Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – August 19th, 2019

mrpinksAt Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews this week we’re putting on our lab coats and safety goggles to dive deep into an investigation of all things pussy with the Puffy Network and its merry band of niche pornographers. Simply Anal’s butt-focused playing and prodding brings Europe’s sexiest anal sluts to your screen in awesome 4K videos. Wet & Puffy showcases, celebrates, and categorizes the genitals of sexy young Euro babes, all in an HD and 4K display of pussy worship. Finally, Puffy Network itself pulls together the two aforementioned sites with another three for some seriously detail oriented porno adventures into the deepest parts of our favorite niches (and women). We’re taking a quick look at an upcoming project from one of our all-time faves, Ms. Joanna Angel, on the blog so be sure to see what the legend herself has cooking for a fucking perfect fall release then mosey on back here for another dose of porno wisdom from yours truly, Mr. Pink!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – August 13th, 2019

mrpinksIt’s an intense week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews this week as we not only cover an epic Joanna Angel gangbang feature on the blog but focus our collective critical eye on a trio of sites from the UK that hold nothing back in their pursuit of carnal excitement. Bruce Seven Films showcases the work of the late kink master and acclaimed director of the same name. Luke Hardy XXX follows the contemporary adventures of former British soldier now upsetting the brass by banging porn sluts while in full Army uniform. Pascal’s Sub Sluts shows the kind of nastiness and brutality you can get away with as a successful European porn stud of twenty-something years; Pascal White tortures and pleasures the most depraved women in the UK yet somehow manages to come across as a total romantic – go figure! Stay tuned for more carnal chicanery and sexual subservience (or maybe the complete inverse) next week at Mr. Pink’s!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – July 29th, 2019

mrpinksIt has been an especially kinky week this week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews, where we’re looking at three sites that each address an undeserved element of the porn viewing community. The first, Plushies.TV allows us to peek in on teen girls taking their love of soft and plush teddy bears and toys to a whole new orgasmic level. Pure TS and Becoming Femme, two trans sites for which we can largely thank Christian XXX, offer HD hardcore takes on different slices of trans-porn possibilities. On the blog this week we’ll look at the breakup of one very popular amateur pseudo-network and see what the future holds for fans of Exploited College Girls, Casting Couch HD and their related amateur scout spots. Join us next week for even more sex and shenanigans under the marquee marked Pink!