Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 19th, 2020

mrpinksWell, folks, it has come to this: Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews will be taking a break for a few months to – oh, I don’t know – try to survive the novel human coronavirus COVID-19. As the global economy tumbles and we all buckle down and do our best to keep calm and carry on (the survival of the species), all of us at Mr. Pink’s are tending to things on the home front. We are not going away, though, and plan to return just as soon as some adjustments and accommodations are made. Give it six weeks or so and we’ll be back bringing you more in depth analysis of the porn you need to see. In the time meantime, dive into our archive and check out the blog for hints on where to find the digital companionship you might need during this time of isolation and dreary forecasts. Our latest batch of reviews details a few awesome new sites – the internally injecting BBC Pie and the intimate BTS and casting couch fucks of Producers Fun – as well as two now legendary outlets – PervCity, the most anal network on Earth, and the hybrid multi-channel porno wonderland they rightly call Gasm. We’re also featuring an awesome new 3D CGI porn creation tool from Naughty America on the blog, which is sure to amuse after you’ve self-abused yourself dry during all this pandemic-enforced downtime. Stay safe, stay sane, and for fuck’s sake wash your damn hands! See you on the other side.

Naughty America’s DIY 3D Scene Creator

Naughty America has been at the forefront of porn’s most promising tech developments for years. From its early efforts in live streaming solo pornstar shows to the introduction of 4K Ultra-HD videos and Virtual Reality episodes, the legendary network is arguably porn’s most aggressive adopter of new tech. With advances in 3D CGI modeling making their way to laypeople’s computer screens, Naughty America has moved into custom user-created animated sex and now invites you to try your hand at playing CGI god with some saucy 3D models. Naughty America’s 3D scene creator is now live and already showcases dozens of wild user creations.

Naughty America 3D create - MrPinks

Hitting Naughty America’s new creative hub brings you a collection of fan-made 3D CGI sex scenarios that use a handful of female and male models to place bodies wherever fans like, doing whatever fans want – within reason. A blonde super heroine can be placed on all fours for rear-ending, on her knees for oral action, and in various sultry dance and stripper-ish poses, as can a shapely brunette. The dick work comes from a pair of guys, one black and imposing, the other white and a bit more modest in his machismo, and they’re even given a few poles and chairs to help maintain their balance mid-fuck. Yes, folks, you can create hardcore acts here, rendered in 3D for your 360° viewing pleasure. Animations are short so you’re effectively creating something akin to a animated porn GIF but that’s not to say Naughty America’s 3D porn studio isn’t a load of fun!

While customization options remain limited to two distinct female models, two distinct males, male/female pairs, a pool table and a palm tree, and while the body types are essentially the same for each gendered model, users can augment their creations with a range of environments and soundtracks.

Considering millions of people around the world are currently self-isolating due to the spread of Human Coronavirus COVID-19, we leaned towards a free natural expression of excitement and arousal in creating the first 3D clip for sharing right here on Mr. Pink’s. A pink palm tree stands in the center of three women, all identical. Bent over to holding a pole for stability, the ladies throw their rears back against the palm tree trunk. Surely too uncomfortable for real life activity, this 3D scene creator takes such an act and not only makes it visible but (kinda sorta) believable. Naughty America’s 3D scene creator is laden with sci-fi style and cartoonish elements but that’s all part of the appeal. Why limit yourself to reality when you’ve got highly customizable 3D characters at your disposal?

Once your scene has been created, your characters placed and music selected, Naughty America asks you to submit your effort to their growing fan-made archive, and to share it wherever you like (as long as it’s audience-appropriate). You can also remix the creations of others, following their lead or completely rearranging their work. Go nuts and modify Mr. Pink’s Nature Lovers if you like: throw some cocks in there or ditch the brunettes for blondes; the choice is yours and you have Naughty America’s devotion to advancing porno tech to thank.

Naughty America review

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 10th, 2020

mrpinksMr. Pink’s Porn Reviews is this week focusing on a trio of sites dedicated to very different genres, niches, concepts, and preferences. First up, Teen Girls does the expected and doles out epic teenage fuck flicks in HD while its network counterpart does the same for our trans sisters (and those who love them). Fake Hub rips a page out of your average suburban British slut’s diary and showcases a wide range of reality-rooted scenarios that take very kinky carnal turns. home to such now legendary sites as Fake Taxi, the HD-outfitted Fake Hub is one of the best British adult sites to appear in years. Next week we’ll be looking into some an all time classic of the early 00s, an intriguing amateur/pro hybrid outlet and, well, something altogether new and rarely seen. Join us again for more porno perusal and analysis courtesy of your ol’ pal Pink!

Sex Cam Gold Shines Online

Life today is all about expediency and convenience. The more quickly and efficiently something can be achieved, the higher the leg up you’ll have over others. This can be said of shopping (Amazon), cheating on your spouse (Ashley Madison), finding new music (Spotify), and going to the movies (Netflix). It can also be said of beating off to live adult performers. Instead of treading on god knows what in a dark and dingy “gentleman’s club” we’re now given almost unlimited chances to watch sexualized performances from amateurs and pros alike. Among the myriad cam sites aiming to get you off sits Sex Cam Gold.

Sex Cam Gold

Scouring a number of major cam services in search of the best range of performers, Sex Cam Gold has assembled a huge array of live adult entertainment. Male and female models, couples and trans broadcasters can all be found here and are available to view free of charge. Prompting a sign-up at Chaturbate should you seek more involvement in the streams, Sex Cam Gold acts as a very efficient and easy-to-use front-end for the immense world of live camming. Just a cursory look at the more popular live rooms broadcasting during the writing of this mini-review led me to a pair of lesbian Latinas using toys, fingertips, and tongues to reach a mutual squirt eruption, a straight hipster couple lazing around in t-shirts before trading oral treats, a beautiful and busty Korean girl dancing around her bedroom in nothing but a thong, live psychedelic ASMR performances, gay male couples in a juicy sixty-nine, and even group sex that follows the commands of the viewers. Claiming to feature approximately 7,000 online performers (again, at time of writing), I see no reason to suspect that number is inaccurate. Sex Cam Gold is expansive, exhaustive and loaded with live sexual entertainment to suit all tastes.

Sex Cam Gold is online now with more than 7000 performers waiting for you.