Meet Mr. Man and his Celebrity Friends

Mr. Man

Since the waning days of the 20th Century, Mr. Skin has been cataloguing the appearance of female nudity in feature movies and television shows whether mainstream, cult, classic, foreign, or contemporary. Mr. Skin’s smiling visage has been seen and discussed on the radio shows of Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, and Adam Corolla and the site was even a plot-point in Judd Apatow’s 2007 comedy smash Knocked Up. With the website now receiving seven million visitors monthly, what frontier could possibly be left to conquer for this, the most talked about celebrity nude publication of all time.

In a word? Men.

Alexander Skarsgård, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon… These are the Hollywood hunks your girlfriend (and probably mother) get all gooey over, and while they’ve certainly bared their bodies in various ways throughout their careers, those fond of ogling the male form have had to resort to all-night marathon viewing sessions of dozens of movies, many of them ultimately forgettable, just to see said hunky forms for themselves. No longer! Doing for male celebs what Mr. Skin did for females, Mr. Man recently opened its doors to members and curious onlookers both. But, as the tour pages and promos say, “Members see every last inch.”

From Ewan McGregor’s full frontal appearance in Velvet Goldmine to a playlist entitled 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon (and teased with a pic of his taut buns); from the twinky early photoshoots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt to macho-man Mark Wahlberg’s half-dozen nude scenes in everything from Boogie Nights (natch) to The Corruptor; Mr. Man has every drool-worthy display of celebrity man-meat you desire… and, quite frankly, a few you probably don’t. (Ray Wise, anyone? Anyone?)

Aussie Woolworths’ Bad Vibes

Durex Play Delight Vibrating BulletWoolworths, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, made a decision last week that will make it more difficult for their everyday shopper, women especially, to leave with a smile on their face. Threatened with a consumer boycott, ‘The Fresh Food People’ agreed to remove Durex Play’s Delight vibrating bullet from its shelves. The opposition to mainstream retail sales of sexual aids is nothing new, but the curious origin of one of the more aggressive complaints is certainly unexpected. Fiona Patten, president of the Australian Sex Party and chief executive of the Eros Association, Australia’s adult industry body, argued that the sale of such aids in supermarkets was patently unfair to adult retailers. “It is unfair that adult shops must jump through myriad hoops to get planing approval and are strictly regulated yet mainstream stores sell the same products without having to adhere to similar regulations.” The regulations of which she speaks include age-restricted admission, a 200 meter proximity limit to schools and churches, and sometimes even blacked-out windows, adding to the already marginalized nature of adult-oriented retail.

Following suit, Coles, another national supermarket chain, has removed from its shelves Durex’s vibrating ring products, citing its awareness of “community concern”. This decision regarding a product with a more flexible target market – although they can and are used by women, the rings were packaged with condoms and clearly aimed at male consumers – comes more than five years after Play Vibrations ring device hit the shelves of grocery stores, pharmacies, and petrol (gas) stations around the country, raising barely an eyebrow on their initial stocking. So, can we deduce these recent withdrawals to be an attack on progressive female sexual awareness? Considering the Sex Party’s stance on freedom of sexual expression, this seems unlikely. Although, the other target of a potential boycott (and possibly legal prosecution) suggests it could be.

Clearly part of a bigger issue concerning Australia’s adult retailers, the Woolworths issue highlighted another outlet from which savvy customers can purchase dildos, vibrators, and many other products from some lingerie stores and pharmacies free from restrictions and regulations. Patten continued, “Adult shops would not stand a chance getting planning permission in such high-traffic precincts [as shopping malls]. Although what the lingerie stores are doing is illegal in many states, I’m yet to hear anyone bringing them to task for it.”

Sexologist Nikki Goldstein has vocally disagreed with the decision of retailers, asking “Why is it so offensive? We are taught to view such products as dirty, naughty, shameful, and outside the boundaries of normality, and that’s wrong. A vibrator is no different to a vitamin in that it does something positive for your body.”

Durex Play vibrating products are still available at pharmacies and adult retailers (and some lingerie stores) around Australia.

Durex Play Delight Vibrating Bullet

Beatin’ on a Budget! with Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan knows about great deals; his entire career could be seen as a carefully constructed means to not only have sex with some of the most vivaciously sexual women alive, but to make ‘mad bank’ doing so. With a porno empire rivaling John “Buttman” Stagliano’s Evil Angel, Jordan has seen everyone from Eve Lawrence and Taylor Wane to Alexis Texas and Abella Anderson step onto his set and deliver astounding performances. And, with well over 30 major industry awards to his credit, from AVNs to XRCOs and everything in between, it seems most everyone in porn agrees: if you want it done right (and very hardcore), you go to Jules.

Jules Jordan Video’s official website, naturally called Jules Jordan, packs a hefty carnal wallop with close to one thousand hardcore scenes of impressive technical, artistic, and, most importantly, sexual merits. Throw in 720p and 1080p HD videos and a strong image archive starring porn’s most thrilling women and most skilled cocksmen – interracial is a specialty and sees Lex Steele and Mandingo destroy dozens upon dozens of pussies – and you’re looking at a great deal even at full price. But with Mr. Pink’s discount bringing one month of Jules Jordan below twenty bucks ($19.95 from $29.95, to be precise), you’d be mad to ignore this golden opportunity to indulge.

The Math:
While quantity certainly isn’t the only thing to consider when joining a porn site, Jules doesn’t do too badly at all. There’s 177 full-length DVDs online, giving up 904 individual scenes and roughly equating to 11c-per-DVD and 2c-per-scene! Plus you get free access to another 88 scenes at Sperm Swallowers! Jules Jordan, you’re my hero!

Kennedy Leigh