Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – October 13th, 2017

mrpinksI know it can’t just be me, you guys out there in porno-lovin’ land feel like this ol’ topsy turvy world is a little more chaotic, unpredictable, and volatile than usual, right? Shit, all the more reason to whip your dick out and escape into total fantasy, right? This week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Review we’re featuring two impressive-as-fuck Virtual Reality sites, one straight and one gay, both loaded with sexy top-ranked Euro stars. Virtual Real Porn and Virtual Real Gay deliver strong collection of rich 3D, HD, VR carnality for some of the finest in virtual fucking the porn world can currently provide. We’ll come crashing back to reality next week, folks, so enjoy your freedom to fantastically fap while you can!

XTube Seeks Men for NSA Sex


Once upon a time you had to download your low-resolution still-image internet porn over a choking 33.6K modem, slowly filling up a drawer full of floppy disks as tedious to reaches as they were enticing. Today, however, you can get pretty much whatever you want in an instant on some kind of adult “tube” site or another, streamed free to your device from server farm in an unknown location. Clearly one of the more prominent and influential adult tube sites is XTube, a standout thanks to its apparently equal devotion to hetero and homosexual porn.

Unlike many tube sites that simply throw an assortment of the latest illegal mainstream leaks and poorly-shot amateur shit your way, XTube first invites you to declare your gender and your sexual preference, then arranging a huge amount of smut to suit. Should you announce yourself male and your interest in fellow men, well then, XTube is a particular delight. With more than 100,000 individual videos ranging from a few glorious seconds to epic hour-plus sex marathons, the mammoth archive of all-male smut found at XTube is seen by about 12000 users at any moment and more than 26 million every month.

From oral-and-anal gloryhole gangbangs to young solo studs beating off for home viewers, from the most extreme amateur fetishism to beautifully produced top-quality porno – or straight, bisex and hetero-flex content if that’s more your bag – hit XTube and enter “I AM: MALE, I LIKE: MALE” and have yourself a whale of a fucking time, brother.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – October 5th, 2017

mrpinksThis week under the Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews marquee you’ll see two names, that of one of porn’s most famous and influential mainstream studios and one self-applied moniker of an adult entertainment maven of her own creation. Vivid may not be the household name it was back when pre-Kanye Kim K was the word on every dude’s lips but it’s still bringing viewers epic hardcore productions, licensed content, and a bevy of celebrity sex tapes more risqué than a Lars Von Trier flick! On the other end of the porno spectrum there’s Harriet Sugarcookie, a creator-owned effort starring the so-named British-Chinese model, her Euro pornstar pals, and a throng of hot new friends. As well as being a bustling porno studio, Sugarcookie is also a blog, publishing house, and web forum for all kinds of interactions with all kinds of people. Next week things will be a little more tech-heavy as we take on first-look reviews of Virtual Real Porn and Virtual Real Gay, two of the latest additions to porn’s booming VR sector.