Beatin’ on a Budget! with Nuru Network

Nuru Network

You’re tense and nervous and can’t relax – you need a massage! But with a full body hands-on treatment running you anywhere from $80 to $200, heading to a spa or seedy massage parlor might be a little out of your price range, let alone your comfort zone. Thank your chosen deity, then, for massage porn! Having gained an amazing amount of momentum over the past two or three years, massage porn was the subject of over a dozen quality sites from major networks like Bang Bros and Porn Pros, but until recently there was no network that devoted itself entirely to the erotic oil-aided laying on of hands. Enter: Nuru Network.

Bringing together the works of four unique massage porn sites – the sensual lesbian site All Girl Massage, the fun and lively Soapy Massage, the handy (and drop-dead sexy) masseuses of Massage Parlor, and the slippery Eastern body work of Nuru Massage – Nuru Network covers far more ground and offers much more variety than most massage sites even consider an option. Although it’s nowhere near as large as, say, Brazzers or Bang Bros, Nuru Network does update frequently, hosts ample HD movies, and features pornstar talent as skilled with their hands as they are with their mouths and hips.

Ok, so it’s not as large as most featured Beatin’ on a Budget sites, but Nuru Network is no slouch when it comes to massage porn, providing its members with a grand total of 1,092 scenes (many exclusive) and their accompanying photo galleries. With Nuru Network membership now available through Mr. Pink’s for a measly $14.95, your cost-per-scene comes close to a very enticing 1 cent. So, in short, for the price of a decent massage IRL ($100) you could be nakedly gawking at Cindy Starfall, Christie Stevens, or Asa Akira rubbing her remarkably limber body all over your onscreen surrogate’s in some 6,000 scenes before you’ve spent an equivalent cost on what is undoubtedly the most varied and sensually exciting online massage porn extravaganza in existence: Nuru Network.

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Twistys Boycott Gathers Speed


Part of the prize package awarded to Twistys Treat of the Year winners and runners-up for 2014 included a shooting assignment in Costa Rica, but even after the winners were announced and Mss. Aniston, Veracruz, and Alexandra started celebrating with their devoted fanbases, changes were being made that would see a different trio head to Costa Rica for what the original contestants were apparently not informed would be a boy-girl hardcore shoot. According to accusations lobbed from Camps Veracruz, South, and Alexandra, as well as from former star Brett Rossi, Twistys hasn’t been treating its girl-girl performers quite the same since being bought by Manwin (now MindGeek), the Luxembourg-Based multinational corporation that now owns Brazzers, Digital Playground, Mofos, and Twistys. Apparently as part of MindGeek’s allegiance to hetero hardcore, Twistys has been moving away from more sedate and sensual solo and lesbian sex scenes to the unexpected extent that its head honchos decided girl-girl performers Veracruz and Alexandra wouldn’t work out, legitimate runners-up or not. Instead of honoring the fans and awarding the real winners, though, it seems Twistys just upped and pulled the rug from under two of its most deserving stars. Instead arousing suspicion by appointing a performer under exclusive contract to Manwin.

Madison Ivy

And now, the Twistys forums are down, vocally critical members and models have been denied Twistys access, the #BoycottTwistys hashtag is trending hard on Twitter, Madison Ivy is smoking herself silly in beautiful Costa Rica, awaiting a dicking originally intended for someone else, and Vanessa Veracruz is offering free memberships to her official website to any former Twistys member that emails proof of their cancellation. And you, where are you on this matter? Since Twistys and Manwin have both stayed remarkably silent on the issue, it’s hard to know what’s really going on. Are you siding with your go-to smut merchants, Twistys, or aligning yourself with the embattled girl-girl performers whose very livelihoods may be under threat as a result of business indiscretions and a lack of respect for performers and fans alike?

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Twistys Treat of the Year Scandal


The support of fans is essential to the success of any adult performer. When she’s stuck working in clubs, straddling a cold steel pole for tips, it’s the fans requesting her and complimenting the management that will make her a headliner. When she’s made her first appearance on a major porn network, it’s the fans commenting and voting that will see her hired again by the same and other companies. And, when accolades are up for grabs, be they awarded by AVN, XBIZ, Penthouse or Twistys, it’s often said to be the fans who determine the winners. That doesn’t always work out as planned, though, as was the case when Twistys announced its Treat of the Year winners for 2014.

