Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – February 22nd, 2017

mrpinksSeñor Pink, self-confessed bad hombre here, ready to dose you up with another trio of porno reviews that reveal the ins-and-outs, ups-and-downs of some of porn’s most prominent purveyors of utter smutty goodness. This week it’s all about the extended Passion HD network and a trio of its best sites. Exotic4K, which sees an ethnically-diverse, non-white cast devastate viewers with lush hardcore encounters captured in 4K UHD. My Very First Time sees porno newbies and up-and-comers taking things to a whole new level with their anal, threesome, lesbian, and other porno debuts, also hitting 4K resolution. Joining them is Pure Mature, proudly pimping its 1080p HD MILF-fucking scenes to great effect. There’s more from this curiously constructed studio next week as Mr. Pink takes a look at another trio: Passion HD, Tiny4K, and Fantasy HD. Until then…!

Editing Lena Paul

Passion HD

Naturally busty women with sly smiles always have a place in the porn world and one such recent arrival, Lena Paul, has already set many a porn-viewing heart aflame and inspired many throbbing erections of approval. Some guys have noted Lena’s delectably curvaceous figure and moronically labelled her “fat” while others have bemoaned a mole on her right shoulder, a signifying mark to rival Barbara Streisand’s nose and Madonna’s beauty spot, something only the super-petty would point out as some kind of flaw. Most of us, however, simply found her hugely attractive and went about examining her copious sexual skills. Already one of porn’s premiere tit-fuckers and gifted with a killer blowjob technique that rarely needs to ditch eye-contact for deep-throat, Lena’s accent to porno super-stardom has been all but cemented. Why, just last week she appeared at Lubed, adoring her own body in a soapy shower intro before getting down to very steamy business with her co-star. But take a good look at Lena then try to spot the difference when, one week later, she appears at fellow studio site Passion HD. Notice anything different?

For some reason, presumably because they found it distracting or unsightly, the Passion HD crew have seen fit to blur Lena Paul’s very notable mole. Not only does this remind me of an inverted version of Japanese porn censorship but it’s really a shock to see a floating cloud of pixels obscuring any part of a human body in US-produced porn, let alone a localized epidermal-dermal cell pigmentation about the size of a quarter. Take a look at this sample gif and see if you can tear your gaze away from the awkwardly cloaked mole. It even pops out and says hello to its most devoted fans, knowing they’d be on the lookout for Lena’s most unique feature.

Lena Paul

Strangely, the videos and screencaps galleries were edited to remove Lena’s mole, but the galleries were left unchanged, visible mole and all. As a reminder of what Passion HD does very, very right and what Lena Paul (more or no mole) has brought too porn in her so-far-short career, here’s an uncensored shot of Lena’s explosive hand-delivered ending fresh form the Passion HD photo galleries.

Lena Paul

Passion HD review

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – February 16th, 2017

mrpinksWith Valentine’s Day finally out of the way for another year – and our wallets likely drained from dutiful adoration of our ladies – we’re getting back to porno basics at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews. Starting things off with a corruptive, coercive, not-at-all-legally-binding bang, Shoplyfter showcases thieving teens receiving a hardcore reprimand. A very different type of porn debut is the focus of Casting Couch X, where adult industry hopefuls lose their onscreen virginity and test their mettle against a real deal porno cock. The long-running and highly influential Porn Pros Network also got a new review this week and, although some areas could use work, it’s still a vibrant and vivacious as ever. Porn Pros gets even more attention next week when we look at network and company sites from the acclaimed studio.