Beatin’ on a Budget! with Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan knows about great deals; his entire career could be seen as a carefully constructed means to not only have sex with some of the most vivaciously sexual women alive, but to make ‘mad bank’ doing so. With a porno empire rivaling John “Buttman” Stagliano’s Evil Angel, Jordan has seen everyone from Eve Lawrence and Taylor Wane to Alexis Texas and Abella Anderson step onto his set and deliver astounding performances. And, with well over 30 major industry awards to his credit, from AVNs to XRCOs and everything in between, it seems most everyone in porn agrees: if you want it done right (and very hardcore), you go to Jules.

Jules Jordan Video’s official website, naturally called Jules Jordan, packs a hefty carnal wallop with close to one thousand hardcore scenes of impressive technical, artistic, and, most importantly, sexual merits. Throw in 720p and 1080p HD videos and a strong image archive starring porn’s most thrilling women and most skilled cocksmen – interracial is a specialty and sees Lex Steele and Mandingo destroy dozens upon dozens of pussies – and you’re looking at a great deal even at full price. But with Mr. Pink’s discount bringing one month of Jules Jordan below twenty bucks ($19.95 from $29.95, to be precise), you’d be mad to ignore this golden opportunity to indulge.

The Math:
While quantity certainly isn’t the only thing to consider when joining a porn site, Jules doesn’t do too badly at all. There’s 177 full-length DVDs online, giving up 904 individual scenes and roughly equating to 11c-per-DVD and 2c-per-scene! Plus you get free access to another 88 scenes at Sperm Swallowers! Jules Jordan, you’re my hero!

Kennedy Leigh

Explicit Japanese Art on Display at British Museum

Those of you who’ve discovered the often bizarre eroticism posted by hot hipster chicks on Tumblr may be aware of the recent resurgence in a form of erotic art that remained hidden from the West for centuries: octopus-fucking.

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife; Hokusai, 1814
– The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife; Hokusai, 1814

Although certainly not restricted to cephalopod-human relations, the sexually explicit Japanese art form known as shunga (spring pictures) rose to prominence in the Edo period (1603 to 1867) and persists to this day. The British Museum celebrates shunga with a new exhibition of works from such masters of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints and paintings) as Torii Kiyonaga, Kitagawa Utamaro, Hosoda Eishi, and, perhaps the most revered of all classical Japanese artists, Katsushika Hokusai (whose non-erotic print ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ can be found on postcards, napkins, aprons, notebooks, and other knick-knacks in souvenir shops around the world, as well as at the British Museum).

Yuji Moriguchi

Contemporary artists such as Masami Teraoka, Yuji Moriguchi, and Jeff Faerber are continuing the Shunga tradition and using its form and historical connotations to examine AIDS, contemporary pornography, voyeurism, cultural globalization, and the increasingly self-determined path of female sexual expression. The exhibition at the British Museum, however, keeps its focus on shunga of the past. No less exploratory and celebratory than contemporary works and featuring everything from tentacle-rape fantasies, over-sized genitalia, Buddhist priests fondling their acolytes, samurai orgies, and even the occasional tender and romantic love scene.

‘Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art’ is at the British Museum in London until January 5, 2014. For more information visit the museum’s website or see Ian Buruma’s piece at The Guardian.


Dirty Doctor – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink;

I’m having trouble sleeping, eating, and concentrating on work, the only thing I seem to have no trouble doing is thinking about a man I met the other day. First of all, let me say, I am married, 7 years ago I said, “I do,” and thought I would always abide by my vows, but, I’ve never had anyone turn my head like this guy. A month ago I slipped on some steps and hurt my ankle, a friend drove me to the doctor’s office, where the attending student doctor was the first to come into my room. He was gorgeous and my heart skipped a beat! Our eyes locked and I think he was feeling the same chemistry as I was. Let me say, I’ve never, ever given anyone a second glance before, always faithful, but, this man really rocked my world and I’m due to go back in a few days for a check-up to my sprained ankle, and I have to admit, I’m anxious and excited. I’m ashamed to say this, but when having sex with my husband, I fantasize I’m with the student doctor, and, I’m masturbating many times a day with the same fantasies. I feel like a horrible person, but, I can’t stop.

Dearest Friend;

Well, it sounds as if the medical attention for your ankle went straight to your head! On your return visit for a check-up, you may want to see if they can write you a prescription for the seven-year-itch you seem to be experiencing.

