The Sextape Situation: Part 1

A few years ago it seemed every female celebrity with any amount of drooling, ogling fans was the rumored subject of a homemade sextape, a pornographic movie shot by the participants who, aside from their noted celebrity, are otherwise everyday folks, not professional adult performers. You and your girlfriend shot some shaky iPhone footage that time on the commuter rail, right? Boom – that’s a sextape (although probably not a very good one). Stick a celebrity in an explicitly sexual situation and you’re looking at guaranteed millions in sales! Just ask Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee (or Brett Michaels) or Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Their sex tapes launched endless imitators but also landed them (or their jilted ex-lovers) hefty distribution contracts and the resulting profits. Then came Farrah Abraham…

Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom

The MTV Teen Mom hired James Deen to join her in shooting an allegedly authentic sextape that was soon revealed to be as orchestrated and emotionless and most celebrity ventures. Cue the backlash. Once one of America’s most ridiculed young women made a blatant attempt to cash in on her “private” sex life, sextapes seemed to become passe almost overnight. Abraham’s second sextape, 2014’s Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, was also beaten out at the recent 32nd AVN Awards by, of all people, the queen of MTV has-beens, Tila Tequila. While it’s clear both women produced their “amateur” sextapes for commercial release, not to privately record intimate moments, Abraham’s continued lies about the production, generally condescending and dismissive attitude towards the adult entertainment community, and the fact that Tequila not only included some backdoor action, but also its stars ejaculatory prowess. Undeniably inching closer and closer to actual pornography in the conventional sense, sextapes seem all but dead as a commercial adult, more so over at Vivid.

Then along came GirlsWay and the so-called Sextape Lesbians with another approach, one we’ll examine in full next week.

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The New Face of Kink

Kink.comA new post-breakup haircut or wardrobe can bring you back from the brink of obsession and depression, enlivening your existence with the hope of prosperity, romantic or otherwise. In short: everyone needs a new look now and again., the most notorious adult website operating on U.S. soil, is no different. Having tackled most every conceivable (legal) fetish, kink, and sexually adventurous act, the San Francisco-based studio has obviously decided a new look is the best way to celebrate its continued success. Inviting a select group of loyal members to check out the new online digs, Kink has opened the doors to a beta version of its new website. Always interested in where Kink is headed, I stepped behind the red velvet rope and took a look-see for myself.

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Quite clearly designed with tablet and smart-phone use in mind, Kink has dispensed with the majority of the text that once greeted members, instead thrusting them into an image-based update listing that’s more vibrant and eye-catching than ever. Hovering your cursor over each update (in the form of thumbnail images) strangely doesn’t bring any more information to light; for that you’ll have to make a selection and check out the viewing page. Video streams and download options are all easily accessible and see the same dedication to visual quality that has made Kink the Internet’s go-to BDSM dungeon. If you select a video stream other than that automatically presented on the page, it’ll open not in that same window but in a new tab.

Performers could still be given more info-rich profiles and there’s plenty of room for keyword tags (in a cloud?) and other one-touch navigation tools, but Kink’s certainly onto a good thing as far as clarity and ease-of-use is concerned. Tablet users will love the larger, more vivid thumbnails and the simple menu sidebar, but there’s still some changes to be made. Kink knows this, too, which is why the design is still in beta mode; they’re working out the, uh, kinks. If you’d like to help guide porn’s boldest and baddest fetish workers towards a brilliant new look and greater functionality for your preferred device, you know where to go to sign up, and start making the most of being a member at the dawn of 2015.


Mr. Pink’s Most Promising Pornstars of 2015


Last week Mr. Pink’s brought you a rather depressing list of pornstars who, though they dazzled us at the dawn of 2014, exited the adult industry as we know it for greener pastures before the year’s close. Thankfully, this being porn, there’s a pretty heavy turnover rate for new talent, which means 2015 is likely to see a bunch of newcomers elevated to the A-list (or at least closer to it). Here’s a short list of our favorite newcomers who we believe are destined for big things in 2015.

Mia Khalifa has already hit the mainstream news feeds due to her ethnic heritage, but the heavy-chested Lebanese-American is shrugging off aggressive death threats and aligning herself with the Bang Bros crew.

Ariana Marie and Ariana Grand might come to blows this year, both of them riding the pop success of Ariana Grande all the way to the AVNs and looking, from many angles, more like clones than colleagues.

Bailey Bae, she of the sharp ‘n’ short blonde ‘do and amply curvy figure, is enjoying much success at the moment, bolstered by her unique looks and lively, carefree demeanor.

