Does VR Porn Deserve the Hype?

Since VR technology started garnering interest from gamers, digital creators, and engineers as well as from the general tech-curious public, porn fans have been hoping VR would pay off for them, too. Two-dimensional adult entertainment has been an increasingly popular form of media year after year, decade after decade. Would VR propel porn to new heights of popularity or relegate it to a niche interest? VR porn is now well and truly delivering the goods with top studios, such as VR Bangers, producing deeply immersive virtual sex experiences with world class performers.

VR Bangers

Edging Toward Immersion

The most touted quality VR porn possesses is “immersion”; the quality of feeling actually involved in the seduction and the sex acts is the dream of all porn fans. While some studios and producers may struggle to construct their shoots in such a way as to offer such immersive experiences, the industry leaders now have it down to a science. Spatial audio, 3D video, and increasingly high resolution graphics allow VR porn users to step into an encounter with their favorite performer and enjoy unparalleled visual access to them.

VR Porn for All

VR porn doesn’t just offer immersive sex experiences for those seeking hetero hookups with hot pornstar babes. Gay, trans, group sex, voyeurism, BDSM, and sci-fi CGI creations are all on offer from various studios and producers both professional and amateur. Always wanted to attend an orgy, if only to watch people swap partners with near-anonymity? VR porn at your service! Always had an inkling that you might enjoy a same-sex hookup but never had the guts (or opportunity) to initiate one? VR porn is here to help. Dreamed of banging a blue-skinned alien babe as you traverse the cosmos in search of your unicorn threesome partner of some indeterminate species? VR porn can handle that request, no problem.

Deeper immersive possibilities are also on hand for those that seek something a bit more involved. Interactive storylines turn standard porn productions into customizable adventures laden with sexual opportunity. This strain of VR porn is likely to become more and more prevalent as AR/MR (augmented/mixed reality) improves. MR porn will allow users to bring pornstars into their living rooms, bedrooms, and even – should the tech become fully wireless, waterproof, and comfortably wearable – showers.

VR porn is only getting better, bringing more immersive sexual opportunities to users of all orientations, interests, and tastes. As the VR porn industry grows, rely on Mr. Pink’s to review the best of the best VR porn has to offer.

The Horniest Countries: Ranked

Ever wondered which country is the horniest? Looking for the perfect destination to set your wild side free? Well, we’re here to get your heart racing and answer this question once and for all. In this blog, we’ll be ranking the most x-rated sex-tourism destinations, from their gorgeous babes to their kinky cultures.

When you take a walk through the streets of Krakow, you’ll be equally as
mesmerized by the hotties who call it home. Their piercing eyes draw you in, and their toned, model-esque bodies are something straight out of a movie (if you catch our drift).

But their beauty extends far beyond their 10/10 figures. They ooze sex appeal right down to their enchanting personalities, and it’s impossible not to want to get to know them more. If you’re on the hunt for the best places to introduce yourself, here are some of our top picks:

– Organza
– Frantic
– Cien Club
– Goraczka Freak Club
If you’re feeling even naughtier, check out these swingers clubs in Poland:
– Lava Club
– Jacuzzi Club Gdansk

Russian babes are the subject of many gentlemen’s desires, and it’s really no surprise! Not only are they drop-dead gorgeous, but their accent only adds to the fantasy they elicit.

Beneath the fur-lined coats and scarves, you’ll find a slender frame and long legs that could make even the coldest of hearts melt. They are passionate partners, with all the skills to turn your evening from good to great. Sharing an intimate moment with a Russian model is an experience you won’t soon forget.

There is a reason you’ll find the category ‘Brazilian’ on every porn site you visit. From the seductive Rio carnival with revealing outfits by the dozen, to its reputation for churning out Victoria Secret models, there is nowhere sexier.

Brazil bombshells exude confidence right down to the way they walk. Their naughty vibes , unreal curves, and adult star charisma makes Brazil a must-visit playground for passion.

Everyone should enjoy an erotic England experience at least once in their life. From being spoiled by a breathtaking stripper to booking escorts in London, England boasts an exciting array of possibilities.

A PornHub survey found that London had the highest number of porn consumers, and the Manchester accent has been voted as the sexiest in the UK! With these figures in mind, it’s definitely worth considering a visit to England for your next erotic adventure: We promise, you won’t regret it.

Greece, the birthplace of Aphrodite, knows a thing or two about sensuality. Greek women carry themselves with an air of effortless allure, as if they’re descendants of the famous goddess herself.

Not to mention, Greece is home to some of the best swingers clubs you will ever visit, waiting to set the stage for your evening of fun.

– 2plus2 Club
– Swing Club 4
– Nirvana Swinger Club

So, there we have it! We hope we’ve guided you towards your next red-hot rendezvous. Whether it’s paying the sexy women of Poland a visit, living out your fantasies with a Russian model, or enjoying the company of an

Tantaly – Do Real, Be Real

Loneliness is a drag, as is sexual frustration. Porn can help you get your rocks off in some exciting and surprising ways but it doesn’t quite match the feeling of another body beside (or underneath, or on top of) your own. Tantaly aims to help solve that disparity with a range of marvelous sex doll creations.


