Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 22nd, 2018

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s, we dipped into elaborate surveillance/cheating/cuckolding porn then ducked over to France to see what one of Europe’s greatest living pornographers has been up to of late. Shamed Sluts, the brand-new 4K-sporting effort from Fetish Network, follows suspected cheaters as they meet, flirt, and fuck with guys who definitely aren’t their boyfriends. (They’re watching the explicit footage at another location.) Just as kinky but in a totally different way, Dorcel Club delivers the best work by Marc Dorcel and company, work that scales the heights of erotic and artistic ambition – and now looks absolutely mind-blowing in 4K – all in one tidy Euro-centric package. GirlsWay, the subject of Mr. Pink’s most recent guest review at Sugarcookie, gets its own Beating on a Budget blog this week as we feature a great deal on one of the ‘net’s best all-female porno enterprises. Until next week, rejoice and be fappy!

Beating on a Budget with GirlsWay


After last weeks’ review of GirlsWay, completed for Sugarcookie as part of a recurring Mr. Pink’s guest spot, reignited our fondness for tastefully done all-female pornography, it was agreed that the focus on GirlsWay would continue – and not without purpose! As always at Mr. Pink’s, we keep our nose to the ground and sniff out the best discount deals on porno that we rate as among the best. When a discount can’t be found, we’ll negotiate one ourselves and, when it comes to GirlsWay, we’re thrilled to invite our readers to enjoy a super-cheap month of the world’s best all-female smut.

Now discounted from $29.95 to $14.95, one month of GirlsWay membership allows you to enjoy every single mini-epic, sex tape, or otherwise stylized sapphic meeting at a crazily low cost. In High Definition formats of 720p and 1080p, streaming and downloadable, GirlsWay delivers 1362 individual scenes, some of them part of feature films and mini-series. At the current discount rate, this brings each scene to a paltry 1.09¢ each, an absurdly affordable rate when you consider just how rife all-female porn once was (and to a certain degree, still is) overrun with far from excellent photography, third-rate performers, and the artistic adventurousness of a cum-caked gym sock. This sub-$15 price only lasts one month but that should be ample time to see where many of the recent positive developments in all-female porn first took hold, and realize that neither the studio nor the site show any signs of backing off such attempts at excellence.

GirlsWay review

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 16th, 2018

mrpinksAs many of us gear up for another 24-hour booze-fest allegedly (somehow) paying tribute to all Irish everywhere this St. Patrick’s Day, we at Mr. Pink’s are proposing abstaining from partying and instead staying home with Jade Kush, Honey Gold, and the Bang Bros – details on our blog! This week’s reviews focused on two “types” of women long regarded as porno outliers: the over-thirty-five and the “overweight.” FTV MILFs showcases a bevy of beauties a little more mature than your usual FTV Girls models, and does it in marvelous 4K Ultra-HD videos and high-res galleries leaning softcore but offering harder stuff, too. Jeff’s Models favors women who tip the bathroom scale further than porno standard, celebrating their abundant bodies and generous appetites in 1080p HD hardcore sex scenes, from solos to orgies. Next week will see a new offering from Fetish Network and the official site of a French producer/director renowned the porn-watching world over both investigated by Pink. Join us, smashed, trashed, hungover, or otherwise, won’t you?