Katrina Jade, with her facial tattoos, stunning curvy figure, and fondness for fetish work, could fill the void temporarily left by Christy Mack or create her own phenomenon.

Anya Ivy is leading the charge of new, young black women into porn’s ranks. The bustiest and arguably most beautiful of this new generation, she’s also the most natural performer and has already made a handful of scorching scenes.

Mia Li might’ve made a fairly quiet start in porn but 2015 could see her work bring in newfound recognition of her tranny-fucking, taboo-smashing tendencies. Is she the next Lorelai Lee or something else entirely?

Who are you keeping two wide=open eyes on this year, readers?

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When Is Squirting Not Squirting?

For quite some time porn fans and curious, adventurous sexual practitioners of all kinds have been intrigued, even fascinated by female ejaculation. Often called ‘squirting’ this act has mystified otherwise educated folks around the world with its unmentioned and often obscured origins producing a result – streams of clear-ish fluid shot from somewhere in the female genital area – that is entertaining, but not necessarily scientifically sound. At least, not according to some critics like those who prompted the most notable squirter of the 1990s, Sarah Jane Hamilton, to submit her fluids for testing. The result confirmed Hamilton was indeed ejaculating but now a new study has cast squirting in a more suspicious light.

Sarah Jane Hamilton - Squirt

Set to be published in the Journal of Sex Medicine, a research study conducted by French scientists took fluid samples from the urethral gushes of seven admitted squirters and analyzed their biochemical makeup. The results, which can be read in brief here before being published in detail in the Journal of Sex Medicine, found a build-up of fluids during the early and continued stages of sexual arousal. Those fluids, the findings say, are more urine than anything else. There were, however, traces of prostatic secretions (sexy juices, in other words) in the samples, confirming that, yes indeed, female “ejaculate” does contain some (small, perhaps borderline-nonexistent) does contain something resembling ejaculate.

That, my friends, is what you call a minor victory.

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Face-to-Face with FapShows

fapshows adult webcams

Upstart adult webcam sites are popping up like non-profits these days. Filled with naked and semi-naked women and men of all ages, singles and couples and trios and groups, library-sullying, dildo-deepthroating, Sybian-riding money-maker-shakers great and small, established cam sites like Chaturbate, I’mLive, and LiveJasmin have enjoyed significant growth and success, both deservedly and undeservedly, since 2012. The wave of new contenders arriving in the wake of this flurry of webcam mania don’t seem to be expanding on the basic premise of adult camming – they take off their clothes and viewers tip their appreciation; big tips result in big return favors, sometimes “private” ones –  just refining it to their own particular tastes. Such is the case with one particular upstart of only three months experience: FapShows.

Simplicity is key at FapShows, but that’s not at all a slight. A streamlined layout, free basic membership options, large descriptive previews, and a straightforward payment system without major hiccups. What detriments FapShows’ simplicity brings depend largely on your perspective. Many webcam devotees enjoy a bustling room with a talkative, physically active model really putting on a solidly entertaining show. FapShows is more sedate, however, which happily translates for many viewers into more direct communication with their preferred performers; more often here there’s five, rather than five hundred, in a room.

Some hiccups do knock the wind out of an otherwise smooth FapShows experience: models occasionally appear ‘online’ though they are not; avatars don’t always look like the model they’re representing; category menus start rampantly eating up page space upon opening; and there’s no obvious way to limit your list of available live shows by more than one category, which is crucial if you’re into, say, busty tattooed Asian MILFs. That said, the women (only women, I’m afraid) I encountered at FapShows were quite charming, eager to start chatting, and seemed interested in more than keeping you hanging endlessly around with funds fading faster than your arousal. Hailing predominantly from Central and Eastern Europe, the women, men, and couples found here generally speak solid English and if they’re not immediately enticing you into a private cam-to-cam chat, they’ll be happy to converse while flirting. (Though there is the odd performer incapable of leaving their phone alone; it’s an epidemic amongst camgirls, unfortunately.)

It’s January and the post-holiday fatigue has set in, keeping the erotic interests of many firmly indoors; the bitter cold pushing across the USA doesn’t exactly help. That makes this the perfect time for indulging in a little sexual social-networking and lining up some new on-screen friends for the new year. There’s sites large and small, chaotic and serene with personalities and physicalities of all kinds to be befriended. And, at $1.99-a-minute, a private date at FapShow with DiamondLady, is arguably as worthwhile a way to spend your paycheck as a six or eight gimlets and some sweet potato fries at the pseudo-retro trendoid “saloon” to which your date inevitably will drag you with promises of an swinging, boozy “special experience” that never eventuates.

Sure, it’s digital, but you can’t have everything.