Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – January 18th, 2019

mrpinksA unique trio of porno offerings from the gods of onscreen lust this week, friends, and Mr. Pink’s is here to assess each one. First off, an all-male suburban Czech hardcore deal from Behind Friends ensures fans of Euro twinks have plenty to ogle this year. Erito, a Japanese porn powerhouse that has somehow evaded the censors. And, finally, also coming from Europe (where else?) is Girls Rimming, a unique opportunity to lean back, beat off, and enjoy watching guys have their assholes plied and pleasured with sexy female mouths. On the blog this week we’re taking a look at a wealth of new MILF porn from Team Skeet (and family), so be sure to scope that before heading off into your virtual fapping fantasy land. Until next time…!

Team Skeet’s Brand New Moms

Each of us that decides to (or slips up and has) offspring must find our own parenting style lest we simply regurgitate the most stunting parts of how our parents raised us. And, as they saying goes, it takes a whole village to raise an adult. Combine those evident tidbits with the abundance of step-cest porn on the market these days and it’s a very confusing time for family relations in general. In porn, it’s utterly nuts. Here comes Mr. Pink’s suggestions for how best to tickle your step-cest bone without destroying any fondness you have for the concept of family. And let’s start with Team Skeet.

Bad MILFs brings Team Skeet subscribers a wealth of salacious scenarios that pit a lusty older woman against the young couple under her watch. Whether related (by marriage, duh) to the guy or girl, our Bad MILF vixens soon discover the deliciousness of youth and the unique delights to be had in corrupting these sexually curious young adults. Bad MILFs covers quite a lot of ground and keeps Team Skeet members well stocked in power play porn and homegrown eroticism but there’s more on the periphery of this super popular network.

PervMom is a bold new venture from the folks behind Bad MILFs, only this time it stands apart from Team Skeet and, in fact, it stands alone. With its powerful POV shooting, HD visuals, and stunning to-camera seductions from today’s sexiest, most compelling mature performers – Summer Hart, Britney Amber, Tara Ashley, Aaliyah Love et al – PervMom’s unique take on narrative affairs with maternal figures places the onus of seduction on the mommies and lets the viewer be controlled and corrupted by the main woman in their virtual life.

Not content to impress on its main network and a killer standalone site like PervMom, the same studio now brings MILF fans a whole new network dedicated to the vixenous adventures of our awesome cougar cast. Home to seven exclusive sites, each offering different concepts and styles – Full of JOI gives non-nude jerk-off instructions, Lone MILF is all masturbation solos, MILF Body sees fit moms fucking, Mylfed is all about young girls seduced by older women, Mom Drips sees creampies galore come oozing out the moms’ cunts, Got MYLF is your standard MILF-worshipping hardcore effort, and MILFty offers epic narrative tales of hardcore MILFy lust – MYLF is undoubtedly the best new network to examine should your interests lie primarily with women old enough to be your, well, MILF.

Team Skeet review

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – January 10th, 2019

mrpinksThis week’s Mr. Pink approved assessment of online pornographic wonderment covers a trio of impressive porn outlets of very, very different kinds. Those of you who snagged a VR headset from Santa last year may want to direct your viewer towards VR Bangers, a killer VR site loaded with top pornstar talents and fiesty newbies giving VR Bangers members first dibs in the virtual realm. A new network from the creators of Team Skeet, MYLF covers all things MILF-related, from condescending jerk-off instruction videos to intense multi-part hardcore step-cest romps, and in glorious HD too! Mr. Pink’s also goes tit for tat with the heavy hangers and absolutely huge hooters over at the retro styled, boobcentric adult site XX-Cel. Next week we’re looking at even more of this year’s burgeoning porno success stories but until then why not get yourself started with our coverage of what could be Evil Angel’s greatest anal adventure yet, and easily one of January’s most thrilling releases, on the blog. Until next week…!