Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 28th, 2017

mrpinksPorn isn’t like most other fields of entertainment, where rejection only means your talent or beauty isn’t sufficient, not that your very sexual functions are sub-par! That’s why supporting your favorite adult entertainers and producers is vitally important. One way to do so is subscription and if you’re into immersive POV hardcore encounters with today’s top young starlets, POV Angels will definitely treat you right. If interracial sex in all its socially-progressive glory is what gets your blood rushing south then WCP Club, another site on the Stiffia network, should sate your desires. Another way to support the next generation of adult entertainers is provided by adult game crowd-funding platform Kimochi Red Light, featured this week along with Kendra Lust and Cali Carter’s wicked new Archangel releases, on Mr. Pink’s blog. Check it out and, please, #payforyourporn!

Kendra and Cali Stretch Out at Archangel

Archangel Video

This porn reviewer may have initially confused her with similarly blonde, athletic, and delightfully deviant colleagues Carter Cruise and Natalia Starr but in the four years since she stepped onto a porn set for the first time, 27-year-old Sacramento-born stunner Cali Carter has been slowly working her way into the viewing diet of untold thousands of porno fans. A curvaceous bottle-blonde with a penchant for ink work and hefty cocks, Ms. Carter is a porno archetype looking for a way to solidify her presence, her unique personality in the adult world.

Having taken a slightly different route to erotic infamy than Ms. Carter, Kendra Lust recently signed an exclusive performance contract with acclaimed director Mimefreak’s upstart Archangel studio and confirmed her place in the porn history books both as a dynamite “MILF” performer and a shining example of self-determined career-cultivation. Gifted not only with a box cover but a feature title. The Booty Queen #3 sees Ms. Lust commandeer a cast of awesome pornstars and studs – Joining her thick-rumped romping are AJ Applegate and Jada Stevens, two women that have previously held the Booty Queen title – and ravish all comers in an intense trio of ass-focused scenes. Lust’s first interracial scene was shot of Archangel and again she allows them a great privilege: her first double-penetration encounter.

Not to be outdone by her slightly more famous colleague, Cali Carter snagged her own title feature, Cali Carter is the Archangel. Trickling out to Archangel’s online audience over the past few months, Carter’s epic cover girl turn sees her handle Mandingo in her first BBC encounter (a creampie!), take on a pair of porn’s biggest, blackest dicks in a threesome, wrangle another five cocks in a messy-as-hell blowbang that leaves the breakout star dripping in sweat and spooge.

Celebrating the release of Ms. Lust’s orifice-expanding new Archangel adventures, the studio has announced a competition that can net three lucky fans Kendra-focused prize packs. The 2nd Runner Up wins a copy of The Booty Queen and a signed photo of its star; the 1st Runner Up adds Kendra’s Lust’s Perfect Stroke Mouth masturbator. One Grand Prize pack will be awarded to one participant, containing the aforementioned prizes as well as a day pass to the 2018 AVN Convention, the outfit worn by Kendra in her first DP scene, and, most tantalizing of all, a phone call from the maven of masturbatory entertainment herself. Fans have until April 7th to enter; stop by Archangel’s blog for more details and, don’t forget, Kendra and Cali’s showcases are exclusive to Archangel and can be viewed online at the official studio site in glorious HD video. For more on Archangel, check out Mr. Pink’s full review here.

Fans Fund Adult Gaming at Kimochi


Last week Mr. Pink’s brought you the lowdown on an oddity in the adult entertainment world: an online game emporium loaded with independently-owned titles created by some very promising and often quite accomplished game designers. Unlike the mainstream gaming world and its obsession with violence as primary vice, the majority of games featured at Nutaku explored lust, love, attraction, and all sorts of fetishes and taboos. Some were free. Others cost anywhere up to $60. Some were single player text-based adventures. Others were massive multiplayer online experiences designed to keep you participating and growing the world along with your virtual sexual opportunities and triumphs. “But where,” I hear you ask, “does a designer get the time and funding to produce such epics of immersive adult entertainment when he’s likely got bills to pay, a family to feed, and real career opportunities to explore?” That, my friends, is where crowd-funding platform Kimochi comes in.

Claiming to essentially be the unicorn of crowdfunding websites – anime! porn! a no-profit M.O. that keeps the money in game development! – Kimochi presents its Red Light program to aspiring adult gaming entrepreneurs to help them finish and launch their creations, and to bring these games to a wide international audience. Designers from France, the UK, and the USA are among those turning to Kimochi Red Light for support, and to a prospective base of gamers willing to lend a hand financially. Taking donations of all sizes and allotting Rewards for contributions of different amounts, from exclusive digital character sketches and design previews to early beta release access, in-game credits, and premium bonus content to enhance your playing experience, each design team details their plans, their progress, and aim to please those who help them reach their goals.

Anyone who found Nutaku’s strong selection of produced games, ready to be played and enjoyed and obsessed over by a salivating one-handed audience of adult gamers, enticing should scope out Kimochi’s various offerings. From visual novels to RPGs to dating sims to card and puzzle games, there’s a burgeoning generation of sex-savvy game designers that need your help and really only one place to go, digital funds in hand, to ensure the survival and success of their games. Nice work, Kimochi! Yatta!