Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – June 3rd, 2015

mrpinksAs spring gives way to the heat of summer and all the little newborn chicks start their journey to full aves adulthood, so too does porn start heating up to all-new high temperatures. Chronicling this annual journey is your faithful reviewer of adult entertainment, Mr. Pink! This week I examined a live webcam site and three more of the Stiffia network’s sordid assortment. Cam With Her offered everything cam-lovers want but at a premium price that’ll put off many would-be devotees, while PinkoHD, WCP Club, and Magma Film gave Stiffia’s intercontinental fanbase something to really rejoice: stellar hardcore from Italy, Germany, and the home of porno, the West Coast of the USA. Check ’em out, folks, and until next week, keep the beat!

Amateur Allure Expands, You Explode

amateur allure

Amateur Allure, a longtime favorite of ours here at Mr. Pink’s, has expanded its home video offerings with two DVD new lines set for release: Nice Girls Swallow and Somebody’s Daughter, each offering a distinct take on Amateur Allure’s signature POV casting-style hardcore movies and joining continuing series Cum Swallowing Auditions, Amateur Introductions, and Amateur POV Auditions. If that sounds a little dry or bland to you, take a look at this…

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, shoots POV porn quite like Amateur Allure. Originator of the oft-copied use of a handheld camera with mounted ring light reflected brilliantly in the eyes of the cock-hungry performer, Amateur Allure has been producing some incredible works of POV porn since 1999. Its two new lines focus in on two crucial elements of the sites success: the sweetly smiling faces of cum-swallowing models and the girl-next-door appeal many of them have in almost obscene measure. Taking center stage in Nice Girls Swallow’s first installment are Cassidy Klein, Mila Beth, Nadia Synn, and two mononymous new comers, while Somebody’s Daughter sees five unknown girls dropping to their knees and servicing out hosts.

Also adding a huge slate of porn to the online Amateur Allure experience is a fairly new deal that allows AA members to partake of porn made by Jules Jordan Video, Mr. POV, Fucked Hard 18, and Glory Hole Swallow featuring performances by turns charming and flirtatious or sordid and ultra-slutty that see women like Gabriella Paltrova, Destiny Dixon, Jayden Jaymes, and many more pros getting down and dirty. The best news of all, though, is that none of this third-party activity is disrupting the flow of Amateur Allure content. So, all you eye-contact loving suck-and-swallow fans, there’s never been a better time to wander through the halls of Amateur Allure and see who tickles AA proprietor Ray’s balls and your own carnal fancy.

Naked in the Forbidden City

forbidden city

As one of Beijing’s most visited attractions and the geographical center of one of the world’s most populous cities, the Forbidden City is of incredible importance to China and its people. The home of the Chinese imperial palace and the center of government for five centuries, the Forbidden City remains under tight security and supervision even though, practically speaking, it now functions as little more than a museum and cultural and historical exhibit. So how then did a photographer and a nude model manage to shoot erotic pictures at the flagship site of the notoriously porn-unfriendly country’s cultural treasures? ‘Cause they did, bless ’em.


Photographer Wang Dong – no, I’m not making this up – when confronted by outraged users of Chinese social media site Weibo that his work, softcore nude photos of a female model claimed “I was only doing my work and did not affect anyone.” That’s not an opinion shared by palace authorities who issued a statement this week calling the photos disrespectful to the historical significance of the site and that Dong and his model breached moral and ethical boundaries with their unapproved shoot. Security cameras captured Dong and his unnamed cohorts rushing into the palace grounds to beat early visitors and it is believed staff tried to stop the photos being taken but were apparently unsuccessful.

Various pundits have spoken out and condemned the photographer and his work. Li Chunhua of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications chastised thusly “Nude photos should be taken in proper places… Sitting on relics is improper behavior and it sets a bad example.” Dong, who posts on Weibo as WANIMAL seems accepting of his new role as artistic outcast, revealing nothing more of his position than one cryptic statement: “It is the destiny of the expresser to be misunderstood.”

photo credit – PixelFlake

But, really… Look at this breathtaking vista! Tell me you wouldn’t want to get naked, shoot porn, or fondle your lady behind a stone lion here!