics? Does it allow streaming and downloading? Is there anything that’ll cause viewers to pitch a fit of righteous indignation? Then something comes along that changes everything. The kind of site we’ve been dreaming of here at Mr. Pink’s has finally arrived and it bears the name Life Selector.

As you may have already seen in our recently published first review of Life Selector, the site is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure-style virtual world in which you can play any number of roles, each one taking you on a different path that ultimately (you hope) lands you in the lap and loins of some devastatingly lusty woman, the likes of which you’d never have a shot at in real life. The 124 episodes currently online range in theme from simple stripteases and bedroom romps to lascivious outdoor exhibitionist fantasies that see you meeting, charming, fucking, and pasting a stunning babe in all of 45 minutes. And all this because you’re a virtual business exec who makes all the right decisions on your path to poon heaven.

As I embark on this, my first real, length venture into the world of Life Selector, I decided to choose an episode that echoed the fantasies that’ve been plaguing my mind for decades: A Rock Star is Born. According to the episode’s preamble, if I guide the decisions correctly I could not only go from fledgling amp-destroyer to full-blown rock god and take my band along with me, I could slip my rhythm stick between the thighs of, well… whoever these girls are.


After arriving late (’cause that’s what cool people do), I found my bandmates already bored of the possibilities presented by six strings and ample wattage; they were dumping quarters into a slot machine and drinking beer. Arriving shortly after me, though, was this woman, Simony Diamond, who insisted on blowing me in thanks for the totally wicked riffage I just blasted her face with. But now I’m presented with more options: slap her face, pull her hair, or have her “lick the balls” – what to do?

Without treading carefully, this all could go haywire. After all, how many killer bands were destroyed by dicking around? If I cock-slap this groupie and she turns out to be a bandmate’s go-to, I could be looking for a new stage on which to erect my Marshall stack.

Stay tuned as I vainly attempt to rekindle the hard-rockin’ times of my youth with Life Selector. Folks, this could get trashy!

Idiot Head


There’s a new adult webcomic site in town. Nineteen year self-publishing veteran of indie comics, Adam Talley (Pleasant Life, Anna Pocalypse, Star Wars/Marvel/DC Sketch Card Artist) has launched his new adults only webcomic through his site at! The site itself has two main web strips. One is a superhero erotica strip called STARSLAM, the other is a comedic short strip collection called PORN WORLD WEEKLY. The site also features short story written erotica by Adam himself along with art gallery. You can also purchase original art from the strips and commissions to help support the work.

And best part of all: IT’S FREE!

“We live in a day and age where people can get what they want and how they want it. We also are struggling with how we want to make people pay for the work. I say we should strive for a different approach because of this change. We should be asking how can we LET them pay for it! The only way I know is to offer it initially for free, but to then offer more content and original artwork to own a “piece” of the history of the project,” says Adam from his office in Central Michigan.

Yes, the site is free. However readers have the option of either waiting til every Monday when a new Starslam strip is put up or to pre-buy the content in a digital form for a measly $2. “For $2 you get a downloadable PDF of the chapter that you can read in your computer, or mobile device. To go that option, you get two additional pages of art that won’t be on the regular site. It will be two extra pages during the sex scenes in the story! Trust me, that alone is worth the price!” says Adam. And of course, another way to support the site and what Adam is doing is to purchase original art! “I do commissions and believe me, I am pretty much open to doing anything a client wants to get done. Or they can buy the original art from their favorite strip from the site! All of the cash earned goes back into the site to keep it going. This truly is a project funded by all of us because we believe in the overall message and theme of creating a ‘sex positive’ world.”

STARSLAM is a superhero erotica parody story about a new superhero who is slowly discovering her powers. She joins up with a team of other heroes and slowly discovers the joys of superhero companionship. When finally achieving orgasm, she releases a toxin in the air that makes all who are born with the superhero DNA 1,000 times horny than normal! It effects her team and those who they fight against in crazy and unique ways! “This is part parody and part serious. Most of the comics I read of an erotic nature tend to be a bit farcical and nutty. Not much story. Girls are just horny whores and do anything. This is a bit more grounded and told from a female perspective. I think it can attract female readers as well as those who are fans of superhero erotica,” Adam adds. New Starslam strips are uploaded every Monday morning.

