Beatin’ on a Budget! with My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

It’s not every day you see a reputable HD-equipped hardcore network abandon its pretensions and slash its membership prices in half, but that’s exactly what My XXX Pass has done recently. With month-long stints now costing only $14.95, there’ll no doubt be plenty of Mr. Pink’s readers heading to My XXX Pass with an orgy of digital smut foremost in their minds, but what exactly will your money get you? Mr. Pink’s knows all!

The sites, women, content, videos:
My XXX Pass encompasses five hardcore sites – Throated, 1000 Facials, Immoral Live, Mommy Blows Best, and Only Teen Blowjobs – and clearly favors fellatio above most other sexual acts. That said, Immoral Live offers real-time orgy episodes and all kinds of fun, lively, kinky sex. The women appearing in these oral-heavy scenes include Charley Chase, Jessica Bangkok, Kissy Kapri, Gianna Michaels, Aiden Starr, Lexi Belle, and Chastity Lynn, among many others, and they’re captured now in 720p and 1080p videos and in 1920px photos. With one month at My XXX Pass now costing only $14.95, let’s see how the numbers break down…

The Math:
With 2428 scenes and 1770 photo galleries online and monthly membership now costing on $14.95, My XXX Pass serves up hardcore scenes and image galleries for less than one-third of a cent each! And, when you factor in the other half-price membership options (two-day trial for $1.50, 3 months for $24.95, 1 year for $49.95), there’s almost no way to deny My XXX Pass your patronage, if only for a little while.

Conjoined Girlfriends Ruffle Feathers

'Conjoined' from Girlfriends Films

When Huffington Post reports on porn, you know it’s about an issue, a person, or an event that has significant crossover appeal. Imagine my surprise then, when I hit up ol’ HuffPo for the latest audacious gossip involving porn either directly or tangentially only to find a story about, of all things, conjoined-twins-porn. And not real conjoined-twins porn at that, but obviously fake prosthetically-aided lesbian porn from Girlfriends Films.

Starring Mischa Brooks and Rilynn Rae, who at 5’2″ and 5’10” respectively, don’t exactly meet the physical demands of their roles, ‘Conjoined’ is a new hardcore lesbian movie from Girlfriends Films that sees this pair of conjoined twins fall out over love. “One is more lesbian than the other,” director B. Skow told Huffington Post, “but both like girls. They don’t have sex with each other. When one is having sex with another person, they will put a sheet over their sister. Still, the other will feel things that her sister is doing.”

Following Skow’s initial idea of ‘What if one hot conjoined twin fell in love and wanted to be separated?’, Rae and Brooks dove into their unique roles headfirst. “It looks funny when they’re trying to get dressed,” says Skow, “but they are good friends in real life. The film opens with them trying to play Twister.” Twister, really? Oh, super-sexy, humorously conjoined twins, won’t you ever learn?

The Huffington Post piece remained uncharacteristically calm, devoid of the usual harsh and judgmental tone denigrating porn culture, and even managed to provide the release date (albeit a corrected one) for Girlfriends Films’ ‘Conjoined': November 26th.

Vivid Live to Open in Miami

Vivid Live Miami

Vivid Entertainment has been pushing even further into the mainstream media of late, thanks in part to the company’s continued devotion to releasing celebrity sex tapes. Now the LA-based adult entertainment empire is launching a new endeavor: a 30,000 square foot Miami nightclub that’s due to open the weekend of September 13th.

According to the Miami New Times, Vivid Live is an upscale gentleman’s club that includes 22 VIP suites, four “extra-exclusive luxury suites” (whatever they are), a cutting-edge sound system, 20-foot-projector screens, and 40 HD plasma TVs showing every sporting event imaginable. (Though why you’d visit a strip club for fight night is beyond me.) Smashing the proverbial champagne bottle on this new Vivid endeavor is none other than pornstar-denier Farrah Abraham of MTV’s Teen Mom and best-selling Vivid sex tape ‘Farrah Abraham: Backdoor Teen Mom’, who hosts the opening night party (and complimentary seafood feast). The following night sees another two sex tape stars take up hosting duties: Myla Sinanaj (former girlfriend of NBA star Kris Humphries and rival of Kim Kardashian) and Sydney Leathers, “cyber-mistress” of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Those with a professional connection to the club – including press, VIPs, and industry affiliates – are clearly winning, though, as their September 12th invitation-only event is set to be hosted by none other than Tera Patrick.

