Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 9th, 2015

What a week! Candida Royalle passed away and put me in a shitty mood for a while, but Mr. Pink bounced back just as he always does, bringing a slate of brand new porn reviews to your attention. This week saw four very different sites assessed by yours truly, sites focused on urination, transsexual hotties, homegrown Philly babes, and one of porn’s most acclaimed gonzo filmmakers. What did we discover? Well, VIPissy delivers a golden stream of content that should keep any watersports enthusiast entertained for weeks, Trans500 overcomes some odd casting with absurd trans-fucking scenarios, the hometown hotties of Hot Philly Models might be hot but they’re not quite “LA-hot,” and Jules Jordan, well, he proved that success needn’t ruin the man, it can instead spur him on towards bigger and better things. Speaker of bigger and better things, I’ll be back next week with (you guessed it) more exclusive, elucidating, and hopefully insightful porn reviews!

Taipei Transit Turns to JAV

It’s a problem that many American cities have struggled with: How to entice residents to use the cleaner, more affordable, and less stressful public transportation options rather than driving around everywhere in fuel-guzzling high-speed death machines. And it’s a problem Taiwan could have just solved with the help of Japanese AV idol Yui Hatano.

Yui Hatano

The Taipei MRT (or Metro) is one of the most expensive rapid transit systems yet constructed and carries an estimated 1.78 million riders every day. Taipei still remains plagued by traffic congestion, however, so someone at MRT HQ dreamed up a plot to bring more motorists to the train carriages. Given the option of paying their fares on a per-trip basis with tokens or a pre-loaded reusable card for further journeys, more and more Taiwanese are clamoring for the new EasyCards which come in two varieties, one featuring Japanese porn superstar Yui Hatano as an “angel” while the other shows her “devil” guise. Transit card designs – yet another arena in which Asia has us beat.


Igniting controversy both inside and outside of Taiwan, the new EasyCard designs were proven at their Septembr 1st unveiling to be extremely mild, simply showing a coy Hatano posing alternately in white and black outfits. Still, EasyCard announced a revised design after it was found the ‘Angel’ image was previously used as the cover of one of Hatano’s JAV DVD releases.

Hatano herself clarified her intentions, telling media via a statement, “Just because I am an adult video porn star… does it mean that I cannot pay a debt of gratitude to my beloved Taiwan?” EasyCard spokeswoman Lin Hsiao-chi explained the company’s intentions thusly: This set of cards is suitable to put in your wallet and collect. When you look at it, it will cheer you up.”

Yui Hatano @ JAV HD

In Memoriam: Candida Royalle

ca. 1988 --- Candida Royalle --- Image by © Deborah Feingold/Corbis
ca. 1988 — Candida Royalle — Image by © Deborah Feingold/Corbis

Candida Royalle, director/producer/performer, sex educator, feminist, and XRCO and AVN Hall of Fame member has died of ovarian cancer at age 64. Leaving behind a legacy of female liberation and free expression that has clearly informed today’s new generation of feminist pornographers, Royalle will be sorely missed by her peers, fans, and students alike, many of whom have taken to social media to share their remembrances of one of porn’s bravest and most compelling individuals, and the first director to envision a ‘couples’ market.

Born in 1950 in New York City, the future dancer and filmmaker was abandoned by her biological mother at 18 months, a subject that would consume much of her recent time as she worked on a documentary film about the search for the woman that birthed her. While You Were Gone remains unfinished at the time of Royalle’s passing. Though a private detective had located the woman at Royalle’s request, it was not before she had died from ovarian cancer, unknowingly preceding her daughter. The future of the film remains uncertain, though an except can be viewed below.

Entering adult entertainment in 1975, Royalle appeared in roughly 25 pictures before retiring five years later, penning the script to her final film as just a performer. Royalle founded Femme Productions in ’84, producing erotic films based on the notions of female desire and believably passionate couplings, going to great effort to avoid the usual male-centric porn cliches. A published author, public speaker and lecturer, Royalle’s influence on female porn professionals and viewers is almost unparalleled.

Candida Royale
Photo by Daniel Nicoletta