AVN 2012: The Democratic Porn Awards

AVN AwardsDevoted fans of adult entertainment have always been able to vote with their wallets, but this year Adult Video News is giving them the chance to vote with their trackpads and mice. In addition to the multitude of categories of professional competition in the 2012 AVN Awards, the folks at AVN have decided to rely on the opinions of the porn-viewing public to determine who rules supreme on viewers laptop, iPhone, and television screens this season.

The four categories cover three of the most essential awards – Best Body, Favorite Porn Star, and Hottest Sex Scene – while the last is definitely a sign that pornstars who communicate with fans via social networking sites are much loved. Twitter Queen will arguably be the most hotly contested award, but in the opinion of this reporter, there’s only one woman who can truly claim to be the most actively read and frequently discussed Tweeter in porn (even if she has allegedly retired) and that’s Ms. Bree Olson, author of such notable musings as ” I was reading an Alton Brown cookbook while getting fucked in the ass last night. It was an interesting experience,” and “Forgot my vibrator buy one take pic and giveme # and I’ll let u cum 2 hotel &fuckeme 2nite Vegas.” Who else but the woman proclaimed by Howard Stern to be The World’s Biggest Whore could snag an award celebrating extreme filthiness in fewer than 140 characters?

You’ve only got until Jan. 12, 2012 to cast your votes, smut fans, so you’d better get a-motivatin’ on over to the AVN Awards site where  your vote really does count for something.

Putting a Cap on Porn

Mr. Pink's CondomAs detailed last month right here at Mr. Pink’s, residents of the City of Los Angeles may soon be voting on a ballot measure that would make it impossible for porn production entities to receive shooting permits without guaranteeing that all performers would be equipped with condoms, dental dams, and other prophylactics. As the proposed initiative gathers steam in the lead-up to July’s elections, arguments for and against mandated condom usage and the enforcement thereof are becoming more and more contentious. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Associate Director of Communications Lori Yeghiayan has claimed that the recently quoted (LA Times, Dec. 19, 2011) $4.4 Million an “estimate for total city and county costs,” and far exceeds the actual cost to the city of LA, which she suggests is more in the ballpark of $700,000. (An amendment to the Times article published this comment from Yeghiayan and suggested erroneous reporting of the higher figure.)

Last Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, AHF started a petition drive with the goal of placing a similar measure on the forthcoming ballot in the Los Angeles County elections, casting their influence over a far wider area and encompassing far more of the adult entertainment industry than the initial movement had. Now, once again, that $4.4 Million figure has come back into play, this time as the estimated cost of landing the measure on the Los Angeles County ballot. Where would the money go? Why, presumably to AHF, of course. After all, who else is more adequately equipped and motivated to uphold and enforce a proposed law enacted to supposedly protect adult entertainment workers against HIV and AIDS infections than AIDS Healthcare Foundation itself?

A recent editorial in the Times has aligned that new source with AHF’s cause, but with HIV and AIDS infections on the rise within the close by Navajo Nation (as also reported in LA Times; Jan. 4, 2012), it should be clear to the Times’ editorial department that a far more pressing matter requiring AHF’s attention is quite literally just around the corner.

New Year’s Fuckin’ Eve!

As we at Mr. Pink’s anticipated the arrival of another year in which to educate and inform our beloved readership, we thought it might be fun to check in on some of the pornstars who have most impressed us in 2011 and see what they got up to as the clock approached midnight on January 1st 2012. Partying hard with their hottest booze-filled friends? Chilling at home with a blunt and an adorable puppy? Keeping it purely sexual during the countdown, complete with their very own ball drop? Once again, Twitter has the 140-character-or-fewer answers porn fans seek!

The stellar trio of Abella Anderson (The Sass), Alexis Texas (The Ass), and Daisy Marie (The Slutina) tore it up at Opium Nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale…

Come party with @AbellaXXX, @Alexis_Texas & @1daisymarie for The Official AVN #NYE Pre-Show Party @Opium_Nightclub -> http://t.co/eadhZhTz 4 days ago via HootSuite · powered by @socialditto

Joanna Angel and some of her fellow alt.sluts threw a huge bash at the considerably less classy but infinitely cooler St. Vitus bar in Brooklyn…

NYE Party tonite – fuck yeah! @Ay_dubz , @ROGIZOID, @xoannika, @KleioValentien, @omgitsjessielee, @AriaRae, @bb_twix! http://t.co/T1xk1eXa 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Best NYE I’ve had in about a decade. Surrounded by amazing friends at one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn. Such a great night! Happy 2012! 1 day ago via TweetCaster for Android · powered by @socialditto

Carmen Valentina loves her gals Puma Swede and Angelina Castro, but vowed to avoid what most of us can only dream of…

New years resolution- not to suffocate and pass out in @PumaSwede and @AngelinaCastroX BooBes! 1 day ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

Brooklyn Lee kept it oddly vague while Charley Chase made it clear why she’s always smiling so brightly…

My New Year’s resolution is to do each and every thing I set out to. 1 day ago via Plume  · powered by @socialditto

Mushrooms again. Happy first day of the year! Yes sir! 1 day ago via HTC Peep · powered by @socialditto

Jessie Andrews seems to be forgetting that she’s a hot young white girl living in LA…

#newyearsresolution : win some awards, get a booty like kim k, save money, drink less starbucks, go to rehab for online shopping, 100k easy 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Kristina Rose seemed to brighten up after being invited out by some pornopals…

To: All the people I hate
I hope you die in the New Year.

@DannyDiablo I ain’t going nowhere! Amateur Night is for Herbie Herbinsteins! I’m gunna hang out at home w/ my pot & my Mexican beers! ;P 2 days ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

You know shits about to get weird @thetrillz @kristinarosexxx best dressed http://t.co/StfR46tX 1 day ago via Instagram · powered by @socialditto

In the MILF arena, the incomparable Julia Ann decided it was time she stopped holding herself back and assumed her rightful position atop humanity…

#Lastdayof2011 I will be planning to take over the world:-) 3 days ago via Twitter for Android · powered by @socialditto

…while Vicky Vette, much to the delight of her legion of fans, kept her resolution well within reach.

#NewYearsResolution ~~~ post more #tipics ( . )( . ) in 2012 than I did in 2011 ~ yeah… I have big goals 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Man, that sure makes my night of watching almost every patron pour out of my dingy neighborhood bar to see some crappy building-obscured fireworks, leaving me to awkwardly shake hands with the bartender who can’t remember my name seem like as inauspicious a beginning to the final year of the Mayan calendar as one can imagine. But hey, at least I got to make my own free cold cut sandwich.

Happy New Years to all of the pink people out there. Hope you have a rockin’ 2012! – MrPinks.com