The Naughtiest Everyday Americans

Naughty AmericansNaughty America has been producing some of this country’s best hardcore porn for more than ten years and has become known for consistently high production values, narrative scenes that couple a believable everyday scenario with the most scintillating sex conceivable. Although the producers, directors, and crews Naughty America has used throughout its existence have been integral to the company’s success, praise almost always falls on the performers, and rightfully so. The biggest names and most audacious men and women in porn have shot for Naughty America, often fitting in better on a site like My Friend’s Hot Mom or Naughty Bookworms than anywhere else. In the minds of some would-be members, though, there has been one crucial thing missing from Naughty America: true amateur talent. That’s all set to change now with the launch of Naughty Americans, a site devoted entirely to untested, unsigned everyday girls.

Following in the footsteps of Naughty America’s sole POV-shot site, Housewife 1 on 1, but taking a decidedly less professional approach, Naughty Americans is a new site unconnected to the main Naughty America network, and stands on its own, exposed to the world. Designed to mimic a news site and keeping with the tradition of Naughty America’s sexual parody of news media, Naughty Americans offers DIY-style POV-shot hardcore scenes that show girls you’ve never seen or heard of before fucking their boyfriends, husbands, and fuck buddies. Thankfully, the guys having their knobs polished saw fit to grab their iPhones or digital cameras and capture their latest conquest in HD, submitting it to Naughty Americans for publication; at least, that’s the official line.

As with most adult sites hosting supposedly leaked or stolen footage, Naughty Americans’ M. O. is a cover designed to give the impression of authentic amateurism without the risks – lawsuits, bad sex, unattractive women – involved in genuine DIY productions. Still, the site marks a new chapter in Naughty America’s evolution, joining Tonight’s Girlfriend, College Sugar Babes, MILF Sugar Babes, and Perfect Fucking Strangers as another site owned and operated by Naughty America, but not connected to the main network. As fans of the Sugar Babes sites anxiously await a network deal that’ll give them access to all four sites for one discounted price, all eyes will soon be turning to Naughty Americans to see if this new Naughty America venture stays true to the company’s motto “Nobody Does it Better”. They could be waiting a while, though, as the site is still quite new and only offers ten scenes.

Look for a full review of Naughty Americans soon at Mr. Pink’s.

Naughty America: Remastered

Naughty America RemasteredBridgette Monroe might have shot ten scenes for various Naughty America sites, but the blonde, brown-eyed MILF is best remembered for her February 2006 My Friend’s Hot Mom scene, which placed her between two well-hung men, Trent and Jack Venice, for a threesome MILF-loving Naughty Americans haven’t forgotten. Now, heeding the call from NA’s members, Bridgette’s most dazzling performance is being seen by a whole new group of more recent converts to the Naughty America cause… and in High Definition, too!

Naughty America’s new remastering project sees the acclaimed purveyors of all-American hardcore porn digging back into the archives to revive a popular scene from NA’s pre-HD days – and Bridgette Monroe is the first to be up-converted to 1080p and handed to a devoted audience that somehow might’ve missed her last time around. Despite a few protests from members convinced these remastered scenes will take the place of new content, Naughty America’s webmasters promise that they’re just bonuses delivered as a treat to their loyal member base. Unlike other networks remastering old content on a new site – Bang Bros Remastered being the perfect example – Naughty America is keeping them on the sites they originally ran on; in Bridgette’s case: My Friend’s Hot Mom.

If you’ve got a pre-HD Naughty America scene you’ve been aching to see in High Definition, now’s the time to hit up NA on Twitter and let them know – tell ‘em Mr. Pink sent ya! Who knows? Soon you could see your long time favorites in exquisite 1080p videos.

Naughty America’s 5,000th Scene Celebration

Naughty America 5000th sceneNaughty America has long been a staple of many porn fans’ viewing diets. With such notable and highly lauded sites as I Have a Wife, Ass Masterpiece, My First Sex Teacher, and Seduced by a Cougar, the immense network has acted out the fantasies of every guy in America, and has garnered some very approving reviews from yours truly in the process. Now, eight years after the very first Naughty America scene was unleashed upon an audience, the company that claims “Nobody does it better,” celebrates a remarkable milestone: it’s 5,000th scene.

Thanks to consistent multiple daily updates and years of impressive porn productions, Naughty America has managed to reach its 5,000th scene before plenty of other networks and it’s celebrating in style. India Summer, winner of XBIZ’s MILF of the Year award for 2012, takes the starring role in this American Daydreams scene and daydream she does. After dinner and a movie, India is all ready to pounce on her husband, but he took a rare moment of solitude to beat off, cum, and fall asleep while she was undressing in the bathroom. Like a supreme dope, he left his iPad lying on his lap as he floated into dreamland. India picks up the tablet, sees that he was watching a Naughty America scene. Sexually frustrated and horny as hell, India gazes at the woman that made her husband blow and starts fantasizing about a career in porn herself.

