Hottest OnlyFans Models to Subscribe to in 2021

With so many girls deciding to get into the world of adult entertainment, OnlyFans is one of the most popular destinations for many of them. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main one is the opportunity to enjoy yourself and make some money while you’re at it.

But if you’re a subscriber who wants to enjoy a bit of entertainment, the fact that there are a lot of models out there makes things tricky. You couldn’t possibly subscribe to each and every one of them, that’s expensive. So, whether you want pornstar OnlyFans profiles or models who don’t do anything other than OnlyFans, here are some of the hottest models you should subscribe to first.

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Lena Paul

Even though she’s only been doing adult videos for a few years, Lena Paul is consistently one of the world’s top-rated porn stars. And now she has an OnlyFans account, too. She’s known for her stunning natural boobs, and there’s plenty of them for you to enjoy on her profile. And while she initially started camming to fund a side business she had, she found out that she’s a natural and she’s been at it ever since.

Now, if you’ve seen some of her adult videos elsewhere, you probably know what to expect from her in a professional setting. But the photos and videos she posts here have more of an amateur vibe, and you can see her as a girl who wants to enjoy herself while sharing that with her subscribers. She’s definitely one of the first models to check out if you like big boobs.


Lexy Panterra

Stepping aside from strictly adult content for a moment, Lexy Panterra’s profile is a bit different than what you’re used to seeing on OnlyFans. Instead of posting naked, or partially naked photos and videos of herself, she does something she’s extremely good at – dance. And with that, she’s still one of the world’s hottest OnlyFans models.

And a hot girl dancing her heart out isn’t enough to make you subscribe, here’s one more thing for you – her profile is free for you to enjoy. No subscription fee. She’s still found a way to monetize this because you’ll find that she promotes herself as a dancer and writer rather often, but overall, you’ll see the real, relaxed Lexy Panterra – a chill and relaxed girl who enjoys dancing.


Denise Dame

If there’s one girl who has things figured out in terms of how to make a killing on OnlyFans, that’s Denise Dame. She created her profile back when things were in lockdown due to the pandemic, and she quickly found out that she’s having a lot of fun and enjoying herself. She is one of OnlyFans’ top 5% models, and she is incredibly hot.

If you’d like a taste of her before you subscribe, a good piece of information is the fact that her Instagram profile tends to get removed for nudity quite often. If she doesn’t shy away from posting explicit photos on her Instagram, one can only imagine what’s going on with her OnlyFans profile. We’d suggest you take a look yourself.

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Nicole Aniston

Another one of the world’s top porn stars, Nicole Aniston has been around for a good while. She started working in the adult industry when she was in her 20s, which means she’s been doing it for over 10 years. She is an absolute stunner, and you’ll find a lot of things that you won’t really see on any of the popular adult video websites.

To begin with, she does have a lot of pictures, all of them pretty stunning, but the most interesting things she posts are the videos. Those videos include sex training videos, shower shows, and even behind-the-scenes videos of porn videos she’s recording with some of the major companies. To add to this, she doesn’t shy away from posting clips with her boyfriend too, which isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else.


Monica Huldt

The last model we’re suggesting you should check out is Monica Huldt, a stunner who makes a living on OnlyFans and isn’t shy to admit that she’s making over $100,000 per year. You can constantly find her as one of the platform’s top earners, so we aren’t really surprised at that number. She started off by posting somewhat explicit photos on her Instagram, but without the limitations of the platform, she’s killing it.

She’s worth subscribing because of two things. The first one is simple – she’s incredibly hot and very far from shy, so the content itself is very much worth paying for. And the second one is the fact that you can pay extra and request that she does something. She’s quite comfortable when it comes to engaging with her subscribers, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

How To Find & Serve An Online Domme

Femdom Goddess Lila

Serving a domme virtually is a safe way to indulge in your submissive nature and it makes more sense now than ever due to the pandemic. I’m Femdom Goddess Lila and have been an online dominatrix for many years. Here are a few tips to help you find an online domme to serve.