The other main strip is called PORN WORLD WEEKLY, about two nerds who review porn on a cable access show and never agree. They go to porn conventions, interview (or try to interview) porn stars and always end up failing. Adam says, “This strip is based on characters my best friend and I created a long time ago in a skit type of form. Its basically a funny strip to enjoy on the side as extra content.”

Lastly, there are short story EROTIC WRITTEN FICTION at the site. “Erotic fiction is being read in the mainstream now. I think that Fifty Shades of Grey really opened up a lot, and I’m thankful for that! Hopefully now people take that a step further and look for other erotic fiction! I have been working on a book of short stories and I am willing to share some of them on the site to keep people there reading and interested in hanging out and enjoying the site. Again, its all free, so why not!” Adam says.

ADULTMAINLINKAdam wants the site to become a sort of hub for erotic entertainment and promote what he calls a “sex positive” way of thinking. “I think in the mainstream, minds are starting to become more open to these concepts. People are curious. They are exploring the world and their own lifestyle. I want to be a part of that.”

Adam has published in comics for close to twenty years. He has published eight graphic novels, worked with a variety of clients and has done commissions (erotica and not) all over the world. He travels all over the United States promoting himself and his work. Visit his site and enjoy the new comics and stories at

Torn Up and Confused – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

This may be one of your strangest questions, but here goes. I’m 34 years old, and had been married for 6 years, then I found out my wife had been cheating on me throughout most of our marriage and I divorced her immediately, which was 4 years ago. After the divorce, I’d lay in bed at night thinking things over, and I found myself getting turned on by her being with someone else. With my new girlfriend I discussed how I get excited at the thought. At first she would tell me dirty stories, lies if you will about being with other men and I would be harder than ever before, then we made an agreement to be “open” in our relationship with the understanding that it was for the physical only. We both have had sex with another person, and told each other about it, which was hot, but I found out the other night she has seen the same guy multiple times now, without me knowing of it, and I feel like she’s being as unfaithful as my ex-wife, how do I explain my hurt?

Torn Up and Confused

Dear Torn;

Well, you are the classic case of wanting your cake and eating it too, however in this case your girlfriend is the cake and you’re upset because someone else is eating her!

There are certain aspects and guidelines to be honored if a couple decide to be open in their relationship, not to mention a huge amount of trust, it’s not for everyone, and unless you’re extremely lucky, someone is going to be emotionally hurt and left feeling as though something went horribly wrong, and that’s where you are now.

It might be time to live a day in your girlfriend’s panties and see things from her point of vaginal view. I assume she came into this relationship because she had feelings for you, and then, you spring the idea of sharing sex with others on her and for whatever reason, she went along with it…maybe it was hurt because she knew you wanted to sleep with someone else, but even more so, got turned on at the thought of her doing it, so she gave it the ol’, “Hell with him, if that’s what he wants, that’s what he’ll get!” frame of mind. It could also be if she’s a bit low on self esteem and self respect, she may have felt that would be the only way to keep you, so, she did it, thinking it would turn you on and make you happy.

It’s hard to demand monogamy when you’ve been given the green light to fool around. You may have agreed to keep things physical, with no emotional attachment to anyone, but, did you ever discuss laying down rules that you would inform one another before any sexual scenario would transpire, and, did you factor in that females see physical as emotional 99% of the time, so, even though there’s a fine line, the heart and loins can easily cross it. Maybe her “new” lover restricts himself to only her, and that’s what she had hoped for from you, so, she keeps going back where she knows she and no one else is wanted between the sheets.

There are so many factors to fornication outside of a committed relationship, many of which are hard to consider as rules when the heart doesn’t abide by guidelines, and the brain…well, it has a mind of its own as well. Human nature is the grand marshal in any pornographic parade, and when you requested your girlfriend put herself on display for extracurricular activity in the bedroom, she did as you wanted, and now all of a sudden you’re ready to pack up your box of 64 Crayola Crayons and say the game’s over.

It’s time you decide what you really want, who you really want and then stake claim to your choice. It sounds to me like you need to be on the unlimited dating list and not a steady and stable guy to any one woman. Don’t be angry with your girlfriend, don’t even be angry with yourself, just do some soul searching, the problem lies in what you want as an aphrodisiac and how far you’re willing to go to get it.