Porn on the 4th of July

Jesse Jane's Porn PartyWhen the calendar eventually ticks over to the end of June every year, Americans across the nation (or wherever they might be throughout the world) feel a collective surge of excitement and national pride for soon it will be the 4th of July. Independence Day: the one day every year on which citizens of the USA celebrate their hard-fought independence from Britannic rule. Symbolizing the United States’ fierce sense of national autonomy, these celebrations often include such staples of American culture as tailgating, fireworks, and proclaiming one’s support for the troops. If you’re looking for a party that doesn’t involve your in-laws, your sister’s horrible coleslaw, and watching reruns of Boston Pops’ performances of yesteryear, why not head out to a local adult nightclub? If Chicago’s V Live is any indication, clubs around the country will be throwing their very own 4th of July parties, but few will be able to match the Jesse Jane-hosted ‘Porn on the 4th of July’ party. Well, I suppose we’ll have to wait for photos from the event, which was held on Friday July 1st, to filter out into the cybersphere before we’ll get to see whether or not Jesse worked her new signature stripper pole on the V Live stage.

‘Porn on the 4th of July’ party aside, Jesse also hosts the 11th annual Skindependence party at the same venue, well, right fucking now, actually! Now, let’s see who else is going to step up and unleash some red, white, and blue, the 235th year of our independence. So far, it looks like only Reality Kings are celebrating. C’mon, America! Show your stripes!

Reality Kings

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Kagney Linn Karter (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Kagney Linn KarterAny man knows that nothing beats a gorgeous blonde with a slender body, a supple ass, and a pair of the finest tits money can be. Hence the breakout popularity of Kagney Linn Karter. First appearing on the LA porn scene in the summer of 2008 in New Sensations’ titty-flick She’s Got Big Boobs!, Kagney flew to the porno A-list and started shooting and hanging with Bobbi Starr, Adrianna Nicole and the rest of the best of the 21st century’s newest generation of adult superstars. While many of her new colleagues were out getting more tattoos and shoving large phallic objects up their rectums to prove their sincerity, Kagney stuck to her roots as a feature dancer and let her body do the talking. After just two years in the business and after a handful of truly stunning performances, Kagney nabbed 2011‘s AVN award for Best New Starlet and racking up (heh) an impressive resume in just two years, Kagney was finally honored with her own title, 3rd Degree Films’ All About Kagney Linn Karter. It appears, however, that hanging out with her apparently more deviant colleagues has had an impact on the still-rising bottle-blonde starlet and that same title sees her first interracial and anal scenes. DPville USA, here we come!

Tubular Belles in Streaming Hell

YouTube may disallow pornographic content of any kind to be submitted by its essentially anonymous users, but the site has inadvertently launched a huge number of similarly styled “tube” sites that offer streaming videos of an explicitly adult nature. Where Twitter, Facebook, and, yes, sometimes even YouTube only serve to advertise and promote adult businesses and the porn community as a whole, the vast majority of adult tube sites allow content to be posted no matter its legal standing. Example: a noted performer is featured on an all-anal site in her first assfuck scene but before a few dozen eager viewers can sign up to the site and enjoy High Definition footage of their favorite pornstar in her anal debut, the scene has already been added to a free tube site, breaking copyright restrictions and damaging the movie in the process.

Now what happens? Well, tube sites being as reliably disappointing as they are, the scene is probably rendered in a horrendously encoded 360p Flash video and heavily edited, removing much of the performer’s introduction as well as the climactic cumshot. Not only is the uploading of this content often a violation of copyright law, but it makes an enjoyable, memorable beat-off session that much harder to achieve.

Just like the music and movie industries, porn has reached a critical juncture in its lifespan. Do you, the home viewer, go the cheapest route, one loaded with low-quality images, poor sound, lost revenue, copyright infringement, and a complete absence of customer service or do you scan Mr. Pink’s for a worthwhile adult site to enjoy for a full month without having to worry where your next sock-shot is coming from? Hell, we’ll even supply you with discounts! As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and when you’re paying for nothing, well…