Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – July 5th, 2016

mrpinksThere’s something about the sound of fireworks and the smell of roasting animal carcasses that really gets me in the mood to bump uglies with someone beautiful. Or at least dream about it. How about you, how was your Fourth of July? If you’re like me, you were left hungover and horny this morning, so how about a Mr. Pink approved remedy in the shape of Adam & Eve TV, the mainstream porn fan’s online multiplex, Ladyboy Gold and Ladyboy Pussy, two astounding trans-porn efforts from Southeast Asia, and, for the fellas, Titan Men, home to the hottest hunk-filled hardcore this side of the early DC scene? (Yeah, I thought that might do the trick.)

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – June 29th, 2016

mrpinksIn just one week at Mr. Pink’s we’ve covered the filthy, the foxy, and the utterly fantastic, all in brand-new porn reviews of some of the ‘net’s hottest adult websites. Adult Doorway and Hardcore Doorway, a pair of networks needing some work but still drawing plenty of attention, delivered some astounding face-fucking, cum-swallowing, and ass-fucking deviancy. Pretty Dirty, from Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, took the GirlsWay theme and showed as a bold new take on narrative-driven hetero porn. Adult Empire Unlimited, unfortunately without downloads, nevertheless proved how awesome a streaming porn service can be with mobile and Roku platforms and 4K Ultra-HD videos! I can’t guarantee next week will be this thrilling, but, hey, I’ll see what I can dig up to keep you informed, entertained, and pointed in the right porno direction.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – June 20th, 2016

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s, we bring forth another slate of brand new porn reviews to keep your saliva glands active and your erectile function at an age-appropriate peak. This week’s dose includes the immaculate 4K oiled-up hardcore of Lubed, Christian XXX’s thrilling adventures at Pure BBW, a European pornstar trying out amateur cocks at Melone Challenge, and some of the most promising interracial porn online of late at Teens Love Black Cocks. Now, until next week, keep your chins high, your shoulders back, and your porno education coming from Mr. Pink’s.