Rabbit Ears, Plugs, Egg Hunts, and Cunts

Celebrating the death of the Christian deity’s human form might seem like an odd reason to stay home, watch some world-class porn, and beat yourself into a blissful submission to smut, but… Well, no “buts,” really. It’s just plain weird. If you’re irreligious or non-Christian and couldn’t give a flying jizzbomb about church holidays, if the Easter Bunny and the commercial thrills available around Easter are more your bag, then watching porno makes a hell of a lot of sense for your long weekend activities. Here we’ll be looking at four Easter-themed scenes from major porno outlets all intent on helping you celebrate in their inimitable style.

Brazzers Easter porn

Brazzers is hitting its fans with two Easter episodes this year, one each for Big Wet Butts and Teens Like it Big. At Big Wet Butts we’ll be seeing Bridgette B and Bill Bailey romp around their kitchen and eventually wind up filling Ms. B’s bunny-tail-adorned ass as oil covers her fine-as-fuck body in a shiny film. Teens Like it Big welcomes the recently slimmed-down Tiffany Watson, bunny ears on her head, a tutu around her waist, egg basket in her hand, as she joins her stepbrother Jessy Jones for an egg hunt. Flirting and flashing her bro, Ms. Watson reveals a pink jeweled butt-plug and asks Jessy to fill her other cavities before Dad walks back in the room and busts them both.

Team Skeet sister-site Family Strokes continues the pseudo-familial affairs as “Uncle Mitch” dons an Easter Bunny costume and starts making moves on Avi Love. Her parents grab an iPhone and snap some family selfies with the Bunny in the background, but mom and dad remain totally obvious to the fact that Avi’s hand is firmly wrapped around his rigid rabbit dick. The folks head out for a while and Avi Love vs Easter Bunny kicks into higher gear.

“Let’s Try Anal,” says awesomely hot newbie Cecilia Fox over at the Mofos site of the same name, after finding a bottle of lube and a bunny rabbit plug as part of her boyfriend’s homemade egg hunt. And try anal she does, bending over and giving herself to her beau, bunny ears bouncing on her head the whole time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to run off and find a last minute bunny suit in a desperate attempt to turn my Good Friday into Totally Fucking Awesome Long Weekend.

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Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – April 4th, 2017

mrpinksThis week Mr. Pink’s embarked on a quick international jaunt to two countries with checkered histories of imperialist piffle, our old pals Japan and Germany! German adult studio Magma Film has a long history of putting out some weird and wonderful (and often nature-loving) smut starring the Motherland’s finest fuckers. Japan HD, sourcing its own smut from all over the Land of the Rising Sun, covers a whole lot of pornographic ground, from simple blowjobs to the most extreme blowbang bukkake sessions – and does very well for itself and its members in the process! This week on the blog we’re taking a look at the latest changes to the wonderful erotic world of Harriet Sugarcookie and her booming community of sexual explorers. Check it out!

Harriet Sugarcookie’s Workplace Expansion

Harriet Sugarcookie

Harriet Sugarcookie, everyone’s favorite new media minx and British-Asian geek goddess, has long lured in new fans, followers, devotees with her unique mix of homemade hardcore porn and topical lifestyle, sexuality, and entertainment articles, but now she’s reigning in her more carnal side in an effort to branch out into new territory.

Don’t fret, folks! Ms. Sugarcookie isn’t leaving her hardcore roots behind or even removing her various A/V sexcapades from the ‘net; she’s merely limiting non-paying visitors to less explicit content. Recent updates prove this to be the case. Take the recent trailer for another of Harriet’s costumed character romps, Cosplaying as D.VA from Overwatch: she poses and pouts for little over thirty seconds without flashing more than some cleavage and upper thigh.

Watch video!

(Well, that did do something…) Inside the members area, however, Queen Sugarcookie is in full self-love flight, tending to her nipples and clit with qual enthusiasm. Sure, she still leaves the costume on for the duration, but it’s pulled back and aside to reveal a lot more than any SFW website can handle.

With the staggered arrival of a crew of comely lasses hand-picked by Harriet to share her screen space and adopt her name – Leila, Yumi, Hannah – as well as a few pornstar guest appearances, the Harriet Sugarcookie site is clearly keeping one hand firmly in the hardcore arena. And, man, should we all be glad. Harriet’s fellow Sugarcookie girls are some of the hottest recent semi-pro finds in the world world and the POV-heavy, sapphic and swinging sex is a treat to behold.

What remains to be seen in this new phase of Harriet Sugarcookie’s ambitious plan to become the ‘net’s reigning sexually-oriented new media maven is whether her growing legion of fanboys and fangirls can stand only viewing SFW previews while at the 9-to-5 or whether, risk of humiliating dismissal be damned, seeing Harriet peel her panties aside and invite you in for a much closer look will simply prove too hard to resist. Good luck!

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