Approaching India’s front door is a Naughty America rep who tells viewers Ms. Summer is in for a big surprise. With flowers, a tiara, and a trophy, not to mention Johnny Sinns, ready to fuck, India is crowned Miss Five Thousand and given the chance to be a pornstar for a day. Not one to fuck around, figuratively speaking, India quickly drags Johnny inside, tears off her blouse and skirt, and proceeds to let her inner slut loose. What follows, dear reader, is a scene loaded with celebratory energy and a joyous exuberance not seen since, well… Ah, fuck it. Check it out for yourself.

Congratulations, Naughty America! You’ve done us proud.

Naughty America Busts Out!

Melina MasonI don’t mean to insult the single and lonely out there, but, man, having a girlfriend sure is great! You get to make out, fondle her boobs while she straightens her hair, and, unless you’ve been together for a long, long time, get laid on a regular basis. Hell, if you’re lucky enough you might even have a girlfriend that enjoys blowing you almost as much as you enjoy being blown. There’s really only one downside to having a girlfriend: monogamy. Monogamy is hard even in the most satisfying relationship but it certainly doesn’t help when your GF has a few friends with A+ racks! Naughty America knows this all too well and has just launched a brand new site built around this very premise.

My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend might not be the most succinct title for a porn site, but it sure is accurate. Fantasy is the name of the game here and you’re invited to live out yours with such boob-tastic performers as Madison Ivy and Natasha Nice already taking starring roles on this fledgling Naughty America effort. The scenes themselves are fairly typical of NA’s M.O. and see some lucky cocksman play the part of a guy whose girlfriend just doesn’t seem to be fulfilling his needs, either because she’s an outright ball-buster or she just doesn’t have the norks to satisfy a dedicated tits man. The nine scenes already online at My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend start out with cleavage-baring teases wrapping the guys around their perky pink nipples. It soon gets hardcore, however, in sex scenes filled with plenty of boob-fondling and titty-fucking, and usually concluding with pop-shots aimed squarely at the astounding racks of Karina White, Nicole Aniston, Melina Mason, and Jayden Jaymes; each one more blessed in the chest than the last.

As if you needed another reason to join the ranks of Naughty America members, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend puffs up its array of ample chests knowing that no matter who she is or how many times you’ve heard her bitch and moan to your girl about some jerk mistreating her, a great rack is a great rack and that’s that.

Natasha Nice

Porn for Saint Paddy

Samantha Saint - Naughty AmericaNow that we’ve all overcome our post-St. Patrick’s Day hangovers, how about a quick glance back in time to see what we all missed while downing pints of green beer and Guinness at our local taverns?

Brazzers, which holds a very impressive 94% rating from yours truly, presented its members with a scene starring Hailey Young, Ramon Nomar, and the most enviable little person this side of Warwick Davis. In the scene, Hailey, a nurse at O’Sullivan’s Mental Hospital for the Insane, happens upon a feisty lil’ leprechaun in the ER waiting room – naturally, he’s drunk – she reluctantly gets to work on helping him feel better. When things turn sexual, though, Hailey decides to let her fantasies take over by imagining the little Irish fella as handsome security guard Ramon, who gives her a right good plugging in every one of her saintly holes. Ah, nice one, Hailey!

Although definitely a red-white-and-blue pornsite from busty top to jam-packed bottom, Naughty America nonetheless got its members into the Irish festivities with a brand new scene starring Samantha Saint and the guy every woman in porn seems to love fucking, Johnny Sinns. Presented on Naughty America’s My Friend’s Hot Girl website, this scene decks the stunning Samantha out in a tartan skirt and green shirt, bra, panties, and even a green mini top-hat. She gets pretty annoyed with her boyfriend when he buggers off for a basketball game and decides to vent her frustration by fucking his friend Johnny, who has come calling in hopes of enjoying some drunken debauchery with the lads. The perfect way to celebrate St. Paddy’s day!

Also… nothing. Well, shit, folks. Of all the major adult sites, these two seemed to be the only ones looking out for their Irish members. Unless it’s too early to start drinking again, let’s raise our glasses to two of the best damn porn networks on the net, Brazzers and Naughty America. May they be in heaven a good thirty minutes before the devil even knows they’re dead. Sláinte!