Beatin’ on a Budget!: Evil Angel

Evil Angel

There are few adult entertainment companies that undoubtedly lead their fellow pornographers toward a brighter, more fruitful, and most exciting future. Of these few companies, one stands above all others (at this particular point in time, anyway). That company is the one founded back in 1989 by John “Buttman” Stagliano that now hosts a roster of directorial talent that’s the envy of the industry, the company for whom every pornstar both new and almost retired seems dying to work: Evil Angel.

After pulling in an outstanding ten AVN awards this January, you might expect Evil Angel to ramp up its prices and make the monetary most out such recent successes. Hit the company’s members-only website, however, and you’ll find nothing of the sort. In fact, you’ll find a discount deal that offers one month of unrestricted Evil Angel access for a measly $19.95. Gone are the days where an Evil Angel pass got you into dozens of sites, but you’re still very well looked after at ol’ EA HQ. New full-length movies are added multiple times each week, each one bringing along four, five, six, sometimes even seven or eight scenes of exceptionally high quality. And in HD video, too!

Evil Angel’s directors produce DVD (and digital) series adhering to their favored kinks and whatever the audience lets them know is wanted. From Manuel Ferrara’s intimate Raw series, Kevin Moore’s fisheye-shot lingerie and leggings celebrations and the fast-paced foreign productions of Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal to Belladonna’s filthy girl obsession, Bobbi Starr’s lesbian anal tendencies, and Dana Vespoli’s boundary-smashing gender-bending porn, there’s such a wide range of incredibly hardcore smut here it makes Evil Angel essential viewing. Throw in fresh works from newly inducted directors Le’ Wood (Francescka Le and Mark Wood) and Lexington Steele, there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming year.

The Math:
Evil Angel’s online archive currently holds 8,990 scenes from 1,546 DVDs (including from such legendary series as Evil Anal, Wet Food, Suck Balls, Anal Acrobats, Big & Real, and Stagliano’s epic Voracious), of which about half are available in High Definition. On average, four new scenes are added daily while each week sees between two and five full DVDs made live, you’re looking at a current cost breakdown of less than 1.5c per DVD and a tiny 0.2c per scene! And, when scenes include dozens upon dozens of AVN winners and legendary performances from porn’s greatest, that makes an already great deal virtually impossible to resist.

Deny Evil Angel your patronage at your own peril.

Hide Your Girlfriends, It’s the Cuckold King!

James Deen

Odds are strong that if your girlfriend has seen the work of the world’s most popular jizzlobber, James Deen, in action, she’s quite fond of him. They all are. It’s ridiculous how popular this guy is with the ladies. He’s downright irresistible and he knows it. In fact, he knows it so well he went and shot a movie about it. Behold: James Deen Will Cuckold You!


Whether intended for male porn fans or their ladyfriends, James Deen Will Cuckold You ensures you’ll be feeling a little strange about having just busted a nut to Deen’s fifth turn as director for Evil Angel. After all, the whole premise is based around the boyfriend or husband of a foxy dame being relegated to a humiliating stint on the sofa as Deen pummels his way through the pussies and asses of Amy Brooke, Katie St. Ives, Jaelyn Fox, Presley Maddox, and Tatiana Kush. And, hell, the girls certainly don’t seem to mind giving their fellas the proverbial shaft as they take a more literal one, even going so far as to flip the bird to their angered but cowering loser mates.

Deen is joined in his emasculating endeavors by Sean Michaels, John Strong, DSnooop, and Mr. Pete, among other guys, but it’s still a tad unclear who’ll be joining Deen in diving dick-first in some dude’s sweetie-muffin and who’ll be crying in shame and relegated to the trundle bed.

James Deen Will Cuckold You is set for an October 30 release. You can view promo materials at Evil Angel.

Ballet and Porn: Curious Bedfellows

Ballet and pornWhat makes ballet so boring? According to Tamara Rojo, the newly appointed artistic director of the English National Ballet, it’s men. Men often approach dance in much the same way they approach pornography, Rojo told Time Out magazine, suggesting that she and her female fellows would bring a more sexually egalitarian sensibility to a world of dance currently overrun with male perspectives and attitudes. “Female sensitivity is different,” Rojo said. “And there are issues that I want to see on stage approached by women. Very often we see relationships approached from a male perspective. Like in porn, it shapes the way you look at things.”

Asked to elaborate on her ballet-porn analogy, Rojo told Time Out “It tends to be a more physical approach. Men start with the steps. I find women start with the emotional landscape. They say, ‘This is the situation; let’s find a language for it.’ With men it tends to be, ‘This is the language,’ and then you try to work out the situation through the steps.” Before you cry “artsy-fartsy” at her, though, give Rojo’s observations some credence. How many times have you seen porn briefly revolutionized by a woman? Directors like Belladonna and Dana Vespoli and Bobbi Starr, adventurous and daring performers in their own right, broadened the palette of mainstream hardcore porn almost immediately upon taking up the camera. Belladonna brought more powerful performers to the fore in an often all-female pantheon of decadence involving foot fetishism, tender lovemaking, brutal fisting sessions, and, oddly enough, frank conversation. Starr and Vespoli have followed Belladonna’s lead and are now producing movies far more expressive and original than most of their orifice-obsessed male counterparts. Although, I’m afraid, nobody seems to have alerted Rojo or her dancers.

The recent surge in feminist attitudes in hardcore pornography also seems to have been missed by Guardian columnist Judith Mackrell, who notes some major exceptions to Rojo’s description of methodical males and emotional women choreographers, exceptions like Twyla Tharp and Russell Maliphant. Mackrell continues, “The more important truth for Rojo is that with about 90% of today’s ballet repertory [and pornography -ed.] being made by men, as well as a disproportionate percentage of modern dance repertory, we have only a limited idea of the kind of work that women might make.”

So (continuing the ballet-porn analogy) now that Rojo has essentially landed control over the nation’s foremost adult film studios and while that might be a considerable step above Belladonna’s station as an Evil Angel director, it’s certainly not far off in terms of potential for an artistic, sexual, and industry revolution.