Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – December 8th, 2017

mrpinksThis week saw Mr. Pink’s publish two reviews of epic porn sites on different sides of the mainstream spectrum. Pretty Dirty weaves tales of sordid neighborhood debauchery, rendering each hot-wifing or step-cest episode in rich, cinematic HD. True to its name, Fucking Awesome keep things simple and aims for maximum sexual impact, its 4K Ultra-HD take on hardcore proving as slick visually as it is sexually. We also announce a new partnership this week: Mr. Pink is heeding Harriet Sugarcookie’s call and will be providing exclusive guest reviews there over the coming months. Now, a moment, if you please… It has been a weird, sad week here in the porn world. As most of you would’ve no doubt heard, the passing of August Ames has performers, creators, fans, and followers around the world in shock. Is it enough to say that Ms. Ames was a performer far more skilled and capable than her 23 years would’ve implied and that her hugely premature departure is not a personal loss for many, but a professional loss for porn as a whole.

Sugarcookie Woos Pink

mrpinksPerfectly content crafting my own little niche in the tumultuous world of porn, I, Mr. Pink, your intrepid porn reviewer occasionally feel the need to sow my oats in other fields of adult inquiry. Some of these extracurricular ventures are done on the sly, anonymously stepping into testy Reddit AMAs or shit-talking fallen former idols on Twitter. Others are done by request.

Readers are by now familiar with Harriet Sugarcookie, the self-made porntrepreneur who’s been blogging, shooting, and promoting up a storm for quite a few years now. With a few slight branding pivots, Harriet Sugarcookie dot com is now a much grander cache of adult content. From Harriet’s early cosplay and softcore galleries to her lively European vacations with a stuntcock and guest pornstar in tow to guest blogs, sex toy reviews, and pop culture-obsessed musings both written and audio-visual, Harriet Sugarcookie dot com is wisely adding a few guest reviewers, expert in their field, one and all, to their roster. Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews is pleased to be one such featured guest.

Harriet Sugracookie

Soon to be appearing at Harriet Sugarcookie dot com, exclusive, updated, guaranteed 100% fresh-as-fuck reviews from yours truly will be informing and enlightening Sugarcookie fans and followers on a semi-regular basis. Each review will take deep focus on one of porn’s most popular, controversial, or underseen sites, seeing how it fits in today’s wildly varied porn industry.

Keep on eye on Harriet Sugarcookie dot com – just don’t lose your weekend to the Girl Crush galleries or Harriet’s Diary – and I’ll see you there shortly.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – November 29th, 2017

mrpinksThe holidays are upon us and we’re coming upon peak porno devouring season, too, as many studios heat up in an attempt to woo you for the entirety of 2018. This week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we examined the ins and outs of two lusty networks: Fantasy Massage, an eight-site venture into taboo spa treatments and physical therapies, and Mile High Media, an epic, all-encompassing take on niche hardcore interests like step-cest, swinging, and atmospheric relationship dramas. Obviously all things end up turning carnal but if you want more control over your porno viewing, perhaps a cam site like iFriends (featured on the blog this week) would be more to your liking. Next week’s looking just as lusty, too, with new reviews of a two new hotshot porno outlets, one richly cinematic, the other far more direct and debauched. Join us then, fap fiends!