Adriana & AJ’s Explosive Gangbangs

Gangbang Me HardX

The recent retirement of promising young starlet Alina Li from adult entertainment caused more than a few of her fans to cry foul and suggest those behind Kink website Public Disgrace pushed Alina too far, causing her premature departure from porn. Others, though, maintained that Kink knows what it’s doing and if Alina wasn’t ready to be spat on, fingered by bystanders, and fucked senseless in the aisles of a San Francisco convenience store, she shouldn’t have agreed to the shoot. After all, there are many other performers who not only take Kink’s abusive antics in stride, but seem to relish them. Now, two such performers are making significant debuts for HardX.

In the recently released HardX feature Gangbang Me, director Mason puts two of porn’s boldest new starlets through the proverbial wringer, shooting AJ Applegate and Adriana Chechik in their most expansive scenes yet. Applegate, already a veteran anal performer, proves her elasticity with her first double-vaginal and double-anal penetrations, while Chechik defies all reason and engages in an incredible triple-anal penetration. Of Applegate, Mason says “AJ is one of my favorites. This movies is a celebration of her!” With Chechik engaging in what is rarely even considered a porno (let alone real life) physical possibility, Mason expects fans will be as impressed as she. “Adriana exceeded all expectations of what a porn scene can contain. Witnessing a triple anal is a milestone I will never forget.” Clearly the 21-year-old is on her way to being heralded far and wide as one of porn’s most adventurous women. Mason sure seems to think so, anyway, calling the Pennsylvanian wonder “one of the greatest performers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

If Mason’s impressed, I dare say, dear reader, we all will be.

Gangbang Me is available now in DVD and digital formats from HardX.

It’s a Bat-Porn Party


Known by many names – Bruce Wayne, The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight – the superhero most know as Batman was created 75 years ago this week by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. With the roaring success of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Dark Knight movie trilogy only just winding down, it seems an appropriate time to investigate other arenas in which to see Batman tussle with trouble. Yes, even if some of those arenas are inappropriate for the young’uns. Oh, you’re all miffed about the corruption and perversion of an iconic character of fiction? Don’t blame me, dude, blame Axel Braun.

Arguably the first and most influential adult film to combine a contemporary take on classic superheroes with explicit sexual activity, Axel Braun’s 2010 feature, Batman XXX: A Porn Parody put Dale DaBone in the grey, black, and blue duds and cast then up-and-comer James Deen as Robin, Lexi Belle as Batgirl, Tori Black as Catwoman, Evan Stone as The Riddler, and Randy Spears as The Joker. Cleanly directed by Braun with a heavy dose of ironic humor, the Vivid release saw much success and brought more comic book fans to porn than 1970s Lois Lane, Margot Kidder appearing in Playboy. Soon, superhero porn parodies were flooding the market and Batman remained chief pussy-pounder among the heroes now dropping their drawers for your entertainment.

BatFXXX: Dark Knight Parody came along shortly after Braun’s feature, directed by NIcholas Steele for Bluebird Films and starring Nick “Droppin’ loads!” Manning as the titular cape-wearer, Madelyn Marie as Katwoman, and Krissy Lynn as a female Robin named “Robina.” Also in 2011, Extreme Comixxx released The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes XXX, which saw Evan Stone, who’d previously played one of Batman’s arch nemeses, now picking up the mantle with glee. Battling an evil threat to the very existence of porn itself, the intrepid team of heroes ends the picture draining their, uh, “powers” all over Wonder Woman for a truly childhood-destroying climax.

