The Best Costumes to Act Out Your Fantasies This Halloween

The Best Costumes to Act Out Your Fantasies This Halloween

Hustler Hollwood - Sexy Halloween costumes

If you’ve ever wanted to make your way into costumes in the bedroom, Halloween is the perfect time. After all, if you find just the right balance of sexiness, you might be able to wear your costume out to your Halloween party, then make it back in time to strip everything off with your partner. There are plenty of sexy Halloween costumes out there, but these are some of the most well-loved ones.


You’ve probably thought of the sexy maid costume before — the thought of “enlisting” someone to help with a very different type of cleaning can be an incredibly appealing idea. Add a cute little feather duster, a pair of elbow-length gloves, and some incredibly high heels to really round this costume out.


The sexy schoolgirl is a concept that’s captivated people everywhere. Though a mini-skirt is usually part and parcel with this costume, you can add a sheer white top and a pair of glasses to increase the nerdy vibe. You could even do away with the shirt altogether and just accent the costume with an oversized tie to make it easier to get down to business.


Plenty of people love the idea of a sexy nurse helping them out from time to time. Though really anyone can enjoy a bit of sexy nurse roleplay, consider adding some medical fetish toys to really take it to the next level. And of course, the red and white nurse headband is a must.


Did you ever eye the cheerleader in high school and wonder what it would be like to be her — or, better yet, to be with her? No matter which side of the aisle you fall on, a cheerleader costume can let you have it all. Do up your hair and get some cute pom-poms that you’ll be able to run over your partner’s body later when you’re all on your own.


Make a bedroom traffic stop a little more exciting with a sexy police costume. Your partner knows what you did, but can they wring it out of you? You can use this costume as the entrance to plenty of different partner scenarios, which just makes it all the more exciting. Pair it with some handcuffs and make your partner really catch you “in the act.”

Tuxedo Bunny

The Playboy bunny is one of the most recognizable sex symbols in the world of softcore, and you can turn some of your favorite shoots into a hardcore scene in the bedroom with a tuxedo bunny costume. You just need a cute black-and-white lingerie set, light heels, and of course the telltale collar and bunny ears. Try that collar out even further with a leash and you’ve got yourself a night to remember.

Make Your Own

If none of these costumes individually catch your eye, that doesn’t mean a bedroom costume isn’t right for you. There are so many different ways for you to create a sexy Halloween costume this year. Grab a pair of nipple pasties, just the right pair of lingerie, and some ultra-high heels to create a sexy costume that’s uniquely you. You can even add on a wig if you’re looking for more mystery.


Halloween costumes are often sexy, so why not go all the way and grab something your partner will really remember? No matter what you’re interested in reenacting this Halloween, you can create something that both of you will love. Make sure you take a look through all these sexy Halloween costume ideas and pick something out now so you have it ready to go on October 31.

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – October 15th, 2019

mrpinksWhat a weird week we’re having at Mr. Pink’s this week. First we’re inundated with deviant Mormons who can’t spell then we’re swamped by the most extreme BDSM porn this side of Checkpoint Charlie! Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews this week focuses on Mormon Girlz and Missionary Boys, a pair of standalone sites, one mostly hetero and the other all-male, that peeks into the hidden temples and altars of our nation’s most mysterious church. Max Lomp doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to set foot in a place of worship: the dungeons and cellars he’s equipped with all kinds of kinky torture devices are likely his altars. Graias captures the HD adventures of this grand master of pain as he torments helpless European women in a variety of utterly mad ways. Sniff. Smells like Halloween to me. Check out the horrors soon arriving to the porn world on Mr. Pink’s blog and then scoot your behind back here next week for more porn reviews and more pre-Halloween hype!

What’s Under the Bed at PureTaboo?

Pure Taboo has been scaring the shit out of porn users while simultaneously turning them way the hell on for quite a few years now. Under the masterful direction of some of porn’s most inventive and skilled filmmakers, the narrative-driven mini-movies tackle a wide range of forbidden fantasy subjects. As we gear up for Halloween, that annual inhibition-shedding parade of primal human urges, Pure Taboo has something truly special in store for its members.

Under The Bed

You might think one excellent scene starring Emily Willis and Emma Hix as a young lesbian couple stalked at their woodland getaway by a sadistic hermit would be enough for fright fans but no, Within, which went live on Adult Time’s Pure Taboo channel October 10, is just the beginning. Under the Bed is a four part anthology series arriving at Pure Taboo over the Halloween period, each part directed by a unique and visionary talent. Directed by Montreal-based fashion photographer and porn newcomer Fred August, Within features evocative avant-garde lighting to create an atmosphere alternating between gently inviting and utterly alarming.

Joanna Angel is an old hand at Halloween porn, having crafted plenty of themed titles for Burning Angel over the years. Now, with Lacy Lennon as her helpless victim and with Katrina Jade and Small Hands joining her as the vengeful ghosts of her friends, killed in a car accident years ago. The sole survivor, Lacy starts receiving signals from the beyond and heads to the graves of her long gone friends to put her mind at ease. Instead, the undead corpses spring from the ground and exact a very particular kind of revenge on their former friend in The Night They Came for Lacy.

Eric Falardeau is a filmmaker, writer, and teacher and speaker whose feature film debut, Thanatomorphose, earned dozens of international awards and gained worldwide distribution. Turning his hand to the explicit adult world in The Thing from the Lake, due for release October 24, Falardeau joins Bree Mills, Chief Creative Officer of Adult Time and one of porn’s most original voices, as the two remaining contributors to Under the Bed. Mills’s film, which stars Angela White along with Alina Lopez and some as-yet unnamed men, has the immediately provocative title of Fertile and is due to land Oct 31st.

