Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – August 30th, 2017

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we took a close look at two very different sites celebrating very different kinds of women with one strong thing in common. Many might not see it this way, but TransAngels and its roster of stunning trans-women pornstars is building quite an archive of transgressive porn starring trans-babes and men and women, all wrapped up in a tidy HD bundle. On the other hand we have Babes, a long running celebration of carnality and sensuality presented with a gorgeous cinematic sheen. Now welcoming its first 4K updates, Babes is headed for even greater success. Tag along and scope out the goods? Yeah, that’s my suggestion. More well intentioned criticism and words of praise about the best and not-so-best of porno coming next week, so tune in again to Mr. Pink’s for the lowdown on who (and what’s) goin’ down!

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