Braun brought it all back home to Vivid in 2012 – or, more specifically, to the company’s new Braun-directed line of comic book parodies, Vivid Superheroes – with The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody, his take on Christopher Nolan’s dark and brooding Batman trilogy. This time with some thoroughly impressive costuming and special effects, and with Giovanni Francesco the latest actor to portray Kane and Finger’s globally famous vigilante, saw the biggest and boldest comic book parody yet. It was also less a traditional parody and more an explicit re-imagining of the recent blockbuster films, ditching the humor and instead aiming for high drama with hardcore fucking, spinal mutilation, bizarre appearances from Zatana and John Constantine, and villain Bane (Derrick Pierce) seemingly breaking Batman and making off with the tightest of his many squeezes.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice due to arrive in theaters in May of 2016, we’ll likely see a couple of hardcore parodies of DC’s two biggest heroes hit the real and virtual shelves in the lead up to its release. And this time, whoever is cast as Batman is only going up against Ben Affleck, so they’ve probably already secured the fan’s allegiance and should coast to monumental sales. Me, I just want to see a porn version of Mister (or even Miss) Mxyzptlk. Make it happen, Braun!

Oh yeah, and happy birthday, Batman.

Farewell, Miss Alina


Once in a while, the adult industry is blessed with the work of a performer whose attractiveness, enthusiasm, and screen presence. Alina Li was such a performer. “Was”? Is she dead? No, thank the maker, but she has apparently given porn the proverbial shaft in favor of a a life free from porn’s unique circumstances and stresses. Initially, this tweet was all the evidence we had of Alina’s retirement:

Now, the selling of one’s professional wardrobe doesn’t necessarily equal retirement, but Alina (apparently) later confirmed that she was moving on from her brief stint in porn with a post on the AdultDVDTalk forums, telling posters there that, although her recent (and extremely “adventurous”) scene for Kink site Public Disgrace didn’t send her running for the hills, it didn’t help. Having seen the video in question, it’s not hard to see how Alina could see it as the logical conclusion to her brief stint in porn. After all, having your clothes torn off in a crowded convenience store as total strangers grope, grab, spit on, and photograph you, as Bill Bailey’s cock fills your throat and someone’s fingers enter elsewhere, leaving you shaking and crying in the aisles is bound to be a notable experience one way or the other. In her AdultDVDTalk post, Alina spoke directly to disappointed fans: “The Kink scene really pushed me out of the line and I told myself ‘That’s it. What’s the point of it? I am sick of this.” She doesn’t blame the San Francisco-based fetish studio, though, and says “they were doing their job. It was me that stopped enjoying and loving it.”


Those of you feeling the loss of Alina Li particularly harshly would do well to remember that the starlet was only getting bigger and better, and that her very first (and now only) cover feature has just been released. Thanks, Jules Jordan, this will be a perfectly fitting memorial to an incredible talent, truly one of 2014’s premiere, if not Ultimate, Fuck Toys.

ultimate fuck toy

Adios, Alina, and all the best wherever you go from here.

#TeamBJ to Descend on Las Vegas

TeamBJ Vegas

Sara Jay’s periodic involvement in top-class competitive sports competition doesn’t run particularly deeply, but with Siri in tow, Sara Jay’s FIFA 2014 World Cup #TeamBJ offer – in short: free blowjobs for all fans if certain teams won the world cup – aims to deeply satisfy their combined throng of fans. After the competition peak with Germany’s extra-time triumph against Argentina at the World Cup Final in Brazil, the expected #TeamBJ celebration has been given a date and venue at which all those who meet the modest criteria can take their place in line and receive fellatio from two bona fide porn queens.

Now, with Germany victorious and (probably still partying with Rihanna), TeamBJ is officially inviting those fans who followed the qualifying instructions – suckees must have followed Sara Jay and Siri on Twitter before final kickoff, retweeted one of their #TeamBJ World Cup tweets, make their way to the location on the day, and can produce a clean bill of sexual health – to, where else, but Las Vegas on September 4th. For North Americans, this could be the last shot they get to be inside the mouths of these two porno superstars; future events will likely be held in Europe. Participants must also consent to being on camera for the official TeamBJ video shoot that will later be available online.

So, your wife has allowed you to use your once-in-a-marriage free pass to extracurricular pleasures and you’ve both met you’ve got enough funds at hand to fly to Vegas, book a hotel room, gamble a little, and enjoy the generosity of Sara Jay and Siri (and you’re confident you can pass an STD test), you might wanna head on over to #TeamBJ’s website and hook yourself up before the July 31 sign-up deadline or forever miss your shot with Sara and Siri.

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Kamilla erotic makeover

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