AVN Hall of Famers Hit Vegas

As America’s capital city of sin and vice, Las Vegas, Nevada kicks into gear to welcome the world’s most high-profile throng of onscreen sex workers, from homegrown webcammers to trophy-winning anal artists, to the 2017 AVN Awards Show, one particular group of adult industry professionals has been invited to step into the annals of history. Announcing the annual slate of AVN Hall of Fame inductees late last year, Adult Video News cemented a handful of names as upper echelon porn identities and here we’ll take a look at this years celebrated men.

AVN Awards

There are obviously copious contributions made behind-the-scenes without which the sex we soak up would be half as good, but we here at Mr. Pink’s try to concern ourselves with who’s onscreen more than who’s in the executive suite at the studio. In front of the camera, the men we’ve come to begrudgingly respect and, shit, even admire that AVN has seen fit to crown this year include an Austrian, a Transylvanian Saxon, and one of the industry’s chief targets of cyber-bullying.

Christian XXX sees more than his fair share of hate mail, I’m sure. Look in the comments of any adult site on which he appears and you’ll see guys frothing at the mouth over their distaste for his hetero-flexible habits, commitment to BBW and trans-porn, and staunch outsider status. Nonetheless, Christian’s accomplishments have earned him a devoted fan base of all orientations and a place in the porno Parthenon that is the AVN Hall of Fame.

Mick Blue is arguably the most likable guy in porn. An Austrian with a charming accent, emotive face, and icy blue eyes, and the husband of fellow AVN Award winner Anikka Albrite, he has racked up more awards in the European and American industries than any guy still working that you’d care to name. Now he can add another accolade to his mental mantle, a place among the gods of human sexual entertainment. Best seen in his creator-owned BAM Visions work at Evil Angel, Blue seems set for many more years thrusting with lust in our honor.

Similarly long-standing, Romanian-born German actor Steve Holmes (who I first came to really value thanks to Burning Angel) is also this year being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, likely thanks to his hugely adaptable persona. Equally at home playing a drunken hobo, a tuxedo-clad debonair hero, or a sleazy stepdad who probably shouldn’t be rifling through his wife’s daughter’s underwear drawers, Holmes is a buoyant, cheerful presence whenever he steps before a camera. His evolution from fetishistic European outsider to a reliable character stud for the US mainstream is also remarkable.

Next week we’ll be looking not at the guys but at the women, the female performers ushered into the adult world’s much more youthful counterpart to the Oscars’s Lifetime Achievement winners’ circle. Some of them you really won’t believe can even stand up straight, let alone walk a red carpet and accept an on-stage honor before a potential audience of millions. Others, you’ll wonder where they find the time to dress up and party what with all those god-damn-divine blowjobs they’ve been giving for our entertainment, bless them.

Give Thanks for Holiday Porn

Brazzers Kendra Lust

Every holiday that rolls through a given year brings with it a few key emotions. Anticipating a day off work can lead to a false sense of relaxation and security. Anxiety over December’s gift-buying sprees can leave you listless. And, perhaps most dangerously of all, Thanksgiving can thrust you into one of two camps: the defensive traditionalist or the critical idealist. Whether you view the holiday as a beloved American tradition or evidence of the shameful parts of our nation’s history, Thanksgiving brings you closer not just to your family, but to holiday-themed smut that can really help bring some brightness (and a boner) into your post-turkey nap time. Each year, we at Mr. Pink’s scour the pornosphere and showcase some Thanksgiving-themed scenes put out by porn’s most creative producers and studios. This year we have Naughty America, Brazzers, and Passion HD, three stalwarts of porno excellence that never miss an opportunity to branch out.

First to hit the WiFi-waves and drape the first major notch in the holiday seasons belt was Passion HD’s Taboo Thanksgiving which landed early Wednesday morning. Sexy newbie Carolina Sweets tells her step-dad Johnny Castle how pleased she is to be sharing Thanksgiving with him, but honestly, going by the look on his face as she pushes her barely-covered orange-dressed body against his, he’s clearly already very appreciative.

Brazzers isn’t the kind of studio to let a holiday slip by unpornified and this year sees Kendra’s Thanksgiving Stuffing deliver plenty of sauciness as the indomitable Ms. Lust pounces on her daughter’s new boyfriend, Jordi El Niño Polla, the first chance she gets, her dullard husband be damned! The hung young Latin lover jumps at the chance to snag an older woman, especially one as vivacious as Kendra Lust, ignoring his girlfriend and her father as they beg the horny pair to stop.

Naughty America rarely lets its horny holiday-porn seekers down and this year 2 Chicks Same Time brings you a loving couple, Phoenix Marie and Charles Dera, who invite another couple over for Thanksgiving dinner only to end up ditching the dude and whisking his girlfriend into the other room for a seriously taboo three-way tryst. Ms. Marie once again proves herself an excellent dome, taking charge of busty blonde Kayla Kayden and putting her to work pleasuring Marie’s own husband. All the while, Kayla’s clueless husband sits at the dinner table watching the turkey and stuffing get cold.

Whether you’re timing to fill your belly with nature’s bounty or fill a certain someone with your own Thanksgiving offering – or spend a little alone time with the noted nut-busters outlined above – Mr. Pink’s wishes you a very happy holiday season kick-off!

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Black Friday Fucks with Nubiles Porn


Black Friday rolls around every year and shoppers fly into competitive rages, embark on mad purchasing sprees, and end up spending what I assume is a small fortune on remarkably little. The hottest retail discounts apply to physical items whether sold in stores or online. Just about everything worth owning is discounted post-11:59pm Thanksgiving Day. Some intangible purchases can deliver a kind of pleasure and satisfaction heretofore left out of Black Friday frivolities. This year, we’ve scoured the ‘net for a truly exceptional holiday bargain that’ll baste your turkey, slice your ham, and glaze your lil’ fella all in one fell swoop. This Black Friday, fuck the lines and fuck your co-shoppers. Instead of going out and wasting all day fighting over price-slashed appliances, why not stay home with Nubiles Porn.

Discounted to an incredible $14.98 and recurring month after month at the very same price, Nubiles Porn is a network much loved by Mr. Pink’s staff that delivers a near-perfect blend of teenage super-sluttery, romantic erotica, step-incest, and experimental porn sites. Teacher Fucks Teens, Step Siblings Caught, and Moms Teach Sex all bring ample heat in duo, trio, and quartet scenes loaded with in-character dirty talking and dominant teen-training. DriverXXX and Petite Ballerinas Fucked are two oddities that see rideshare drivers and leotard-clad dancers fucked for pleasure or payment. Nubiles Casting introduces new talents then screen-tests them in, like all Nubiles sites, awesome HD videos. Petite HD Porn brings a great mix of hardcore concepts and hookups starring limber teen and twenty-something babes to the network. The pinnacle of Nubiles’s achievement, however, is Nubiles.net, the longest running and largest of the sites with more than 5000 videos ranging from hardcore teenage couplings to the most delicate of masturbation scenes.

At $14.98-a-month, the more-than-substantial Nubiles Porn network archive holds 8,637 individual scenes. While that might not seem like all that large an archive when held against mega-networks of 20,000-scenes-plus, the consistent high quality of Nubiles work, especially recently, makes it very worthwhile at approximately 0.17¢-a-scene. On a per-site basis, each of Nubiles’s nine weighs in at approximately $1.66-a-month. At that rate, you’d really have to have a profound distaste for the fresh-faced, physically exceptional, sexually adventurous women of Nubiles Porn and the exclusive, original websites on which they’re featured to skip this one by.

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