A lot of things will factor into a lightning bolt, eyes-locking, heart racing, moisture building moment shared between two people. Luckily, for the most part, many times it turns out to be just a coincidental, one time only type of occurrence, enough to set your mind awhirl as your panties hit the floor.  There is something called endorphins, and when those kick in, they can have a very powerful impact, especially on your sexual desires. It could have been a certain expression the student doctor had when he walked into the room, his aftershave, the crisp, white, starched jacked he wore, boosting your appreciation for a man in uniform, a thousand things could have sparked those invisible little gremlins that reside within the brain, wreaking havoc with your happy home life.

Since you mentioned fantasizing about him when having sex with your husband, and also during multiple solo masturbation sessions, I’m assuming your attraction was completely physical, which, there’s nothing wrong with that, we all need that spark of something now and then to awaken dormant desires, but, since you’re wearing a ring on your left hand, it’s better to leave it only to your imagination.

If you are feeling horrible over the image of this man in your mind, think of how consumed you would be if you were to act upon it. Sometimes dreams are much better than reality, that’s why snooze buttons were installed on alarm clocks, to keep the dream alive!

Take your wild desires by the hand and lead them into your own bedroom, with your very own husband, do a little more foreplay a bit more hardcore action, and leave him feeling more than just drained after an orgasm. Don’t replace his face or body with anyone else’s, remember it was love that brought you together, and faithfulness will keep it that way. It never hurts to fantasize, it’s normal, healthy and exciting, so don’t beat yourself up over it, but do keep it where it belongs… in your mind, along with thoughts such as what to fix for dinner, and did you remember to mail in the mortgage payment.

When you go back for your check-up, put your best foot forward when having your ankle examined. Remember when he puts the stethoscope to your chest, the heart he hears, beats for your husband.

Fed Up Female – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink;

I am so angry with my husband, I don’t even want to see him when he comes home from work today. I’ve been trying to ignore one particular fault of his for the last 8 years, but I’ve had my fill.  He thinks he’s the sexiest man in town and his actions are driving away all of our friends. Last night we had a couple over for a cook-out, and while he’s flipping hamburgers and spinning hot dogs on the grill, he flexes his muscles, puffs out his chest and does nothing but talk about how he can satisfy a woman in every possible way. If that’s the case, why am I so miserable? He brags about how I must be the happiest woman in the world to go to bed with him every night, and then he’ll have females “reach up here and feel the thickness of my bicep!” We’re down to just a few close friends that do their best to ignore his boastful way, everyone else has been driven away, and when I say something to him, he replies with, “It must be something about you, because we both know, I’m perfect!” I need advice and quick, I’m ready to pack my bags and leave him with the person he seems to love the most.

One Seriously Fed Up Female

Dear Fed-Up;

I think we all, in the course of life, have crossed paths with something that resembles your husband, and, we usually wonder who could ever put up with them on a full time basis, and why. Modesty is a fine trait to have, but, everything falls under limitations and less is more when it comes to tooting one’s own horny.

From the way your letter read, I don’t get the feeling that you see his bragging as a means of “hitting on” other women, it’s more just his egotistical attitude that has you wanting to go into your bedroom, pick up the fluffiest pillow you have, place it over your face, and scream!

Even though it may not seem to be a possibility, many times, a person that exhibits this type of persona is often a very insecure personality, so, they over compensate, which is more than annoying to have to be subjected to. Does he ever show a vulnerable side with you, in or out of the bedroom? Since his body seems to be what he worships the most, maybe that is the part of his life he’s not totally comfortable with, there’s something he feels to be a flaw, so, he tries to direct everyone’s attention to another area, so it won’t be noticed.

You did mention being miserable, and, I’m wondering if that goes for the bedroom topic as well? He seems to be so full of himself, he’s overlooking you. He presents himself as being a gift that keeps on giving, and just allowing you to be in his presence should be enough. Since his rebuttal is what it is, when you try to talk to him in regards to driving away your friends and such, he’s definitely in some sort of state of denial, and there could be a very deep rooted cause for it. It seems to be highly magnified and maybe a bit more than what you would want to try to break through yourself.

If you truly are so disgusted you don’t even want to see him, it’s time something is done before a marriage is forced to end. It’s time you sit him down and instead of telling him exactly what bothers you the most, knowing he’ll reply with the fault being you, inform him that either single or combined marriage counseling is obtained or he leaves you no choice but to pack your bags and leave him with himself, and soon, he’ll even grow weary of it. There’s a falseness of some sort living behind his words, there are issues brewing deeply and it’s never too late to get help. Changing his attitude may very well make you the happiest woman in the world, but instead of flexing his muscles, he needs to do some character building.