How To Find A Domme

The most common way of finding a domme are via social media, clip sites and fan club sites. Almost every domme has a Twitter account. Set up a Twitter account for your sub persona and start following a domme you feel a connection with. Many dommes have a personal website where you’ll be able to read more about the proper steps towards servitude.

Clip sites like IWantClips or Niteflirt (which is technically a phone sex site but very domme-heavy) are excellent ways of finding an online femdom goddess to serve. Buying a domme’s clips will give you a sense of her style of dominance and will help you assess whether it meshes with yours. Many dommes nowadays produce interactive clips which will enable you to interact with them for an additional tribute of course. Examples of this may include fantasy-blackmail clips where you may be asked to send in additional info or send her a pic of your tiny dick to be reviewed in a future clip.

You can generally get a good feel about a domme and what she’s all about by browsing her clip stores and reading her social media posts. This will provide you with an understanding of her limits and the type of training that she does. Many dommes offer services such as keyholding, chastity training and more.

Approach Correctly

It’s always in good form to send a tribute before approaching a domme. This shows that you are truly serious about servitude and pleasing Her. In addition, ask yourself if you can afford to serve before you approach. Many online dommes charge for their time per session and will have different rates for training over the phone vs Skype etc.

Know that payment is a must and most dommes prefer payment in cash than actual gifts. Personally, I only accept payment via a tribute sent through a third party site such as IWantClips or AVN Stars.

Payment methods such as Paypal & Cash App aren’t suitable for adult transactions since they are against TOS. In addition, Paypal reveals the names of the parties making it unsafe for both parties. If there’s no payment there won’t be any training or interaction. You only have a few tries to get it right so make sure to tribute upfront to show that you are serious.

Make sure that you address Her correctly. There’s been so many times where someone has addressed me as “Miss”when My name is Goddess Lila and succinctly spelled as such all over my website and every piece of content I’ve ever created. Little things like these show that you are attentive.

Communication Is Imperative

Be clear in your communication with your domme and your goals in regards to training. Are you aiming to be a better submissive? Do you actually want to be “trained”? Or are you looking for a session to indulge in a fetish? Are you looking to build a long-term d/s relationship or are you just looking for a quick drain? It’s also important to state your hard limits up-front. If you’re a pay pig who wants a hard drain it’s perfectly fine to let the domme know your spending limit beforehand. Most professional dommes will respect your limits.

Finding an online domme to serve can be extremely rewarding and meaningful. Do your research beforehand for the best possible outcome.

Kanadoll’s Near-Human Delights

Although we’re now more connected to one another via technology than ever before, for many of us life can prove quite lonely. Demands of work, family, and upholding your civic duty (should you feel any) can leave little time for hobbies, pleasure, and a truly warm, embracing connection with another. Not exactly a brand new phenomenon, the rise of the artificial intimacy companions commonly known as “sex dolls” or “real dolls” is seeing a sharp uptick during the COVID era. In search of solid adult doll vendors, Mr. Pink’s has come across one worth noting: Kanadoll.

Sex Doll

Kanadoll’s online store offers more than its own customizable doll creations, but that is its bread and butter. Allowing customers to bring their fantasy partners to life, styled exactly how they dreamed they would be, Kanadoll places the creative responsibility with the buyer. A number of standard base designs are available but they don’t need to be accepted as-is. Prefer someone with a heftier bust or a slimmer waist? Favor blondes over brunettes or redheads over both? Stature, shape, facial features, hair and eye color, nose and mouth shape, areola color – all can be made to the preferences and specifications of the user. All these customizations are included in the base price with additional features – controllable body temperature, internal breast construction, pubic hair, and an upright standing mode being some – available at extra cost.

