Joanna Angel Perverts Penthouse

Having previously appeared as no more than another cast member in 2007’s Glam Trash, Joanna Angel doesn’t have a particularly extensive history with Penthouse. She is, after all, best known for her fierce independence and outlier status while Penthouse has long been accepted as part of the porno mainstream. That’s all about to change, though, as the studio founded by Bob Guccione way back in 1965 has tapped the Burning Angel maven to direct her first Penthouse feature – and it’s already proving a departure from her usual knowingly schlocky comedy-porn stylings.

Joanna Angel

What originally started as a licensing meeting about bringing Burning Angel content to Penthouse’s broadcast platforms soon turned a corner and had Angel proposing a film in which she pulled the already sexually declarative Penthouse Pets even further into sexual depravity – as is her wont and style. Drew Rosenfeld, Penthouse’s head of production, was taken with the idea enough that it soon started to form into a reality.

Corrupted by an Angel sees everyone’s favorite pink-and-black-haired heavily-tatted hardcore queen take on this year’s troop of Penthouse Pets (Riley Nixon, Gina Valentina, Ryan Keely, Jenna Sativa), leading them further astray as she pushes them to further carnal (and dramatic) greatness. Ditching her usual male leads for a more clearly female-led story, Angel calls Corrupted a “girl-power movie” that she finds “really beautiful.” Two major staples of any Angel production are nonetheless granted ample presence with music by Burning Angel dick-at-large and in-house poppy punk songwriter Small Hands and plenty of raucous girl/girl, boy/girl, and group sex (including mucho anal) to go around.

As Corrupted shows a more serious side of the usually goofy and ironically inclined director, it has proven something of a challenge for Angel. “This is a serious dramatic movie,” she told AVN. “It’s a touching story [with] some very sad moments and a lot of intensity – there’s even some crying parts.” Rosenfeld felt confident, however, that she had the skill and experience to pull it off. And the cast, of course, were perfectly fit for the job, Angel declaring them all “equally as slutty as one another,” herself included.

Corrupted by an Angel is due in late September from Penthouse (through its new distribution deal with Girlfriends Films).

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 7th, 2017

mrpinksPorn has a way of messing with your sense of reality but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little wild porno-fueled fantasizing every now and then, does it? This week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we took a look at two very fantastic sites, one delivering immersive VR content and the other a network of high repute and powerful erotic charm. Mature Reality brings you face-to-snatch with some of Europe’s most desirable mature women in brilliantly vivid 3D POV VR hardcore encounters. Much larger but less technically advanced, Team Skeet proves a powerful network of 36 distinct sites dealing with everything from step-cest to classroom romps to cum-splashed cuties in day-glow outfits. Also now discounted to a dirty cheap monthly price, Team Skeet earned itself another Beating on a Budget blog, delivered to all y’all in the spirit of thrifty fap fodder! Until next week, friends…

Beating on a Budget with Team Skeet!

Team Skeet

Receiving a full re-review this week, the endlessly entertaining, heavily teen-focused Team Skeet network has once again come out with a fairly glowing reputation intact. Now home to some 36 websites to call its own, Team Skeet is even larger and more wide-reaching in its coverage of sexual debauchery and fantasy. And now discounted to less than fifteen dollars for a month of access, it’s a bargain, too!

For the 36 Team Skeet sites currently on the network roster, your monthly payment of $14.87 comes out to 41¢ per website per month, an utterly insane low price. And, taken one a scene-by-scene basis, that same $14.87 has you paying just over half-a-cent per scene. At this rate, anyone with even a remote interest in anything Team Skeet does would be mad not to indulge for at least a month. Deny yourself a pizza, dude, and you could be swimming in Team Skeet’s anarchic, irreverent, utterly fantastic fucking on such bold sites as Sis Loves Me, Shoplyfter, Teen Curves, and Innocent High.

For the full lowdown on what Team Skeet is up to these days, check out our brand new Team Skeet review and last week’s blog where we assessed the network’s latest additions Gingerpatch, Bad MILFs, BraceFaced, Dyked, Submissived, and Black Valley Girls.