Babewatching on Wall Street

Whether you’re a Tea Party fan, one of the nation’s richest, or an attendee either physical or spiritual at the current wave of Occupy Wall Street inspired protests sweeping the planet, the fact that you’re reading this blog means you appreciate the beauty of the feminine form. So too does documentary filmmaker Steven Greenstreet, whose ‘Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street’ video has aroused both ire and admiration from 99%-ers around the world. With some women finding Greenstreet and cohort Brandon Bloch’s 4-minute video tribute to a selection of attractive, intelligent, proactive protesters of New York’s Zuccotti Park to be nothing but the sexist work of two lecherous heterosexual ignoramuses, the video has inspired so much debate that Salon even published a 2,500 word discussion amongst its staffers as to whether or not ‘Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street’ was sexist. The outcome? Maybe, maybe not.

What seems to be missing from so many of the ad hominem attacks on Greenstreet (as well as a wordless arson attempt at his apartment) is that the vast majority of the videos runtime is devoted to showing protesting women celebrating their common ground together and rather lucidly expressing their reasons for attending the Occupy Wall Street protests. Isn’t that what political activism is all about, getting your point across in a clear and emphatic way? Whatever your stance on Greenstreet’s alleged sexism, you have to admit that his video is drawing a huge amount of attention – from such international news sources as Le Monde (France), Folha (Brazil), Index (Croatia), and, uh, The Salt Lake Tribune – to an increasingly popular cause.

Just be thankful these are Urban Outfitters-wearing hipsters and not the muddy, hairy hippies of the 60s! Well, unless that’s your thing. No judgment here at Mr. Pink’s.

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street from Steven Greenstreet


If the recent-ish launch of international pop music channels MTV Iggy and MNet America are to be believed, the USA is about to be inundated by a world of music most Americans have never even considered. From reggaeton to baile funk, from C-Pop to J-Pop to K-pop, there are dozens of artists with the talent, determination, and financial backing to blow the minds of America’s Internet generation. One group already starting their US invasion is the nine-member South Korean girl group Girl’s Generation. Having just released their first worldwide single, The Boys, the video to which garnered over 4 million YouTube views on its day of release, with an American album release coming in November through Interscope Records, and with a showcase performance at Madison Square Garden this Sunday in New York City, Girls’ Generation are poised to bring about a global group revival in popular music. Their tunes are great and Taeyon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Jessica, and Sunny has distinct personalities and styles but blend together as a perfect ensemble, but what’s the real reason behind their smash worldwide success? For the answer, as always, we turn to porn.

Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry have all been lampooned in US porn productions, but they’re just solo performers. Imagine how appealing a pornographic movie based on a nine-member all-girl singing and dancing group would be! Well, folks, it exists. Beautiful Legs Legend, a JAV (Japan Adult Video) release that copies Girls’ Generation’s outfits, dance moves, and music, but with an illicit twist, has proven that, along with the real ninesome’s truckload of miniskirt and short-short-accented stage outfits, long legs can sell anything.  Unfortunately, the JAV in question consists largely of five, not nine uncoordinated young women lazily dancing around sans panties. Yeah, there’s a foot fetish bukkake scene thrown in at the end, but that’s pretty dull, too. I suppose that’s what you get when Japan, whose pop music (J-Pop) has became stale and uninspired over recent years after decades of Asian dominance, tries to take on the rapidly expanding and wildly successful eighteen-legged Korean juggernaut that is Girls’ Generation. Fighting!

Hollywood’s Backend: Analysis From an Unconventional Assman

Ever since Jennifer Lopez’s singing career first exploded into the North American mainstream media, nobody really seems to care that much about tits anymore. Sure, you and I and every Joe Schmoe from Anchorage to Albuquerque still loves a nice pair of chest-mounted fleshy orbs, but it seems the most focus is these days falling lower on the female physical form – to the ass. Some expected the mass amounts of attention devoted to the rear end of Kim Kardashian would be the peak of Hollywood’s ass fever, but then came such notable white girl booties as those of Jessica Biel, Fergie, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, and Jennifer Aniston. Clearly asses are where it’s at.

But here at Mr. Pink’s we like to give the underdogs a shot. There are, after all, plenty of talented women in the entertainment industry that are blithely discarded from the ‘sexy’ pile and lumped into the ‘smart’ one, never to grace the pages of Maxim unless they’re there ironically. Actor, writer, and champion of home entertaining culture, Amy Sedaris, for one, is rarely regarded as anything but the funny lady from Strangers With Candy. Given the chance, though, Ms. Sedaris can shake her ass like nobody’s business, as this clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon proves.

Another under-appreciated derriere in Tinsel Town belongs to 90s teen movie also-ran, Mena Sevari. Although she’s been out of the spotlight for a number of years, Suvari hasn’t let her rear guard down, keeping male fans interested enough to post, repost, and rerepost paparazzi-shot bikini photos from her seemingly endless stream of beachfront vacations.

What of it, readers? Got any under-appreciated celebrity rumps needing more exposure? Leave a comment and let Mr. Pink see what he can drum up. Badoom-boom!