Viva la Chiva!

When online translation tools failed to give me a satisfactory English rendition of the phrase “chiva culiona” (the title of a Culioneros site) I turned to that last vestige of seemingly reliable knowledge: human contact. After calling a friend fluent in Spanish and conversational in Portuguese, I was still left with no translation. Could it be slang? Could it be a completely made up title that means essentially nothing? Nope, it just referred to public transportation.

Chiva Bus
Chiva Bus image courtesy of -Chupacabras-

The Chiva bus (also called Escalera [ladder] Bus) are brightly decorated artisan vehicles found in rural Colombia and Ecuador that transport residents around the towns and villages of the mountainous Andean region. Painted blue, yellow, and red like the national flags of the two countries that spawned them, these double-decker buses have remained an integral mode of transportation for the area, becoming a cultural icon in more recent years. (Hell, even Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz arrived at a New York Charlie’s Angels premiere atop a Chiva bus.) The unique structure of the Chiva bus allows for varying use: a roof rack supports luggage and goods, the usual absence of doors allows for quick boarding and alighting, and the intricate, hand-painted text and graphic designs give each bus a personal, communal touch rivaled in the United States by only one vehicle: the infamous Bang Bus.

Bang Bus

It’s not just the elaborate hand-drawn designs and high occupancy that Chiva buses and the Bang Bus have in common: they’re both mobile porn studios that see the hottest, easiest women in Colombia and Florida, respectively, climb aboard to earn some money fucking random strangers. Chiva Culiona brings dozens of many-wheeled hardcore hookups your way in a distinctly Latin fashion, while the Bang Bus we all know and love keeps its wheels turning as it cruises around with an incredibly lucky guy or adventurous pornstar babe in tow for guaranteed adult entertainment gold.

Videobox Just Keeps Growing

VideoboxVideobox, the most unstoppable adult video site on the ‘net has expanded its premium offerings by adding two new channels to the six-channel selection that already included such juggernauts of porn as Evil Angel, Kink, Reality Kings, and Vivid. The new channels focus on the work of two companies, one a leading US studio hosting a plethora of enticing stars, the other offers the choicest cuts from The Land of the Rising Sun. Videobox members, fans, and prospective customers, please welcome Elegant Angel and Soft On Demand to the party!

Founded in 1995 in Tokyo, Soft On Demand has grown to be one of Japan’s largest and most creative adult video companies and even started an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the best of its best. On its new Videobox channel, Soft On Demand provides anyone with $35 to spend four new DVDs per month. The collection at launch offers 190 scenes ranging from vanilla sex to aggressive gangbangs, bukkake, and bondage-laden cuckold scenes. You might not recognize the names of Soft On Demand’s stars, but I assure you they’re among the brightest in Japan’s AV industry. Best of all, though, there’s the lol-worthy titles: Japanese Juggs and the Beauties They Reside On, When News Breaks We Fuck It, Shh The Construction Workers Will Hear You, and (my personal favorite) Does This Make Me a Whore? I’m Pretty Sure This Makes Me a Whore. Unfortunately, much of this archive is riddled with censorship, but whether or not that’ll be the standard here remains to be seen.

Elegant Angel shouldn’t need any introduction to Mr. Pink’s readers: it’s one of the US industry’s production giants, having launched dozens of acclaimed DVD series such as The Bombshells, Big Wet Tits, Sporty Girls, Big Wet Asses, and the star-focused Pretty Filthy, Slutwoman, and Buttwoman series that have seen Kristina Rose, Tori Black, Alexis Texas, and Jada Stevens celebrated in all their undeniably carnal glory. Elegant Angel consistently impresses and has been the home of many sterling performers’ first anal scenes: Gianna Michaels, Lexi Belle, Charley Chase, to name a few. At a cost of $15 a month, providing three new DVDs from its incredible archives every week, Elegant Angel access is definitely hard to refuse.

Then again, Videobox was almost impossible to say no to already, so why you’re still reading this, I have no idea. Get fappin’!

Naughty America’s Video Evolution

Naughty America's video playerA wave of changes have been taking place over at Naughty America, but they won’t necessarily have an impact the way you use the acclaimed, Mr. Pink-approved all-star porn network. Christmas-themed porn won’t be for everyone, remastered scenes might not impress you, and a non-network amateur site probably won’t have you rushing to sign up (not yet, anyway), but there’s one new Naughty America feature that’ll have every member’s jaw dropping.

Revamping its already strong streaming video player, Naughty America now features a decked-out viewing window loaded with features that were once much easier to miss. Streaming quality settings, download options, comments, ‘Favorites’ options, ratings, and the option to share a great NA scene with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus join the standard Trailer, Video, and Picture tabs to make Naughty America’s streams some of the most detailed oriented (pictorially and otherwise) on the ‘net.

Just another way in which it refuses to remain content with the status quo and continually evolves to increase your enjoyment of its award winning porn, Naughty America’s new streaming setup is a step above the rest.