Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comFire up the marquee, there’s an announcement to be made for our loyal followers of Mr. Pinks! We’re proud to report a new feature is being added to your already trusted source of information, and that is, Missy Pink’s Sex Advice! Everyone carries questions that you don’t feel comfortable even sharing with your best friend over an afternoon cup of coffee, so we’re supplying a place to visit on a regular basis that will be your pornographic porthole to naughty knowledge.  Be it daily issues or nighttime dilemmas, Missy Pink’s Sex Advice is ready to dish out her perspective, coating it with wisdom and a sprinkle of humor, making for some enjoyable reading.

Like each aspect of Mr. Pink’s, it all works because of you, so we’re counting on participation from our devoted friends to make our girl tackle anything that’s been weighing heavily on your mind. We’re striving for this question corner of our site to be the “go to” place for you, to prop your feet up and read about the pillow talk type of problems going on in bedrooms far and wide, not to mention what might just be cooking in the neighbors kitchen! That’s right, we don’t judge, we don’t edit, and we certainly don’t blush, so send in your questions and see what Missy Pink’s Sex Advice can do for you!