Beating on a Budget with XEmpire


Last week on Mr. Pink’s blog we focused our attention on the return of formerly retired porno superstar Tori Black and her fiery femme-on-femme scene with Aidra Fox, a scene exclusively available on LesbianX, a brand new all-female hardcore site from much-award, highly acclaimed director Mason. Now let’s take a financially-minded look at the blossoming XEmpire network, home not only to LesbianX but also three other excellent sites. Discounted from $29.95 to $14.95, your first month inside XEmpire runs the same cost as joining any of the four individual network sites. How can this be? Has Mason gone mad? Yeah, mad for the attention of devoted porn lovers, maybe, but that’s hardly a problem.

DarkX’s interracial (read: black man with white woman) scenarios touch upon drama and narrative but keep things raunchy and very graphic, as does the always intense HardX and its more than 400 scenes of ribald fucking delights (from tender ass play and creampies to DPs, TPs, and gangbangs galore). LesbianX doesn’t hold back like so many all-female sites these days, showcasing heated pairs of lusty women vigorously exploring and enjoying each others’ bodies. EroticaX takes a slightly different approach, dwelling on seduction and foreplay for a far more romantic and couples-friendly take on hardcore porn. Now brought together under the XEmpire banner, Mason’s four distinct efforts are bound to prove irresistible to many a XXX fan.

Breaking down XEmpire by website brings your per-site cost to a meagre $3.74-a-month, a bargain even if you’re only interested in one or two XEmpire properties. Taken on a scene-by-scene basis, however, the bargain is even more apparent. With a total network archive counting 771 scenes at present, each encounter, whether gently erotic or soaked in pure unadulterated lust, comes to less than two cents, 1.93¢ each to be more precise. At that price, every single Mason-directed carnal collision of professional bodies seen at XEmpire is not only affordable as hell, but so damn affordable you’d be mad not to dive in for a much closer look through the blossoming collection.

XEmpire’s $14.95 first-month introductory offer won’t likely last long, so be sure to take a gander and seize this opportunity before Mason & Co. rather sensibly up their prices.

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