Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – August 18th, 2015


So, man, you like Asian babes? What about brutal bondage sessions and lesbian dominatrixes? Well, lucky for you, Mr. Pink’s has it all this week! Our latest slate of brand new porn site reviews sees JAV HQ and My Cute Asian tackle professional and amateur Asian hotties in totally uncensored style – with more steamy Asian porn to come next week! Also going under the Pink-O-Scope were two of Fetish Network’s finest sites: the hetero takedowns of Sexual Disgrace and unexpected brutality of Strapon Squad’s invasive female dommes. Come back for more next week as Mr. Pink’s examines the rest of Fetish Network and another pair of fine, uncensored Asian porno!

April Flores: Fat Girl Fantasizing

april flores

After winning two AVNs for BBW Performer of the Year in 2014 and 2015, April Flores, the only performer to ever win the twice-awarded trophy, was in a state of flux. Along with her greatest accolades yet came the grief of losing her husband, late photographer Carlos Batts, who died at age 40 of natural causes in late 2013, just months before her first win. Initially proposed to her by genderqueer producer/performer Courtney Trouble, Flores’ newest endeavor is shaping up to be her magnum opus: a members-only site featuring plus-sized and BBW models but largely focusing on her own “filthy” sexual exploits. The site? Fat Girl Fantasies.

Not content to tread the same ground as other BBW sites, those that simply shoot nude and sexually active BBW women and call it a day, Ms. Flores seems to be attempting to create a far more personal kind of porn guided by the desires of its featured models. Casting other large women alongside her interminably sexy self, Flores is aided in her erotic adventuring by Kitty Stryker, Karla Lane, Jade Rose, Eliza Allure, and Cinnamon Maxxine. Hell, even porn’s tiniest Asian-American anal whore, Asa Akira, drops by to suckle at Flores’ ample breast.

asa akia and april flores

In honor of Batts’ contribution to adventurous, taboo-destroying adult entertainment, Flores named her new site after her late husband’s last book, Fat Girls, a photographic study of his partner taken over the course of twelve years, and hopes his spirit will live on in her own work. Quoth the creator herself: “Fat Girl Fantasies developed from love—the love between friends who use the medium of pornography to express themselves. Fat Girl Fantasies was conceived from the need to show the world how beautiful and desirable a sexual fat woman is.” And who better for that job than April Flores?

Cosmo’s Female-Friendly Porn Picks

Once again courting controversy and enraging anti-sex activists across the USA, Cosmopolitan, the women’s magazine with distribution in 110 countries around the world, decided “Have Hotter Sex This Summer” and “4 Scary Things Gynos Tell You and Why You Shouldn’t Wig Out” weren’t exciting enough stories and opted to recommend some porn to their overwhelmingly female readership, porn Cosmo felt would be a good fit for female viewers. Of course, reactionary anti-sex groups immediately called the publication itself an item of pornography and demanded it be removed from super market shelves or wrapped in a black mylar sleeve so as not to infect the eyes and minds of tots as their parents unload two cartfuls of carcinogenic soda-pop onto the checkout belt. In solidarity with the oppressed Cosmo staff and readership, Mr. Pink’s is staging this silent – as in written, not spoken – protest. (And also, you know, checking out Cosmo’s recs and seeing how they fare on the ol’ Pink-O-Meter).

cosmo porn for women

Cosmo writer Jill Hamilton and graphic artist Lauren Ahn concocted their guide to female-friendly porn is the hopes of (according to Ahn’s rating meter graphic) turning women away from Ron Jeremy and his ilk and towards James Deen and the new generation of adventurous pornographers. After proffering free sites (and irresponsibly sidestepping the wealth of piracy and copyright problems plaguing the industry) and Tumblr feeds (erotic literature, female orgasm guides) of little use to anyone keen to avoid unbearably pretentious “literotica”, Hamilton brought us to sites more commonly identified as commercial pornography that she felt a good fit for Cosmo’s readers. The list, while not exactly throwing out a bevy of surprises, features some stellar adult sites that also come with Mr. Pink’s glowing recommendation.

Masturbation sites I Feel Myself and Beautiful Agony, both by Feck of The Netherlands, garnered raves for their incredible intimacy and drastically different approach to visual arousal, earning 4-out-of-5 each on the Jeremy-to-James hotness scale. Erika Lust of Lust Cinema’s viewer-submitted fantasy site, X-Confessions also caught the attention of Hamilton for its short films conceived by women. Beautiful cinematography an performers give a classy feel to X-Confessions, which also earns a 4 from Cosmo. Curiously, Kink is also noted as a must-see but given a non-rating of 1-5; “They’ll probably have what you want and other things you didn’t know you wanted may end up in your cart as well,” Hamilton writes. The clear winner, though – and this will hardly surprise anyone who’s discussed porn with a woman under 60 in the past five years – is Mr. Deen himself, his official site scoring a perfect 5 for giving this particular journalist the feeling of being “vicariously well-fucked,” and left with “a mysterious glow the rest of the day.”

James Deen, Cosmo’s cure for the sexually frustrated woman in your life… whether you like it or not.

James Deen review