Sex Dolls

Providing free worldwide shipping of its creations (and those of other reputable adult doll manufacturers) and offering “discreet delivery” for all buyers, Kanadoll even provides detailed How To guides for making the most of your chosen doll. Proper usage, maintenance, and altering appearances are all covered in these guides, which accompany a thorough rundown of what goes into making each Kanadoll. Alongside all this info, nestled in the main store listings, are dolls created by world-class manufacturers and approved for sale through Kanadoll. WM Dolls, Aibei Dolls, Jarliet Doll, 6YE Doll, and a handful of other esteemed designers of artificial companions add their finest works to Kanadoll’s catalog and give buyers a huge range of choices. Fancy a doe-eyed young sweetheart or a mature vixen with ample bosom? How about a perky blonde cheerleader type or perhaps a fantasy-fueled elfin warrior or even a miniature doll just big enough to serve as your new favorite cocksleeve? Whatever fantastic faux-human fuck-buddy you hope to one day unbox, Kanadoll has you covered.

Buying Your First Dildo: Everything You Must Know

Sex Toy Shop

It’s amazing to learn that the first dildo was made approximately 28,000 years ago! Ancient civilizations had some naughty fun in the bedroom that didn’t involve just phallic shapes. Evidence of ancient vibrator use has also been discovered.

Needless to say, sex toys have gone a long, long way since then. Today’s dildos come in so many categories that your head will spin if you’re attempting to buy for the very first time.

Do you want a dildo that’s realistic? Or maybe you’re willing to try out something larger than life (both literally and figuratively)? Do you want a dildo with a suction cup, a double dildo, a squirting dildo? Wait, we’re just getting started! So many other possibilities exist and today, we’re going to break all of them down.

If you’ve never bought a dildo before, the time has come to educate yourself and this is another reason why it’s important to speak with your partner about sex. So grab a pen and a piece of paper and let’s start today’s lesson on dildos 101 for first-time shoppers.

What Types of Dildos Are Out There?
Before looking at the other considerations, let’s narrow it down to the one dildo category that you’re most drawn to.

Dildo is a pretty misleading term. You can’t just go into a sex shop or visit an online store and get one dildo. This is a large product category that features everything – from basic toys that resemble an actual penis to much more advanced play options.

Some of the main dildo categories include the following:

⦁ Realistic dildos: these are the aforementioned toys that look like an actual penis. They come with a realistic size (obviously, there are some variations from smaller to larger) and girth. Some of them take realism to the next level. The dildo has balls, veins and a paintjob that makes the toy eerily reminiscent of an actual penis. This is the category that most beginners opt for because the toy feels familiar and comfortable.
⦁ Suction cup dildos: as the name suggests, these toys have a suction cup at the base. The aim of the suction cup is to enable hands-free solo play. You can stick  your dildo to a smooth wall or the floor and get wild. Suction cup dildos can be realistic or they can be extra-large.
⦁ Vibrating dildos: a dildo that vibrates is obviously better than a dildo that doesn’t. Or is it? That’s strictly a matter of personal preference. Some dildo toys do come with a few vibration settings to intensify sensations. Usually, however, the range of functionalities is limited in comparison to what an actual vibrator can do.
⦁ Strap-on dildos: a dildo attached to a harness is used for partnered play. It can be used for girl on girl, boy on boy, girl on boy or boy on girl action. The possibilities are limitless, as long as you use a little bit of imagination. The giver is the one that attaches the harness (usually around their waist and buttocks). The receiver is the one who’ll be getting the action. In many couples, people switch between giver and receiver (top and bottom) because both of the roles are linked to specific pleasures.
⦁ Large dildos: these are not intended for beginners but you’re probably curious. These larger than life sex toys look intimidating if you don’t have some experience with them already. They require some practice, some patience and a lot of lube to give you that “oh my God” sensation.
⦁ Squirting dildos: yes, these are a thing and they tend to be very popular. It’s pretty clear what a squirting dildo does. When squeezed, a bulb inside releases the liquid that the dildo has been filled with in advance. Most often, that liquid is a lubricant. There are also some special liquid formulations made to resemble an actual male release. If that’s a turn-on for you, a squirting dildo will certainly be fun to try.
⦁ Double dildos: this type of dildo has a penis head on each end. It can be bent to try double penetration or it can be used by two people at the same time. There are also double dildos with one end girthier than the other, giving you the chance to experience two completely different sex toys.
⦁ Pornstar dildos: these are crafted after the members of adult film actors and they bring a whole different fantasy to the table. Many women and men find lifelike pornstar dildos to be a huge turn on.