Those behind Vivid Live are still looking for female talent to work their magic onstage in a “safe and friendly upscale atmosphere”. So, lusty ladies of Miami, polish off your pom poms for that saucy cheerleader routine and show the world’s leading adult studio why you deserve a moment in the spotlight.

And, guys, be sure to visit the club’s official website to RSVP for complimentary opening weekend admission. Spots are sure to fill up fast, so act quickly or you’ll be left watching the big fight at a local bar with no jiggling titties or flying dollar bills in sight.

Prince Yahshua Sidelined Again

Prince Yahshua and Misty Dawn

It has been three years since Silverback Entertainment chief and noted bone-thruster Prince Yahshua was sidelined with an injury that saw blood gush from his penis mid-shoot and left him out of commission (and onscreen work) for five long months. His broken penis fully healed, Prince returned to porn more determined than ever to leave his mark; and leave his mark he most certainly did. But now Prince has sustained another injury that could leave him off call sheets for even longer than before.

Suffering one broken penis in a career should be enough to put the dreams of any wannabe stuntcock to bed, but Prince ain’t no quitter. What he is, though, is without health insurance and facing tens of thousands of dollars of hospital and surgery bills once he’s fully healed. To help ease the pain and bring the highly popular performer back to full operational capacity so he can once again pound the pussies of porn’s best and brightest, Prince’s agency, OC Modeling has setup a GiveForward fundraising page with its sights set on a cumulative $32,000 donation.

Telling AVN he is “Blown away,” by the fundraising efforts of OCM and his friends and fans, Prince seems eager to remain in good spirits and allow his body every opportunity to mend. “After seeing and talking to my doctor on Friday, I was informed once again I must go under the knife to repair bad tissue damage.” The donation drive, which currently sits at $3,375 (12% of the desired total), has made him “a lot happier… I’m speechless!”

To make a donation large or small to Prince Yahshua’s recovery fund visit GiveForward.

Joanna Angel Needs Pants

Joanna Angel & The GigolosIf there’s two things Joanna Angel really seems to understand it’s sex and rock ‘n’ roll. As a longtime fan of hardcore punk, metal, and basically any music with balls, Angel has featured the music of up-and-coming bands in her Burning Angel movies for years. And now she embarks on a musical adventure all her own, performing on a song recorded for the soundtrack to upcoming Burning Angel flick Band Sluts.

Curiously titled ‘Gimme Some Pants’, the song is the first work by Joanna Angel & The Gigolos and combines synth lines and an eminently danceable beat with crunchy guitars and nutty lyrics about, uhm, pants. The Gigolos accompanying Angel on her newest musical endeavor aren’t just hired hands or local friends, they’re Small Hands and CL Lewis of Houston-based pop-punk band Fenix TX. (Small Hands is also Angel’s boyfriend and sometime porno co-star.)

Don’t go expecting Joanna Angel & The Gigolos’ material to be as risque as Burning Angel’s movies, though. “Even though some might perceive a sexy element to the band,” Joanna explains, clearly referencing the single’s booty-baring sleeve artwork, “I didn’t want the songs to be specifically about sex. You can see and hear enough of that stuff on Burning Angel. These are just fun songs that we have a good time writing and recording; having fun is the main goal!”

And, as anyone who’s seen such Burning Angel classics as Cum On My Tattoo, Evil Head, and Joanna Angel’s Cumtastic Cookout know all too well, Joanna Angel is all about fun. Ribald, raw, raunchy fucking fun.

‘Gimme Some Pants’ is out now on iTunes and Amazon through Gypsy Diamond.