Reality Stars Crash VR Bangers

Maitland Ward - Cosplay Queen - VR Bangers

When is a porn star not a porn star? If you ask the folks behind leading virtual porn site VR Bangers, they’d give you one of two answers. In two new scenes rendered in the studios typically excellent VR videos, we find two very different adult performers making a case for the real sex with real women in the real world, albeit virtually. Confused?

“Better Than a Porn Star?” is the question posed by Jasmine Grey when she walks in on you, her boyfriend, mid VR-porn viewing. Angry that you seem to prefer a VR professional instead of her IRL pussy, she insists you prove her wrong. Jasmine Grey as your pleading, demanding girlfriend? While that’s a real-life fantasy I’m sure many of us share, it’s not quite the convergence of the real and the virtual VR Bangers seem to think it is. Ms. Grey is now a definite porn pro, as this excellent encounter proves. There is another VR Bangers encounter with a more direct connection to “the real world” in that you can only barely call its main performer a porn star.

Most who know the name or face of Maitland Ward will recall her as a late but welcome addition to the cast of 90s ABC sitcom Boy Meets World or as a fan-favorite cosplayer. After marrying a real estate developer and leaving acting for more online-focused self-promotion, and after appearing nude on Instagram and Snapchat, Maitland started making her first forays into the world of porn. Already using a professional name – she was born Ashley Maitland Welkos in 1977 – Ward retained it and, with around a year of increasingly explicit independent and social media releases, makes her mainstream B/G debut in glorious Virtual Reality for the one and only VR Bangers.

The transition of “regular” actors into the world of porn tend to be the result of stolen or “leaked” sex tapes, or are simple cash-grab attempts at capitalizing on a fading career in the mainstream; neither tend to last. However, this former mainstream star – listed by her agency, Society 15, as “Maitland Ward”, and by VR Bangers as “Maitland Ward Baxter” (her husband’s surname) – seems quite committed to her new career. If you have any doubts, take a scroll through her Twitter feed. If that doesn’t look like the social media account of a bona fide adult entertainment professional, I don’t know what does.

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Kanye Does PornHub

2018 PornHub Awards

Last night, Thursday September 6th, saw the staging of the first ever PornHub Awards. Rumors of Kanye West’s creative involvement started bubbling a few weeks ago and were confirmed just last night as the inaugural event kicked off with an online audience of 2D and VR viewers taking in Yeezy’s curated, custom designed spectacular. Along with the obvious pop-culture coup of snagging Mr. West – arguably the biggest rapper alive and husband of the most successful unintentional pornstar of all time – the PornHub Awards also presented an intriguing mix of nominees both semi-pro and devoted careerists, those shooting their own smut for self-distribution through the tube giant and those stepping foot onto Brazzers and Bang Bros sets.

Kanye’s contributions weren’t limited to a performance – though he did join Lil Pump on stage to perform ‘I Love It’, a track now revealed to be getting a video from Spike Jonze. West also designed the phallic statuettes that constituted the physical PornHub Award trophy for this year, outfitted all presenters with his own YEEZY clothing line, and had Richard Kern, trailblazing photographer of naked chicks, produce interstitial images for the program.

Fans of winning performers Abella Danger, Mia Malkova, Lena Paul, and Kendra Sunderland willing to drop a cool $75 on a YEEZY shirt sporting the artist’s rendition of porn’s “Nicest Tits” or “Hottest Female Ass” – items that will no doubt become instant must-haves for the hippest porno fans around. Award categories not given their own Ye-designed shirt included Top VR, Cosplay, POV, and Verified Amateur Performers, Instagrammer of the Year, Most Popular Parody Channel, and a wealth of prizes to be earned by LGBTQ performers finally getting their just deserts.

With Vanity Fair gaining an exclusive look inside the slick inaugural affair and media outlets worldwide going nuts over Ye’s involvement, fans, who anxiously await the full list of PornHub Award winners, can only wonder who and what will be making next year’s event an equally amazing affair.

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Mr. Skin’s Topical Treatments

Mr. Skin

Longtime legend of almost-porn archiving and celebration, Mr. Skin, always seems to have something in his back pocket to suit whatever’s buzzing around the new feeds on any given day. And even today, 2018, when we can barely keep track of the latest kinda-sorta social, political, and environmental disasters clogging up our otherwise puppy-heavy Facebook feeds, ol’ Skinny boy has just the thing to take the edge off.

The recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to have the whole dang universe in a tizzy for one reason or another and, though Mr. Skin can’t boast a single nude shot of the new princess (duh), she does feature in a pic-and-vid gallery labelled “sexy” that sure-as-shit ain’t lyin’.

Model, television star, entrepreneur, muse, mother, quasi-intentional pornstar, wife, daughter, and professional large-ass-haver, Kim Kardashian West can now add ‘political advisor’ to her list of questionable credentials. Invited to the White House to discuss “prison reform and sentencing” (his words) and obtain “clemency [for] Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense,” (hers), the one-time most talked about woman on Earth seemed to have really been roped into a sly photo op, at least according to the Daily Beast. Mr. Skin, for his part, more than delivers the goods while another compatriot in celebrity nude publishing, Vivid, has the very video that made Ms. KKW so fucking famous in the first place. (Yo, Ray J, where you at?)

Strangely, the three top positions on Mr. Skin’s Trending Celebs list are comprised of ye’ ol’ standbys, super famous blonde movie stars with big tits (ScarJo and JLaw) and a fresh-faced TV starlet (Katherine Langford, whoever she is) and the woman being called by some a significant threat to the stability of our government, perhaps even to our democracy and our very moral fiber, Stormy Daniels, is way down at #36. Stormy’s getting a rise out of America and the President himself, so maybe bump her up a few spots, huh?

For more topical and trending celebrity nudity, Mr. Skin is at your service.