Does VR Porn Deserve the Hype?

Since VR technology started garnering interest from gamers, digital creators, and engineers as well as from the general tech-curious public, porn fans have been hoping VR would pay off for them, too. Two-dimensional adult entertainment has been an increasingly popular form of media year after year, decade after decade. Would VR propel porn to new heights of popularity or relegate it to a niche interest? VR porn is now well and truly delivering the goods with top studios, such as VR Bangers, producing deeply immersive virtual sex experiences with world class performers.

VR Bangers

Edging Toward Immersion

The most touted quality VR porn possesses is “immersion”; the quality of feeling actually involved in the seduction and the sex acts is the dream of all porn fans. While some studios and producers may struggle to construct their shoots in such a way as to offer such immersive experiences, the industry leaders now have it down to a science. Spatial audio, 3D video, and increasingly high resolution graphics allow VR porn users to step into an encounter with their favorite performer and enjoy unparalleled visual access to them.

VR Porn for All

VR porn doesn’t just offer immersive sex experiences for those seeking hetero hookups with hot pornstar babes. Gay, trans, group sex, voyeurism, BDSM, and sci-fi CGI creations are all on offer from various studios and producers both professional and amateur. Always wanted to attend an orgy, if only to watch people swap partners with near-anonymity? VR porn at your service! Always had an inkling that you might enjoy a same-sex hookup but never had the guts (or opportunity) to initiate one? VR porn is here to help. Dreamed of banging a blue-skinned alien babe as you traverse the cosmos in search of your unicorn threesome partner of some indeterminate species? VR porn can handle that request, no problem.

Deeper immersive possibilities are also on hand for those that seek something a bit more involved. Interactive storylines turn standard porn productions into customizable adventures laden with sexual opportunity. This strain of VR porn is likely to become more and more prevalent as AR/MR (augmented/mixed reality) improves. MR porn will allow users to bring pornstars into their living rooms, bedrooms, and even – should the tech become fully wireless, waterproof, and comfortably wearable – showers.

VR porn is only getting better, bringing more immersive sexual opportunities to users of all orientations, interests, and tastes. As the VR porn industry grows, rely on Mr. Pink’s to review the best of the best VR porn has to offer.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 19th, 2020

mrpinksWell, folks, it has come to this: Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews will be taking a break for a few months to – oh, I don’t know – try to survive the novel human coronavirus COVID-19. As the global economy tumbles and we all buckle down and do our best to keep calm and carry on (the survival of the species), all of us at Mr. Pink’s are tending to things on the home front. We are not going away, though, and plan to return just as soon as some adjustments and accommodations are made. Give it six weeks or so and we’ll be back bringing you more in depth analysis of the porn you need to see. In the time meantime, dive into our archive and check out the blog for hints on where to find the digital companionship you might need during this time of isolation and dreary forecasts. Our latest batch of reviews details a few awesome new sites – the internally injecting BBC Pie and the intimate BTS and casting couch fucks of Producers Fun – as well as two now legendary outlets – PervCity, the most anal network on Earth, and the hybrid multi-channel porno wonderland they rightly call Gasm. We’re also featuring an awesome new 3D CGI porn creation tool from Naughty America on the blog, which is sure to amuse after you’ve self-abused yourself dry during all this pandemic-enforced downtime. Stay safe, stay sane, and for fuck’s sake wash your damn hands! See you on the other side.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 10th, 2020

mrpinksMr. Pink’s Porn Reviews is this week focusing on a trio of sites dedicated to very different genres, niches, concepts, and preferences. First up, Teen Girls does the expected and doles out epic teenage fuck flicks in HD while its network counterpart does the same for our trans sisters (and those who love them). Fake Hub rips a page out of your average suburban British slut’s diary and showcases a wide range of reality-rooted scenarios that take very kinky carnal turns. home to such now legendary sites as Fake Taxi, the HD-outfitted Fake Hub is one of the best British adult sites to appear in years. Next week we’ll be looking into some an all time classic of the early 00s, an intriguing amateur/pro hybrid outlet and, well, something altogether new and rarely seen. Join us again for more porno perusal and analysis courtesy of your ol’ pal Pink!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 8th, 2020

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s we set about assessing three of porn’s biggest, most beloved studios and their online members only sites. hasn’t been so active of late but nevertheless holds a mammoth HD and 4K collection of wildly adventurous hardcore across its many, many sites. Lethal Pass, closely connected to Wankz, also brings viewers HD content but is thankfully still updating regularly. Lastly, one of the USA’s finest contributions to the erotic arts, Naughty America continues to dominate US porn with 2D and VR sex that’s almost beyond belief! Next week we’ll be taking a look at a great British bonk-off, a haven for runaway teen sluts, and a premiere trans-porn experience, all right here at Mr. Pink’s.