James Franco’s Kink.com documentary

Kink.comAfter praising adult performers for their acting abilities while in the company of such socially acceptable thespians as Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, and Annette Bening at Newsweek’s ‘Oscar Roundtable’ discussion back in January 2011, Hollywood renaissance man James Franco recently announced that an upcoming documentary project would focus on a man named Peter Acworth, best known to Mr. Pink’s readers and horny fellas everywhere as the founder and lead producer of a little company called Kink.com. Housed in the historic San Francisco Armory, Kink’s dungeons, cellars, ballrooms, dining halls, and bedrooms have hosted a virtual who’s who of top-tier pornographic talent from Amy Brooke to Charley Chase, Sasha Grey to Faye Reagan. In late June, a now-deleted tweet from Kink regular Rain DeGrey said Franco was in the house and attracting lusty stares from all the girls; business as usual for the 33-year-old actor, author, director, painter, producer, screenwriter, NYU professor, and perennial student.

With Kink.com’s continually evolving slate of fetishistic online endeavors as his palette – websites Hogtied, Water Bondage, Sex and Submission, Bound Gang Bangs, Everything Butt, and Men in Pain included – whatever Franco and his crew come up with is sure to be an intriguing look into one of porn’s most exciting and groundbreaking production entities.

Oh, and what else has Franco been up to lately? Why, starring in a movie called Cherry, described as “A drama centered on a troubled young woman who moves to San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography and aligns herself with a cocaine-addicted lawyer.” In a hardcore version of Diablo Cody’s rise to screenwriting prominence, Cherry is based on a screenplay written by none other than Lorelai Lee.

The Tightest Women in Rock

Bree Olson - Tight

Just when you thought Bree Olson couldn’t possibly be featured on mainstream television any more than she already has – thanks largely to her stint as one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses” (read: polyamorous mistresses), which attracted the attention of TMZ, E! News and every other tabloid program on the tube – here comes more Bree on TV, but not in the context you might have imagined. Yes, Bree’s new reality show focuses on pornstars, but they’re not simply going about business as normal. No, Monica Mayhem, Labelle, Alicia Andrews, and Tuesday Cross are being fashioned into a four-piece rock band with Ms. Olson as their manager. As reported by Brazzer’s ZZ Insider, Bree and the gang were assembled by Canadian company Mind-Engine Productions, told to “Get in the van!” and launched on a US tour that had them playing very real gigs in front of very real audiences. As with all rock ‘n’ roll endeavors, though, things didn’t always go smoothly. Reports of infighting and mass alcohol consumption abound and the lead singer (Monica Mayhem) has apparently already left the group. The name of the show, ironically, is Tight and its 13 episodes are due to air on US TV come October, with various European airings to follow, with, of course, more visible tits and ass than the US version.

We all knew Bree would do something surprising and intriguing after leaving Sheen’s orgiastic household, but becoming the manager of a gang of pornstar Runaways? So, wait, Bree Olson is Kim Fowley?

Too Pretty for Porn

Too Pretty For Porn

Mr. Pink’s Wacky, Strange, Bizarre, Curious, and often Downright Funny Porn Star name of the week brings you Too Pretty for Porn. No, that’s not a statement. Too Pretty for Porn is an actual name of a delicious ebony pornstar.

Mr. Pink came across Too Pretty for Porn (aka 2 Pretty 4 Porn) while browsing the Black category on Videobox (Which is one of Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews top rated sites, BTW). While her name is a bit of a contradiction, since she was obviously doing porn (some serious hardcore porn nonetheless), I just had to find out more about this ebony pornstar with a somewhat wacky name. Turns out that Too Pretty for Porn is Gabrielle Carmouche, an actual mainstream actress that has been seen on The Cosby Show, Sister, Sister, In The House, and Big Brother Jake.  

Mainstream actress that has performed in a couple of hardcore pornos? Don’t we all wish that would happen more often? Check out her scene from the adult film Triple Shot on Videobox. This ebony babe loves getting all of her holes filled! For that scintillating scene and your interesting back story, Too Pretty for Porn you have earned your way into Mr. Pink’s Wacky, Strange, Bizarre, Curious, and often Downright Funny Porn Star name of the week.