Is Bigger Always Better?
Now, let’s talk about size.

When examining the size of a sex toy you’re about to buy, you’ll need to look at two things – the length and the girth of the dildo.

For many buyers, the girth is the more important of the two measurements. Arguably, girth is the one that contributes to satisfaction much more than length does. Girth is also the measurement that could make the toy way too big and uncomfortable to use.

Length and girth should always be clearly noted among the product specs. As a beginner, you may want to go for a lengthier toy because it is much easier to grasp. If you end up with a dildo that’s too short, you can find it difficult to use.

In terms of girth – there will typically be two measurements.

The girth under the head and the one at the base of the dildo will be different. The girth could be determining for something known as the “usable length” of the toy. If the base is way too wide, it will not be appropriate for insertion and it’s going to shorten the length of your brand new dildo.

Let’s Talk about Materials, Girl
The basics are out of the way and we can now talk about one very important selection criterion – the material your dildo is made of.

You’ll probably be surprised to find out that guidelines for the safety and appropriateness of sex toy materials do not exist. This is why you may want to stay away from some of the cheapest things the market has to offer. These could be made from questionable compounds that aren’t just going to decrease the lifespan of the toy – they could also jeopardize your health.

When buying dildos, always check for labels like phthalates and PVC-free. This is the very minimum in terms of material selection. You may also want to acquaint yourself with the types of materials that are currently considered harmful in the world of sex toys.

You should also seek dildos made from non-porous materials. These have an impenetrable surface, which means bacteria and dirt can’t go inside and get comfy.

The most popular non-porous materials include medical-grade silicone, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, stone and ABS plastic.

An added bonus for those who choose non-porous sex toys is their waterproof nature. This means you’ll get to use your dildo in the shower or bathtub without worrying about its eventual disintegration.

A Few Other Things You May Want to Check Out
Should the price be a determining factor? Obviously, everyone has a budget that cannot be exceeded significantly when shopping for toys.

The price alone, however, is not a good way to choose your first dildo.

You see, a very cheap item may seem like a bargain right now. If the dildo tears apart in a couple of months, however, you’ll end up spending on a toy again. When you buy a high quality dildo that has a good price to quality ratio, you will potentially enjoy a favorite toy for many years to come. So do some long-term math and thinking before jumping on the cheap bandwagon.

These are the main consideration that will help you choose a great first dildo. If you are still hesitant, try to answer some of the following questions to make up your mind:

⦁ Where will the dildo be going most of the time?
⦁ Are you going to be using it alone or with a partner?
⦁ Do you intend to use a dildo in combination with other sex toys?
⦁ Do you want to feel something realistic or get a brand new sensation (through temperature play or some unusual dildo texture, for example)?
⦁ What type of lube do you intend to use (some lubes are incompatible with some sex toy materials! Always go through the manufacturer recommendations for proper lube selection)?
⦁ How meticulous are you in terms of care, cleaning and maintenance?

Some dildos are better suited to the needs of beginners but this doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to such toys only.

Smaller is usually better in the beginning because you’re not aware of the sensation. So maybe a little bit of cautiousness will pay off in the long run.

So that’s it! You’re now equipped with all of the dildo buying knowledge in the world. Go out there and have some fun exploring and comparing products. When you find the ones you like, you may decide to go through buyer reviews. Look for similarities, whether these are positive or negative. If multiple people are making one and the same claim, chances are that the testimonials are trustworthy. Still, sex toy use is a subjective experience and you should always take anecdotal information with a grain of salt.