The world of sex doll manufacturing has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years. Long gone are the days of woefully unrealistic blow-up units. Today users can enjoy lifelike skin textures, slightly exaggerated bodily proportions, and even hentai-style total fantasy figures. Tantaly delivers all of these elements in their impressive range, also offering dolls shaped perfectly for missionary and doggy-style sex. All Tantaly’s dolls have gone through a rigorous design process and are crafted with the utmost care by genuine artisans. The results must be seen to be believed. (And, not surprisingly, felt to be fully appreciated.) Just listen to what some of Tantaly’s models – the people, men and women, upon whom the dolls have been based – have said about their own sex dolls.

From the Mouths of Models

“Amateur” model/actress/pornstar, Morgpie, has the privilege of being the first Tantaly Girl, meaning a doll has been created to look just like her. Well, her torso at least. The fact that Morgpie claims a 6 ‘5” standing height means you get a lot of doll for your dollar. A 63 lb, 31.5 inch doll with marvelously voluptuous breasts, highly detailed vulva and vagina, and “bouncy” butt, Morgpie’s signature Tantaly doll is something any adult model would be proud to have been the basis for. What does Morgpie say about this 3D-tech-crafted creation? “It’s huge because she’s huge!” and “That’s feels pretty real, that’s an ass you can smack pretty much as hard as you want.” Not only does she have positive words to say about the doll, Morgpie fucks it on cam for her rabid fans! Surely that’s the most ringing endorsement!

As far as mainstream pornstars go, Britney Amber gives her doll ample praise, citing the “lifelike full breasts,” and “firm and soft nipples,” which help to provide “an authentic sexual experience.” There’s an extensive range of dolls to choose from, too, with surely a form to satisfy every customer. And they all beat the hell out of a male masturbation cup or vibrating phallus, that’s for sure!

Something for the Guy (or Girl) With Everything

Sporting names like Joanna, Louise, Rosie, Monroe, and Aurora, the female dolls sport remarkably lifelike pussies and breasts in a wide range of sizes from the petite to the outrageously large. Also available from this daring manufacturer are well endowed male dolls and trans-female dolls equipped both with stunning racks and massive cocks. These latter units would be perfect for anyone aiming to live out some futanari fantasies with a versatile body. Underwear in a range of styles is also available so customers can dress their dolls in skimpy, sexy outfits to amplify an experience. And when you consider that Tantaly’s creations have been called “the most realistic sex doll on the market,” by none other than Cosmopolitan magazine, it’s clear their appeal is going to be more broad than most would expect of a sex doll.

Sex doll technology has, as should be clear by now, come a very long way in recent years. Tantaly aims (and succeeds) in not only keeping up with the latest innovations but pushing the industry further toward a future in which the feel of your chosen doll against your own body may become almost indistinguishable from a real human being. That is an accomplishment worthy of praise.


New Site is Live Reviewing the Most Intimate Parts of the Web

We are excited to announce the launch of Porn Inquirer, which specializes in reviewing some of the most intimate parts of the web! We understand that navigating through today’s digital world can be a daunting task at times, as there is an overwhelming amount of information available online. Porn Inquirer’s mission is to provide readers with up-to-date and honest reviews so they can make informed decisions about their online activities.

They aim to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people by providing simple explanations about how certain websites work and why users may want or need to use them. From tools for connecting with friends and family, finding financial services information and resources, shopping securely online, and protecting user data privacy – they hope their comprehensive reviews will help readers feel more confident navigating through life’s cyber landscape without compromising their security or personal information.

Exploring how to stay safe when accessing these sites
When delving into the world of online platforms and accessing various websites, personal safety should always remain a top priority. One must not only remain vigilant but also actively seek out methods to maintain a secure connection and protect sensitive information. Some indispensable practices include using a reliable virtual private network (VPN) to establish an encrypted connection, enabling firewalls, and activating anti-virus software.

Furthermore, it’s prudent to be cautious about sharing personal details on social media and ensuring the use of unique, strong passwords for different accounts. Ultimately, by taking the time to be proactive and adopting these security measures, one can confidently navigate the digital realm, reducing the risk of encountering threats and minimizing the exposure of one’s valuable information.

Tips for navigating through the dark side of the internet and
avoiding scams
As human curiosity often leads us to the deepest corners of the internet, it becomes crucial to understand how to safely navigate through this digital labyrinth. Equipped with adequate knowledge one can successfully dodge the blinding traps and scams that lurk just around the corner. The first and foremost tip is to keep your personal information under wraps, never sharing anything that might compromise you’re safety or lead scammers to you. In addition, be cautious when clicking on unknown links, as they might take you to untrustworthy sites designed to snatch your data or harm your device.

Employing strong and unique passwords for your accounts, coupled with a reliable virtual private network (VPN) shields your online identity while accessing these uncharted territories. Furthermore, seek refuge in credible sources for software downloads, as these lesser-known domains can hoard malicious files aimed at your undoing. Finally, a healthy dose of skepticism is your best ally when confronting unbelievable offers or interacting with potential fraudsters. By adopting these measures, you shall prevail through the darkest corners of the web, emerging unscathed and wiser.

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