RealTouch Gets Realer

RealTouch InteractiveRemember RealTouch, the male masturbation aid that allegedly feels about as close to actual vaginal penetration as current technologies can offer? Well, it may have impressed you back when it was first announced in 2008, but RealTouch just got a whole lot realer. The latest evolution of the device has been dubbed RealTouch Interactive and it gives the sleeve in which you nervously insert your penis a partner in carnal thrills: RealTouch JoyStick. But what does this allegedly interactivity entail? Couldn’t it be said that the original RealTouch, which reacted to the onscreen movements of your chosen RealTouch pornstar to provide you with a simulated sexual experience with that very woman, was also interactive? In short, dear readers, what gives?

RealTouch Interactive uses the RealTouch sleeve device and a partnered joystick to simulate the physical act of penetrative sex not with a pornstar, but with a real live woman. It works thanks to the miracle of “haptic technology” (whatever that is) and, for example, can provide long-distance couples with a way to keep the flames of passion alive while being out of reach. The woman takes in her hand the JoyStick controller and strokes it in whatever way she sees fit. The guy, on the other hand, seems to have little to do but sit back and let his partner work her manual magic. Man, isn’t this exactly what we’ve all been dreaming about since the very first time we heard about that thing called “virtual reality”?

RealTouch Interactive is currently in beta testing and participation is reserved for those who already own a RealTouch and are members of the RealTouch Network. What those folks who apply and are chosen to participate can expect is a little unclear at the moment. It does appear, though, that RealTouch Interactive can currently only be used, and possibly will only ever be used, for indirect simultaneous physical pleasure bestowed upon the lucky guy by a webcam model. Bummer, dude.

Still, what a world, eh? Who would’ve thought that such an ingenious sexual aid would arrive this early into the 21st Century? Certainly not all those guys out there making do with various homemade masturbation aids like a ziplock back inside a tightly wrapped towel, a toilet paper tube with a wet dish cloth stuffed inside, or, shit, even that well worn hole in the back of their favorite sofa cushion. If only these guys could get in on the RealTouch Interactive beta testing crew and let all of us eager beaverless brothers know how thrilling this latest and greatest virtual sex experience actually feels.

(And, yes, I’m still waiting for RealTouch to throw a porn reviewer a complimentary bone, or, more accurately, somewhere high-tech to shove mine.)

The Chubbiest Show in Vegas

BBW FanFestCome July, chubby chasers can finally relax a little because the greatest BBW performers in adult entertainment will all be gathered in one convenient location: BBW FanFest 2012. The invited plump and sexy plus-sized performers, which include Kelly Shibari and Bunny de la Cruz, will head to the party capital of the USA, Las Vegas, for a three day celebration of all things erotically oversized. There’s plenty of fun stuff planned for the event, too, including a trade show (complete with a BDSM dungeon), seminars, dance parties, a strip poker tournament featuring BBW models, “exhibitionism for the shy”, and workshops on Facesitting and Chest Sitting, Photographing the Big Beautiful Body, Positioning Your Big Girl, as well as multiple model Q&A sessions and general sexually-charged frivolity.

If you’re a BBW admirer who really wants to indulge in a little or a lot of half-drunken carousing across the floors of the Tuscany Suites and Hotel, who’s aching to have Kelly Shibari, Desiree Devine, or Sydney Screams’ kiss your cheek and sign a photo for you, this is a chance unlike any other to fulfill your largest, weightiest fantasies.

More information on BBW FanFest 2012, which runs July 13th to 15th, can be found at the events official website. You’ll find a full roster of appearing models, scheduled events, ticketing details (including some delectable premium packages), and everything else you might need to know before the big day arrives. (Well, everything except what delicious treats to bring your favorite hot ‘n’ hefty pornstar, that is.)

Chicks on Chicks with Dicks

Ava DevineRiding a shemale’s dick before a HD video camera adds a whole other dimension to the career and professional persona of a porn starlet and not always in such a positive way – see the barrage of complaints whenever Ava Devine appears in a Naughty America update. Ava, though, is a perfect example of an adult performer unafraid to try new things, expand her professional repertoire, and fuck people in ways most pornstars simply wouldn’t. A number of times and for a number of websites, including her own official site, Ava  has gone above and beyond what most female pornstars would identify as “the call of duty” to bring her fans something truly exceptional and potentially mind-blowing (not to mention team-changing): sex with transsexuals. Grabbing one of her favorite trans-performers – Vaniity is a frequent partner, as is Morgan Bailey – Ava is inclined to fuck their ladyboy asses with a strap-on, let them fuck her mouth, pussy, or ass, and will even get on all fours for a facial pasting containing millions of microscopic shemale sperm. Hell, she’s even down for some four-way tranny bukkake if the mood strikes, but do you think that gets her a place in the mainstream porn lover’s heart? Hell no, they’re too busy ogling Lexi Belle, Jessie Rogers, and every other blonde cutie-pie with a slim ‘n’ sexy figure who’ll snorkel for clams and smoke some pole and even strap a fake one on, but won’t go near an actual dick-equipped-chick with a 13″ Lex Steele Dong.

It’s great to see a performer of Ava Devine’s calibre and experience giver her tranny sisters a spot in a porn flick many folks otherwise would never find, let alone watch, but isn’t it time a few other notable women of the adult world opened themselves up to a little trans-banging once in a while? Imagine hot new (and very adventurous) starlets Holly Michaels and Skin Diamond teaming up to strap-on-fuck Morgan Bailey’s mouth and ass while she beats her own lil’ meatstick. Look, it’s not exactly my preferred style of smut, but it sure as hell is more original than another softly lit blowjob scene in which everyone plays their prescribed gender role perfectly, never crossing any boundaries, pushing any envelopes, or guzzling a shemale’s oral cum tsunami, wouldn’t you agree?