Feeling Riley

Riley Reid Fleshlight

Hot on the heels of her title shot feature Being Riley, which saw Greg Lansky guide the starlet through her first anal and double-penetration scenes, and on the eve of the launch of her official webpage Reid My Lips, the one and only spinner supreme Riley Reid has something else to celebrate – and not just her apparently successful New Year’s resolution: more anal. Riley, it was announced on the eve of the birth of 2016, would be the next adult performer to have her genitalia forever cemented in history with her very own Fleshlight sleeve.

Named Utopia and Euphoria, the twin sleeve set offers owners the chance to fill “Riley” vaginally or anally, the former offering “the perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation while the latter “grips you tightly at every inch” and was made for “intense pleasure unlike anything you have ever felt before.” And, you know, from the looks on the faces of the guys so capably filling Riley’s holy trinity of orifices in her Being Riley feature found at Tushy.com, I’d say that’s not a totally ridiculous statement!

Riley Reid seemingly spent two solid years talking about how small and unaccomodating her rear passage was, but now that 2016 is here, Riley, who is now previewing new anal scenes at Reid My Lips, is clearly all about her ass, and, whether Fleshlight-in-hand or Being Riley-onscreen, you should be all about Riley’s ass too.

After Deen, Kink Revises Rulebook

Kink.comWhen Stoya alleged her former boyfriend James Deen was a rapist, a claim supported by at least four other women also claiming to have been assaulted in some fashion or another, it almost seemed like the accusation could signal the death knell not only for Deen himself and possibly Stoya, but for companies like Kink.com and Evil Angel, companies that had built their empires on shooting porn that pushed boundaries of taste, decency, legality, and artistry. Although both studios (and others) dropped Deen after the Stoya’s accusation caught on, Kink has been the only one to address its on-set environment and its responsibility to all its workers, onscreen or otherwise.

Adding verbiage to its Model Bill of Rights and Model Expected Behavior Guidelines (expanded from Model Rights and Responsibilities) to address concerns raised not only by those who claim to have been assaulted by Deen while at Kink headquarters in the San Francisco Armory, but by other pressing lawsuits contingent on OSH guidelines and the enforcement (or not) thereof, Kink clarified its amendments to the documents to Vocativ, which shared many excerpts.

Key changes directly inspired by the alleged incidents involving Deen include the following from the Models Rights and Responsibilities:

– I understand that no one has a right to my body besides me, on-set or off. No one has the right to physical contact with me, on set or off, without my consent.

– If any of the above is violated, either explicitly or in spirit, by any staff, performer, crew or visitor, I can and should report it to the talent department. I understand that anything I tell the talent department will be kept confidential, if I request it, except in the case a criminal offense (e.g, sexual assault, theft), in which case law enforcement will need to be contacted.

Two very important stipulations there, folks, and hopefully ones that will ensure better safety for all those stepping into the Armory to make some smut. Kink spokesperson Michael Stabile called guidelines “living documents” open for molding and updating as performers and employees “help identify places where [Kink] can strengthen protections.”

Now, if you’ll allow yours truly an editorial moment for one minor criticism of Kink’s new decree… First of all, nobody, not even some girl needing a ten-minute break from her Hardcore Gangbang debut, can smoke inside the San Francisco Armory. Really, Kink? You couldn’t install a little mobile air-filtering chamber – perhaps a leftover from the Water Bondage prop department – and let a fucked-ragged Kink first-timer take a drag to settle her nerves. She has to go outside? How long will it take her to get dressed and find a spot 20 feet from any Armory door or entryway? This is an outrage. All the other changes are solid, though, Kink. Nice work.

A New Year Porno After-Party

Jasmine James

New Year’s Eve has something for everyone: romantics can flit around a party hoping for that dreamy midnight kiss, curmudgeons have even more to complain about than usual, drunks are supplied with all the booze they could want, and the most sexually eager of us have plenty of opportunities to present themselves as the first of a year-long string of good decisions. Then again, with many NYE revelers left feeling not only hungover but generally disappointed in the party, the people, the moment itself, perhaps a New Year’s Day pick-me-up is what’s required. Something to steady your stomach, stiffen your dick, and lift your spirits, sir?

Brazzers is never a no-show to a party and this one is no different. Quietly popping online yesterday as a NYE warm up, MILFs Like it Big invited a super-busty British redhead to its NYE party and then made the mistake of letting her get bored. Jasmine James shows what can happen when a lonely and bored woman starts opening her host’s bedroom doors during a raucous NYE party only to find a college-aged Chris Diamond beating his meat. “Now here’s a party game I can get behind,” she thinks and starts her 2016 off to a rather felatious start, wearing a little ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ tiara the whole time!

Jasmine James

Pushing the partying even harder, though, is Naughty America site My Friend’s Hot Mom. Not content to lap up the attention and gratitude given the host of a successful party, Julia Ann finds herself flirting with Eva Notty. Whisked off to a spare bedroom, Eva soon finds Julia’s advances irresistible (but quite surprising since they’re both allegedly straight), only to have the throes of their liquor-ignited passion interrupted by Axel Aces. Hell bent on preventing their guests from finding out about their little tryst – why? who cares? be yourselves, ladies! – the pair of MILFy sexual mavens ensure his silence with some attention all his own.

Eva Notty and Julia Ann

Now, if this pair of New Year’s porn updates don’t have you looking at the rest of 2016 more fondly, perhaps they’ll give a little perspective and put your own erotic pursuits on the right track. Or perhaps they represent mistakes of the past year, opportunities not seized or shitty situations let stand. Either way, as you contemplate the year ahead and at the very least start 2016 off with a self-applied orgasm with Brazzers and Naughty America as stimuli, remember to keep your thoughts, your desires, your very 2016 firmly in the Pink.

Happy New Year!