In a nutshell, it appears Twistys annual fan-voted poll to determine an official Twistys Treat of the Year was not this year as genuinely fan-voted as in the past. After months of member complaints and criticism from fans, Twistys continues its transition from softcore and all-girl content to a more ubiquitous hetero hardcore M.O. and girl-girl performers are apparently considered collateral damage and discarded. One such performer, Vanessa Veracruz, has posted numerous spiels both on her own blog and on that of industry pundit Mike South detailing the ways she claims Twisty’s screwed her and fellow girl-girl performer Elle Alexandra out of their rightful crowns as first and second runners-up to Nicole Aniston’s first place win. The alleged reason: Vanessa and Elle don’t shoot hetero hardcore.

Vanessa Veracruz

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Awareness raising charities have never been more prevalent than they are now – see recent hubbubs over Lady Gaga’s youth empowerment-focused Born This Way Foundation and Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine Generation Rescue and that whole Pink Ribbon for breast cancer campaign started by the Susan G. Komen organization – but until recently it had seemed most campaigns that took to social media for disbursement were mainly spread and supported by women posting make-up-free selfies and supposedly leukemia-focused cleavage parading. The fellas have finally joined in the fun of (reported) fundraising, snapping selfies that, save for a well placed sock, would be utterly, totally naked. And it’s all in the name of raising awareness of testicular cancer… or prostate cancer… whichever one you like, I guess. (As a movement, it does seem a little unfocused.)

Cocks in Socks

Now, far be it from to claim a double standard when there are so many held against women but not us men, but why does it seem perfectly acceptable in the eyes of so many vocal Instagram and Twitter users (and, if you believe they’re legitimate, Buzzfeed commenters) that all men depicted in the celebratory articles are tall, fit, muscular, and, largely, tattooed and sporting some kind of hip hair style, cranial or facial? Isn’t spouting “Hot damn… Um.. please excuse me while I change my panties ;p” in regard to the valiant effort of brave, selfless men exposing their most vulnerable states to an anonymous global audience a little, well, sexist? Wouldn’t the same comment be downvoted to all hell if posted by a man in response to, say, #titsinmitts? Way to treat us like pieces of meat, ladies! And exactly how does Buzzfeed, HuffPo and other news and content aggregators racking up millions of page views (and advertising dollars) on the backs of these boys and their barely-sheathed tackle help fight… whatever cancer is allegedly the focus here?

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Celibate and Sad – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

I have a sexual hang-up. When I was in my late teens, my parents walked in to find my boyfriend going down on me. I was humiliated! They screamed, grounded me, and treated me horribly until I finally left for college and unfortunately, didn’t come back often for visits. Every time I would see them, I could still hear the things they said and the names they called me. It was so traumatic, it’s made me feel ashamed and dirty to partake in what should be exciting acts of sexual closeness. I’m now almost 30 years old and every relationship I’ve had has ended the same way, I want to be intimate, but, I can’t recover from the disgrace.

- Celibate and Sad :(

Dear Friend;

It’s not an easy thing to overcome humiliation in any form, but, when it’s sexual, it seems to root deeply and not want to release. Being “discovered” by a friend or stranger would be embarrassing, but, to have it be your parents, yes, the trauma would be very hard to forget. Not only are we raised to believe sexual acts are taboo, and, that training begins at a early age,…”Don’t masturbate, it will make you go blind!” or, “If you touch yourself, you’ll grow hair on your palms!” So, combining that stigma, along with the forever striving to make our parents proud, only to be caught in a “personal situation,” such as that, it’s one of those, “just let me find a hole and crawl in,” scenarios.

Being caught would have been humiliating all on its own accord, but, it sounds as if the reaction of your parents is what’s caused the scarring upon your sexual libido. Your feelings have probably gone from humiliation to anger and then, back and forth a few times.

You’re nearly 30 years old, it’s time to cut the umbilical cord, release yourself from their stern words and discipline. As long as you allow their words to continue haunting your thoughts, you’re allowing them the victory they were striving for. You weren’t doing anything wrong, or at least nothing that a very large percentage of the world’s population wasn’t doing at that age, it’s over and done with, it’s very much time to move on.

You’re no longer under their roof and they have no say as to who’s between your thighs! Open your mind and your legs, recall how good it all felt before they stepped into your zone of arousal, you’re missing out on the many wonders and wetness of softcore and hardcore sex. If it takes counseling, get it, if you think you can move past it on your own, then by all means…move, but, it doesn’t sound as if that’s happening very easily. Even though you were free to come and go, it’s as if they still have you locked in the attic, an outcast to the family, it’s time you forgive them and yourself.

You’re a grown woman, with needs, wants and desires, but no relationship because you’re allowing them to block the erotic endorphins. Take a deep breath, square your shoulders, put on sexy lingerie and get back in touch with the world of orgasmic pleasure.

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