Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – October 13th, 2016

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we welcomed back an old friend from the dial-up days, peered in for super-close-up pussy shots, and checked out two acclaimed A-list studio sites. Home to a busty blonde housewife many will know well, Wifey’s World is still going and now showcases her fellatio skills and amazing cleavage in 720p HD. In the Crack might lack the amateur touch, but its glammy yet naturalistic vulva investigations result in scorching hot masturbation from toddy’s top porn talents from the worldwide pool. New Sensations and Jules Jordan are studios often competing head-to-head but now on diverging paths, they’ve both become indispensable adult entertainments. Next week there’ll be more Halloween talk on the blog – hell, check out what’s there now! – and a first review of a brand new Virtual Reality site that’ll have you spinning.

Halloween the GirlsWay Way

Girls' Way's "Little Red"

With Halloween fast approaching and every bar conversation I’ve overheard in the last two weeks touching upon the best tactics of annoying brat avoidance or where to find the “raddest” costumes fit for cocktail parties, numerous adult studios and sites are turning their attention once again to the costumed fetish wonderland that is porn come Halloween time. One studio that’s already well equipped to satisfy those hitting its homepage for All Hallow’s thrills is the acclaimed all-female outfit GirlsWay.

After last year’s apocalyptic thriller The Turning, GirlsWay directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, Little Red might seem a more gentle effort, but first impressions can be deceiving. Based (obviously) on the classic European folk fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, about a gullible young girl visiting her grandmother only to find a hungry wolf disguised in her place, the five-part feature series is scheduled to air its finale on October 31st with episodes one-through-four already available. Presented in 1080p High Definition videos filled with rich scarlet reds and haunting blacks sees Cassidy Klein play the hooded hottie as she ventures, naked as a jaybird through the midnight forest, on a very different path to the Red we’ve known all these years. Grandma (Kendra Lust) is having some problems and a Social Worker (April O’Neil) aims to set shit right. But with a crime ring, a she-wolf (Abigail Mac), a hippie flower child, and the keywords facesitting, tribbing, lingerie, and family role-play all factoring in to varying degrees, Red’s not likely to end up being eaten by the wolf, at least not in the traditional sense. There’s plenty of eating going on here, don’t get me wrong, but the finale, which boasts O’Neil, Mac, Lust, and Klein in one giant, sweaty, heaving pile of sapphic carnality, has so much more in store for GirlsWay’s devoted members and, if you’re into all-girl ecstasy, you too.

GirlsWay review

Pornington Post’s Bipartisan Porn Parodies

Pornington Post

Appearing out of nowhere earlier today in the form of an AVN press release and the occupation of url, a brand new parody and satire site entered the adult fray, bringing to a fucking head the frustrations of many Americans welling up over this utterly insane election season. Whether you’re committed to one candidate or the other, or consider them both woefully unfit for office, you must’ve noticed the lack of biting porn satires of Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s respective careers, campaigns, and personal failings. Now that Trump brought pussy into the conversation, Pornington Post aims to ensure nobody involved in this year’s Presidential race leaves unstained by the mighty comedic jism of the porn parody.

Hosting only three original scenes at present (and filling the dead space with barely-related celebrity culture spoofs), Pornington Post’s intentions are unclear. There’s no sign-up page to part you with your money yet there’s Nina Hartley as Hillary, and there’s Evan Stone wearing a Make America Great Again cap standing next to his “daughter” Ivanka, played by sly-eyed blonde Blair Williams. Ivanka doesn’t waste any alone time, masturbating with a bobble head avatar of dear old dad as she listens to his stump speech rhetoric. Viewers can easily expect the third debate to be the focus of another scene or two, one including seeing former VP nominee Sarah Palin once again pornified in what’s being touted as a “squirt board” scene co-starring Kim Jong Un.

When Pornington Post claims to guarantee “controversial, politically incorrect and outrageously provocative” porn, it really isn’t kidding. And still, unlike our two Presidential candidates, I can’t find an obvious price tag anywhere…