Behold The Tremor!

Once in a while a new sexual aid or implement is released to the sexually frustrated public and unequivocally changes not only the arousal and orgasms of tens of thousands of people but the sex industry as a whole. In recent years the runaway success of the Sybian, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the Tenga Egg have proven to be such items. Now, there’s something new and, well, potentially shattering invention already making a new for itself in the world of porn.

The Tremor

The Tremor is advertized as a “ride-on sex toy” somewhat similar to the Sybian but styled and geared toward more aggressive use. Embracing the words “rock” and “roll” and aiming to provide female users with fodder for their fucking-a-rock-star-in-a-swank-hotel-suite fantasies, the Tremor offers two controls to its seated dildo design: Rock controls vibration and Roll takes care of rotation. There’s even more guitar terminology attached: the insertable phallus that sits on top has been named The Whammy Bar, while a non-insertable textured hump know as The Bridge provides less penetrative pleasure. Already on the market and fetching a pretty penny, The Tremor may seem a little intimidating at first, but there’s some evidence you might want to check out before dismissing it entirely from your sexually-charged shopping list – and it’s ready for viewing at PornHub, no less.

PornHub saw the launch of a dedicated Tremor channel in early August, a channel hosting amateur and professional sex performers and their personal experiences using The Tremor. Don’t worry, it’s not just a verbalized version of an online product review – it’s very graphic. Loni Legend was the first to straddle “The Rock & Roll Sex Toy” and enjoy its movements. Followed by pseudo-reviews by Zoe Clark, Audrey Holiday, Kat Monroe, Reagan Lush, and an amateur performer known only as Riley, the channel gives a great overview of what The Tremor can deliver to an anxious snatch. And, with the unveiling of the first mainstream hardcore scene incorporating The Tremor, a male-female sex scene starring Delirious Hunter, who claimed the device “rocks and rolls harder, faster and stronger than anything!”

More Tremor showcases starring porn performers of all levels are soon to arrive on the dedicated PornHub channel and, if banner ads pimping the device are any indication, there are a few very big names on the horizon. But, really, can The Tremor provide the most stereotypically rock-and-roll of all contemporary pornstars (Anna Bell Peaks) with something she hasn’t seen, felt, heard, or fucked before? You can find out for yourself at

Freaky Fleshlights Return

Fleshlight Freaks

Five years ago Fleshlight, the now-infamous sexual aid company, introduced what remains one of its most inspired and adventurous products and an idea that forever changed how sex toys are viewed by those that use them. Fleshlight Freaks, first written about by Mr. Pink’s back in October of 2012, brought horror-themed latex orifices to the marketplace in the form of Zombie, Alien, Frankenstein, Drac, and Cyborg, bizarrely textured masturbation sleeves of a very high quality.

Now, with maybe hundreds of webcam and kink performers using Bad Dragons and choking themselves on dinosaur-dick dildos, the freakiest sex toys in the world are back with a new line of horrific entities for you at-home adventurers to fuck.

Reaper, the most restrictive sleeve of the three new designs now available through Fleshlight, is said to be akin to a shark-like bite from a seductive swamp monster. Predator, clearly modeled on the mouth of that movie’s alien beast, points sharp claw-like fangs at your member as you ease into its mouth. Bound to be the most popular of the new line, Zombie Mouth places your cock at the mercy of a an undead woman hungry not for brains but the contents of your balls. Rotting skin surrounds her toothy mouth and her muff, also decaying with death, isn’t much friendlier.

Fleshlight Freaks

Zombie Lady, Zombie Mouth, Alien, Reaper, Predator, and the original line of Cyborg, Drac, and Frankenstein are available now individually or in themed packs from Fleshlight.

Naughty America’s VR Explosion

Naughty America Virtual Reality Porn

By now you’re all undoubtedly familiar with the concept of “virtual reality” and its alleged impending integration into our entertainment distribution and consumption systems. In other words: you want a VR headset for Christmas 2017, don’t you? And you want to it largely to watch porn, don’t you? And, you remember when Mr. Pink’s revealed Naughty America’s long-awaited Virtual Reality content program a few months back, don’t you? Well, Naughty America is now well and truly a Virtual Reality porno dealer par excellence, recently unleashing its 30th VR scene and confirming functionality on three devices: the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard for Android and iPhone.

Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift both retail high enough to be considered a luxury item leaving Google Cardboard the obvious choice for those as-yet unconvinced of VR’s potential or strapped for copious extra cash. While Cardboard’s assembly can be a bit tricky and having to clumsily re-insert your phone every time you want to adjust a setting or change videos, it’s damn cheap (or free) and immediately allows Android and iPhone users to indulge in some VR viewing.

Naughty America’s slate of face-to-face, highly realistic VR content ranges from one-on-one sessions with Christina Cinn over breakfast, Rachel Roxxx the glitzy stripper, foxy flight attendant Cassidy Klein, NIna North “the virgin,” a two-hooker threesome with Bridgette B. and Phoenix Marie, and even high class call girl Casey Calvert in your very own hotel suite. Julia Ann is particularly active at Naughty America VR, shooting double-headers with Kimber Lee, Jillian Janson (twice), a solo scene in pink workout gear, and a foursome in which she plays the disciplinarian Dean of students eager to make JoJo Kiss and Samantha Hayes atone for their misdeeds by draining their middle-aged teacher’s balls. Other notable performances see Anissa Kate as a leather-clad domme, Allie Haze as a classy girl getting anal after the opera, Remy LaCroix as a fitness freak, and Ava Addams as (you guessed it) a housewife whose absent husband need not find out about what she’s about to do to you. Fantasies ripped from American life in true Naughty America style, only rendered more believable courtesy of the VR format.

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Technically speaking, Naughty America VR’s content offers very good detail, delivered as it is (every scene) in 30fps and 60fps versions for smart phones, two quality choices for Oculus Rift, and one standard option for Samsung Gear. Files generally clock in around 1.5 GB and download smoothly on Naughty America’s ever-reliable servers. New VR scenes hit Naughty America every Wednesday and seem as good a sign as any that Naughty America’s in it for the long haul.

Now, speaking to the viewing experience: it’s not going to work for everyone. Besides those folks unable to grasp the technology and its often complication setup, there’s also those viewers who find the split-screen display enormously unnatural, impossible to adjust to, and incapable of enjoying. Unless you’re one such viewer – and do give a few VR scenes a try before committing to long memberships – Naughty America’s VR branch will soon have you convinced not only of VR’s impending dominance, but of Naughty America’s, too.

Keep an eye on Mr. Pink’s Blog for further coverage of Virtual Reality porn contenders.