Waiting To Watch – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink,

This is going to sound like one of the oddest questions you’ve ever gotten, but here goes nothing. My wife and I, after 20 years of marriage have gotten pretty stale. We both work outside of the home, but, for some reason we go our own ways, no conversation, barely any sex, just a routine that we both have gotten tired of. She was reading an article to me the other day from one of her woman magazines about cuckolding. I’d never heard of it, but she is quite interested. I’m not sure if she’s just looking for a way to have sex with someone else, or, if she’s warming up to a fetish lifestyle. I admit, I’m a bit submissive for the most part, and it does intrigue me. Is this kinky way of living healthy for a relationship?

– Waiting To Watch

Dear Friend,

First of all, let me say this, no one can say if cuckolding or any other form of sexual pleasure is considered healthy for a relationship, no one can answer that but the people directly involved. I will say, talk it through thoroughly with your wife, play out every possible scenario you can think of, the actions and reactions, and even when you think you’ve come to grips with what it will be like, think a little harder, because it will be more powerful than what you have forming in your mind when it comes to the reality.

You said you’re a bit submissive, which, I can see where that would play into things, but, actually not as much as you think. When a person thinks of being submissive, images of being tied to the bed, blindfolded, being led around by a choker collar to service the dominating person that has you performing oral sex upon them, and orgasm denial for yourself come to mind. There’s more to being a cuckold than just sitting, being humiliated and controlled by another person. This is your spouse, someone you’ve grown very accustom to in the last 20 years, giving her body to another person while you watch, that takes more than just a submissive mind frame.

Granted, this lifestyle, along with swinging and other fetish criteria does appeal and work very well for many couples. They find it enhances their relationship in ways that make them much stronger and durable, but, something tells me, a small percentage of them just happened to come across a magazine article and were ready to jump into it while discussing the weather over a morning cup of coffee. If you’ve never thought of your wife being one that could enjoy hardcore excitement with another person in front of you, then, something may have changed somewhere, and you need to explore deeper than just the notion of a wild sexual act.

I’m not saying for you to partake, and I’m not saying for you to avoid, I’m merely advising you to be certain this is something you both feel equally comfortable with, because this is one of those instances, once it’s done, there’s no undoing what’s happened. So, proceed carefully and slowly, and should you both come to a mutual agreement that cuckolding is in your near future, then I’d say, get comfortable and enjoy the show!

Vinegar Syndrome to Launch “Netflix of Porn”

Consenting AdultsAs Martin Scorsese works and campaigns for the preservation the most neglected titles in our global cinematic history, so follows Vinegar Syndrome, a Connecticut-based company whose interest in film preservation has a distinctly risque element: it’s vintage porn. Named after a type of celluloid decay that destroys film prints, leaving little but scrap pieces of negative or positive and a distinctly acidic odor, Vinegar Syndrome, which was recently profiled in the New York Times, is a home video company focusing on the erotic, the risque, the exploitation, and the pornographic films of yesteryear.

Having already launched their line of remastered digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray releases (including the monumental dual-format release The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis), Vinegar Syndrome (or Vin Syn to its friends) has spent months readying itself and its fans for a new way to watch vintage porn and erotica in the highest possible quality… instantly.

Skinaflix aims to cut out the middle-man and allow you to view fully restored and remastered erotica classics from the comfort (and privacy) of your own living room. Now inviting users to try the service prior to launch, Skinaflix will soon providing a streaming what the New York Times described as “older X-rated films but geared toward cinephiles.” Whether this service will lead to a rush of competition or fades into irrelevancy sooner than anticipated remains to be seen. So too, thankfully, does a huge and increasing archive of beautifully restored, brilliantly HD-mastered classics like Good Luck Miss Wyckoff, Graduation Day, Sugar Cookies, Last House on Dead End Street, and The Telephone Book. Kudos, Vinegar Syndrome, you surely are doing the Lord’s work.

To see what Vinegar Syndrome and Skinaflix has in store for users, check out this trailer for Vin Syn’s recent restored Blu-Ray release of 1979’s Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff.

Betting On Bitcoin

BitcoinThe number of adult paysites accepting controversial online cryptocurrency Bitcoin has risen significantly since Blue Blood became the first to accept membership payments made in Bitcoin back in April of 2013. Joining the ranks of Bitcoin-friendly Blue Blood, sites and companies such as MetArt Network, Score Group, VideosZ, MOFOS (via I Know That Girl), Naughty America, Grooby, and Porn.com (among other sites), as well as online toy store Dallas Novelty and UK escort agency Passion VIP. Clearly Bitcoin is making inroads into the adult entertainment world. And, at least according to Porn.com which saw a post-Bitcoin-adoption 25% sales increase, it has been largely successful. Naughty America CEO and founder, Andreas Hronopolous even looked forward to Bitcoin’s eventual integration into the rest of the porn payment world, telling AVN back in January of this year, “I think it will become an industry-wide thing within 45 to 60 days.” He added (boastfully, but rightly so), “Naughty America really sets the bar for where the industry heads.”

But, as anyone who’s been tracking Bitcoin longer than a few months would know, nothing is stable in the Bitcoin world. Silk Road, the largest online market using Bitcoin as its solely accepted currency, was seized from its deep web servers and its alleged founder and administrator, Ross Ulbricht (aka Dread Pirate Roberts) arrested, charged and indicted on multiple felony counts. This seizure saw Bitcoin values fluctuate wildly for months and although they’ve now settled a bit and appear to be finding alternative trading routes now that the popular Mt. Goix exchange has closed amidst rampant speculation, there’s always the risk that a decentralized currency such as this cannot maintain a baseline value without the rigorous currency control usually handled by governments. And that, my friends, can be dangerous for consumers.

Ok, so clearly I’m not an economist, but what happens when you realize your MOFOS membership (paid in Bitcoin) cost more last week than it would have tomorrow, or when Bitcoin exchanges are brought down by hackers, DDoS attackers, and government bodies seeking complete control over all currency? You think Naughty America’s Bitcoin program will survive another hit to the already unstable cryptocurrency market? What’s the unconventional alternative payment method that’ll move in when Bitcoin falters or falls? Stay tuned to Mr. Pink’s blog for another round of Bit-porn discussion early next week where we’ll hear all about Zero Tolerance’s plan to beat out Bitcoin altogether… with livestock!?