And if all of that (and the general low-level buzz leading up to Halloween) doesn’t excite you, if you need an extra dose of horror movie stylings to get you in the right mood for Samhain-style porno mayhem, check out this pair of posters released for Under the Bed’s first two chapters then head back here next week as we dive deeper into the remaining two episodes of this awesome Pure Taboo Halloween film fest!

Under The Bed - The Night They Came For Lacy Under The Bed - Within

Pure Taboo review

Top Ten Reasons why you should be watching Porn

mrpinksThe Top Ten Reasons why you should be watching Porn

Let’s face it. When you go on the internet, one of the main things that you should expect to find is pornography. It’s practically everywhere. No matter what you search, rule 36 still comes into play, especially if you have safe search switched off. Considering that you’re on a porn website, you probably already knew this. However, you will be happy to know that watching porn also comes with its benefits. It doesn’t matter what kind of videos you enjoy watching, just know that the next time you watch a big boobed blonde Brazzers vid, a porno about a sexy Kensington escort or even just a simple amateur film, you are actually helping yourself experience a whole range of health benefits.

1. Healthy Releases

When it comes to your emotions, one of the worst things you can do is repress any sexual frustration. We are naturally hot-blooded and horny creatures that desire stimulation, companionship and gratification. It’s a completely normal thing to spend an evening at home looking up some sexy movies or xxx-rated images! Pornography is the perfect thing to gratify yourself too as you get to see the things you enjoy. This means instead of stifling your emotions, or feeling guilty for them, you get a healthy way to release your emotions in the comfort of a private area. Watching porn can give you a release that you may not be able to experience from the companionship of a partner. After all, they might have different tastes to you.

2. Normalizing Desires

Go on any sort of porn website and you will see a cornucopia of pornography. How do you feel about fart porn, bukkake or sexual transformation videos? Well, if you can think of it then you are probably going to find it on the internet. The best thing about this is that it can show that you are not alone in your fetishes. They are legitimate desires and are completely normal. This will help you feel good about your fetishes and make you feel better about you being you.

3. Masturbation Encouragement

Masturbation is a bit of an awkward topic to bring up with people. After all, most people try to get others to avoid masturbating (by spreading false information about it, i.e. blindness and hairy palms.) However, research has shown that masturbation is extremely healthy! It increases our fertility, makes us better sexual partners, reduces our stress levels, helps with sleep and can even strengthen your muscle tone in your pelvis. With this range of health benefits in mind, why wouldn’t you indulge in masturbating to some form of pornography? It’s worth it.

4. Porn can be funny!

Some forms of pornography are genuinely hilarious, namely due to weird noises, facial expressions and plot points in general. There’s a reason why “Game of Bones” is such a great title and why people watch it. The fact that the humour adds another layer to your porn, and makes it a memorable experience that you may share with a partner, will make it more enjoyable, so much so that you may need to keep replaying a specific scene over and over again.

5. Mainstream porn has given rise to other forms

When it comes to mainstream porn, it can get a little boring and bland. However, thanks to its profound lack of awareness, we now have so many other forms of pornography that are sex-positive and empowering. This includes feminist domme porn, queer, indie, non-binary and even hairy porn. Porn is a way to represent different people and their sexualities. If there is a specific desire then it is going to be found on a porn website.

6. Sexuality Exploration

One of the best things about pornography is that it allows us to learn what we like and don’t like. There are so many forms of pornography out there that it will allow us to flick through the videos we don’t like until something catches our eye that gives us that sweet buzz. This sort of exploration helps us grow as people and will help us develop our sexual interests and, eventually, our sexualities.

7. Improves your relationship

If you have a brand new relationship and you’re looking for a way to learn about each others’ interests, or perhaps just want to find some material that you both pleasure yourselves to, then porn is the perfect thing for you. If you watch porn together, that shows that you are more confident in each other and are more open to talking about sexual topics. We all know that porn sets unrealistic boundaries when it comes to sex, but you can still use it to be sexually confident in your relationship.

8. Porn is for everyone!

As mentioned previously there are tons of different types of porn online for you to enjoy. But the best thing is that certain types of porn are made to suit specific people, such as romantic porn for women. If there is a category out there that suits how far you want to go, you will find it online. Porn does not discriminate. Instead, it welcomes all audiences that want to just relax and enjoy themselves after a hard day.

9. Lazy Sex

Sometimes getting laid can just be more trouble than its worth. You just want to have an hour or so to yourself where you can enjoy yourself, orgasm in the privacy of your room and then move on. Enjoying the company of another person is great when you’re in the mood, but other times you just want to be lazy and have some time to yourself. Well, when you want to be on your own, porn is the perfect thing to put you in the mood for some self-indulgence. Find something you love and just relax and enjoy. It’s just that simple.

10. Porn teaches self-love

You need to remember that you have sexual needs that need to be taken care of. There is a lot of focus nowadays on sexually pleasing other people. However, it’s important to also take care of your own needs. Take the time to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re feeling stressed then porn is the perfect thing to give yourself a little bit of self-love. Just shut out the world for a while and enjoy yourself. You have earned this treat!

Have fun watching porn!

If you take a look at our review section, you will see that there is a lot of pornography on offer that is ready for you to indulge in. So, don’t hold back. Instead, find the perfect category for you and indulge. Remember you are doing this for all the health benefits and fun that comes along with it.