Behold The Tremor!

Once in a while a new sexual aid or implement is released to the sexually frustrated public and unequivocally changes not only the arousal and orgasms of tens of thousands of people but the sex industry as a whole. In recent years the runaway success of the Sybian, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the Tenga Egg have proven to be such items. Now, there’s something new and, well, potentially shattering invention already making a new for itself in the world of porn.

The Tremor

The Tremor is advertized as a “ride-on sex toy” somewhat similar to the Sybian but styled and geared toward more aggressive use. Embracing the words “rock” and “roll” and aiming to provide female users with fodder for their fucking-a-rock-star-in-a-swank-hotel-suite fantasies, the Tremor offers two controls to its seated dildo design: Rock controls vibration and Roll takes care of rotation. There’s even more guitar terminology attached: the insertable phallus that sits on top has been named The Whammy Bar, while a non-insertable textured hump know as The Bridge provides less penetrative pleasure. Already on the market and fetching a pretty penny, The Tremor may seem a little intimidating at first, but there’s some evidence you might want to check out before dismissing it entirely from your sexually-charged shopping list – and it’s ready for viewing at PornHub, no less.

PornHub saw the launch of a dedicated Tremor channel in early August, a channel hosting amateur and professional sex performers and their personal experiences using The Tremor. Don’t worry, it’s not just a verbalized version of an online product review – it’s very graphic. Loni Legend was the first to straddle “The Rock & Roll Sex Toy” and enjoy its movements. Followed by pseudo-reviews by Zoe Clark, Audrey Holiday, Kat Monroe, Reagan Lush, and an amateur performer known only as Riley, the channel gives a great overview of what The Tremor can deliver to an anxious snatch. And, with the unveiling of the first mainstream hardcore scene incorporating The Tremor, a male-female sex scene starring Delirious Hunter, who claimed the device “rocks and rolls harder, faster and stronger than anything!”

More Tremor showcases starring porn performers of all levels are soon to arrive on the dedicated PornHub channel and, if banner ads pimping the device are any indication, there are a few very big names on the horizon. But, really, can The Tremor provide the most stereotypically rock-and-roll of all contemporary pornstars (Anna Bell Peaks) with something she hasn’t seen, felt, heard, or fucked before? You can find out for yourself at

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – August 10th, 2017

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we tackled a dynamic pair of porno entities well worth analyzing. One focused on the low down dirtiness of foot fetishism while the other dealt with some of the loftiest objects of lust in our ever expanding popular culture. Foot Fetish Daily produces a fine line of foot-focused porn that’s delivered in HD and offers unique takes on lower-limb love and lust. Mr. Skin, on the other hand, pulls the most famous celebrities into the porn world with screencaps, video clips, and custom tribute content all intent on capturing and celebrating their flirtations with onscreen nudity and sexuality. Next week things will take a bit of a turn towards nubile young adults and one big pimpin’ network you’ll soon know intimately. Until then, horndogs… think Pink!

Valentina Nappi is Miss Sugarcookie

Harriet Sugarcookie

Harriet Sugarcookie and her fledgling adult lifestyle empire have branched out into online pageants, naming Italian sexual goddess Valentina Nappi its inaugural Miss Sugarcookie for the month of August 2017. Obviously a longtime favourite of the diminutive Chinese-British media sensation and her crew, Ms. Nappi has also worked her way into thousands upon thousands of porn viewer’s minds, noted for not only her sexual prowess and enthusiasm but for her commitment to sexual equality and diversity. A far cry from the politically inactive and intellectually unknown pornstars of the past, Nappi seems to come closer than any other to fulfilling a porn performer’s potential in this day and age and industry era.

Calling Nappi her “porn idol” in blog posts and arranging a few scenes with the sultry, curvy brunette – including one hell of a threesome with herself, Nappi, and Gina Gerson – Ms. Sugarcookie awarded her first monthly crown to Nappi in the tradition of Playboy’s Playmates and Penthouse’s Pets. Only this time it’s all presented with Sugarcookie’s usual casual sheen. In an introductory video seen below, Nappi rises from her slumber and engages the morning with a delicate yet fun sensuality, delivering tea, toast, and a fruit platter to her still-dozing lover, Harriet herself. Safe enough for work and featured on YouTube, the video is still quite revealing of Nappi’s unmissable curves and comely glances.

Admittedly, Valentina Nappi won’t be easy to supplant next month when Sugarcookie announces her next Miss Sugarcookie, but with a strong history of seeking out, shooting, and fucking some of the most sensuous and desirable performers from around the world, I’m sure Harriet will think of someone.