Is ThriXXX’s Latest Just Vaporware?

Earlier this week, Mr. Pink’s brought you news of the latest technological leap toward complete virtual sexual fulfillment, the VRSexKit from ThriXXX. But the hype surrounding this seemingly complete virtual sex package has been called severely lacking by at least one critic. Kyle Machulis, a blogger specializing in the teledildonics (remotely actuated sexual experience), says ThriXXX’s latest endeavor is nothing more than “a pure marketing video” and calls ThriXXX founder Brad Abram “a smart dude” who “rode in early on the Kinect stuff” but hasn’t made any major strides in actually harnessing the technology for effective user-end use.

Machulis, whose Slashdong blog is loaded with fascinating pieces on the merging of the porn and gaming/tech worlds, also claims “no one has proved they want this [technology]”; a pretty bold claim considering various attempts to offer consumers an immersive virtual reality sex experience have been in the works since the very beginnings of 3D, VR, and photorealistic video gaming.

What do you say, readers? Would you shell out fifteen hundred bucks to titty-fuck this cyberbabe?

VR Sex

Is Evil Afoot at Evil Angel?

Last week we brought you news of Evil Angel’s latest endeavor, a clothing line designed by an erotic artist named Ricky Carrefero. But it turns out Ricky Carrefero may have been bombarded with allegations of evil once before. Welcome, dear reader, to the contentious world of erotic illustration.

Ricky Carralero

Back in the early 2000s, a Los Angeles artist named Armando Huerta claimed that another man in his same line of work was passing Huerta’s work off as his own. The alleged plagiarist had been painting over portions of Huerta’s images and signing his own name, effectively changing nothing but the source (so, everything). The alleged plagiarist even managed to have a book containing a many such pieces published by SQP Art Books. The name of the alleged plagiarist? Ricky Carralero. Hmmm – that sounds familiar…

Now, there’s every chance that two men with almost identical names were working the same brush ‘n’ ink beat at the same time, but fuck… Was the artist behind Evil Angel’s new apparel endeavor also a thief, a phony, a plagiarist? Lingering doubts about the spelling of Carrefero and Carralero (and whatever other variations might exist) kept me searching. The only notable results appearing via Google for a “Ricky Carrefero” related to the announcement of Evil Angel’s clothing line about which I previously blogged, leaving me to wonder whether if “Ricky Carrefero” isn’t just a (barely) new name adopted by the same guy who allegedly ripped off Huerta. (And, by “allegedly” I mean “according to everyone posting at this blog“.) Or perhaps, as this post on the news page of Wicked Kulture, the website Carralero’s runs for his so-named erotic apparel company (natch!) refers to the man who’ll be applying color to cotton for EA by the same spelling that appears in Wicked Kulture’s byline and the front cover of the SQP Publication mentioned earlier, Art Premiere #1, Ricky Carralero is the only person Ricky Carralero can rely on to spell Ricky Carralero correctly.

Welcome to the DollHouse

DollHouse FilmsDanger Core is a network largely devoted to pornstars – Lisa Ann, Ava Addams, Faye Reagan, Stormy Daniels, Kayden Kross, and Jayden Jaymes make their online homes here – but there’s one man making waves with aggressive stylistic experimentation that separates his unique brand of porn from everything else this network (or any other) produces. That man’s name is (strangely enough) Se7en and the site where you can see his kinky softcore stylings is DollHouse Films.

Following on from our recent review of DollHouse Films, I thought I’d take a moment to elaborate on the unique style found here. Se7en has clearly instructed his makeup artists to go for a pseudo-gothic look and the models’ eyes are almost uniformly surrounded by thick dark powder. The black makeup often extends to their lips, Skin Diamond looking especially volatile as she poses before a US flag. This black makeup is all part of the dirty, even filthy aesthetic in place at DollHouse, an aesthetic that also sees Lily Carter, Gracie Glam, Idelsy Love, Heather Vahn and others don leather and latex outfits skimpier than most. You’ll even see Dani Daniels and Nina James take steaming hot showers, lathering their curvaceous bodies with nature’s most essential lubricant, water. Yes, in the hands of DollHouse’s crews and cast members, even water is an erotic artifact with a thrilling purpose!

Se7en’s camera moves in very close to grab powerful images and lusty views of his models as they cavort in the nude and in the aforementioned fetish wear for your entertainment. And, although small in it’s content offerings, DollHouse is nothing if not entertaining as it bridges fetish and kink porn with softcore glamour in one man’s indomitable, spirited style, proving that even without explicit sexual activity, you can still be hardcore.