Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 16th, 2016

mrpinksSummer’s winding down and leading us into the forthcoming winter chill, so it’d be a good idea to start stockpiling porno for the cold months ahead and where better to start than with this week’s slate of Mr. Pink-reviewed online smut peddlers? Gentle Desire presented us with some decent hardcore erotica but failed to leave its mark on the niche. Teen Mega World’s TMW VR, on the other hand, left that network more futuristic than ever with its UHD 3D VR POV hardcore scenes. Two new pseudo-cest sites from the Team Skeet crew (but not included in the network) that made strong first impressions, POV sister-fucking romp Sis Loves Me and the all-inclusive Family Strokes and its mommies, daddies, and teenage step-siblings all fucking their way into very expensive therapy. Next week is bound to be a little less out-there at Mr. Pink’s, but don’t let that stop you from returning for more brand new porn site reviews.

Roku Porn Channel Roundup: Pt. 1

Porn on Roku

Every now and then we at Mr. Pink’s find ourselves tiring of watching porn on computer screens, tablets, and smart phones, and desire a more optically relaxing viewing experience that takes us to a large flat-screen plasma display and, savior of cord-cutters everywhere, a Roku device. Porn channels aren’t in abundance on the Roku service. nor are those present easy to find, so we figured now would be a good time to assess the state of set-top streaming porno with a Roku Porn Channel Roundup!

Over a few blog installments, Mr. Pink’s will detail the currently available range of adult Roku channels, giving you the lowdown on what’s affordable, what’s HD, where the virtual reality can be found, and whether your family or housemates will spot the smut on a shared Roku device in the hopes that you’ll end up moving masses of hardcore awesomeness to an even larger canvas. First things first, let’s take a look at which adult services have heard the cries of cord-cutters everywhere and added Roku channels to their viewing options.

Pornstar Empire and Adult Empire Unlimited are both fairly recent converts to set-top streaming and bring their massive wide-ranging collections to you TV, as do other megasites AEBN (Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network), Videobox, VideosZ, Exxxtasy, and Sugar Instant, which offers Unlimited, Live, and VR viewing. Hustler brings two of its strongest brands to Roku fans: Barely Legal’s teenage hardcore and Hustler’s Forbidden, the studio’s fetish arm. Joining this legendary studio and aiming more at celebrity sex tapes and classic mainstream smut, Vivid also hits the streaming platform of the people.

When it comes to studios with well defined styles, concepts, and properties that have earned them accolades around the ‘net, Roku welcomes a handful of excellent porno production outfits with more arriving every month. Naughty America serves its standard and VR-viewers via Roku while staunch reality-porn rival Reality Kings brings its main website roster to the streaming service in HD, each challenging the other to up its TV-streaming game while lesser-known network BaDoink follows close behind them. On the fetishistic end of the studio spectrum, Forbidden Fruits Films (use promo code MrPinks), a studio run by Jodi West, also has a Roku channel filled with mother-fucking pseudo-cest movies while the infamously mega-busty Score Group hosts ScoreTV, proving you don’t need to be an uber-popular major mainstream studio to make great use of Roku playability.

Remember, most adult Roku channels are hidden from the Channel Store and must be found via the direct links above before you can add them to your Roku, choose a membership or subscription option, and indulge in some truly salacious television viewing. Next time we tackle porn on Roku we’ll be looking not only at video quality, stream reliability, and content availability, but also which channels provide discreet, anonymous, and child-locked content to ensure your family Roku doesn’t damage others’ tender psyches.

The Sweet Life of Harriet Sugarcookie

Harriet Sugarcookie

These days it seems almost pathetically easy to become a pornstar. As long as you’re a reasonably attractive woman with a somewhat athletic figure, modest sexual abilities, and a tendency to overuse social media, you could be well on your way to being the next Riley Reid or Lana Rhoades. Becoming a paragon of liberated sexuality, an icon of eroticism, and a teacher to all who turn to you for advice and analysis, though, that’s much, much harder.

One year after launching her very own adult lifestyle site, busty British-born Asian geek goddess Harriet Sugarcookie opens the invitation to all, encouraging existing fans and newly interested men and women to explore her site in all its varied glory. Similar to Burning Angel’s wide reaching community mindset, Harriet pulls all kinds of content into her online world, from red carpet pornstar Q&As to video game reviews, POV-shot breakfast in bed videos to fellatio tips ‘n’ techniques. Not only focusing on herself, her own life and sexual habits, but those of fellow sex workers, pornstars, and models, many of whom are self-professed nerds who geek out with Harriet over Star Wars, Jenga towers, cinema blockbusters, cosplay, and delicious food, Harriet is a gracious and accommodating host, as well as a steamy performer when she puts her mind to it.

Harriet Sugarcookie doesn’t throw hot-off-the-press hardcore at her fans and subscribers as often as some self-made porn mavens, but she does shoot women other than herself (often referred to as a “roommate” or “girlfriend”) as they fuck her cameraman or simply use her bed as a masturbation platform. The sense of fun, sex-positive community here is very impressive and feels quite authentic. She might not be your average self-made pornstar, but Harriet Sugarcookie’s career could very well set the template for wannabe sex icons of the future.