Kink: Amalgamated

Kink.comSince its inception back in 1997, existed as an assortment of largely independent websites all operating under the general guidance of Public Enemy #69, Kink founder Peter Acworth. With recent controversies surrounded the company and its base of operations at the San Francisco Armory, the future of the always-challenging BDSM studio wasn’t as clear as it once had been. A recent announcement has quelled any suspicions that Kink was going anywhere and instead streamlined the company’s subscription offers to bring everything branded with a bed red K into one package.

Kink has always felt like a porno outlier, content to shoot its esoteric content for a limited audience then happy to ride the wave of success and notoriety that naturally flowed its way. Now with its Kink Unlimited program, the most loved and loathed studio in porn packs the agendas of all its subscribers with everything from the all-female anal explorations of Everything Butt to the utter brutality of Hardcore Gangbang, Public Disgrace’s daring humiliations, and the sci-fi masturbation of Fucking Machines. For a service of this magnitude, excellence, and sophistication, the $49.99 being asked of prospective members by Kink seems quite reasonable. In all fairness, though, this deal won’t really suit those only interested in a single site, especially if said site is one now falling from Kink’s list of priorities. The network hub does connect to 24 sites, however, and there’s hardly a porn viewer alive who can’t find something truly, awesomely arousing among them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have call my landlord and explain why watching French women tied up and taunted in public is more important than paying rent on time.

Beating on a Budget with Plumper Pass!

Plumper Pass

The recent wave of discussion about body acceptance, self-love, and the fat-shaming phenomenon has led to one outcome that’s a lot more entertaining and interesting than so many Tumblr and Twitter-based body-positivity campaigns and campaigners: there’s a lot more high-quality BBW porn around lately! One of the more notable BBW sites currently experiencing an upswing in attention is Plumper Pass. Once a six-site network, now operating as one smashing super-site, Plumper Pass is sporting a fresh design and a slate of new models that put the “umph” in “pornographic triumph” and bring their amply proportioned physiques to your small screen in crystal-clear 1080p HD videos and 2000px image galleries. What’s more, Plumper Pass, like its models, is overflowing with appetizing treats, just this Monday past adding its 2,157th scene. Unlike many sites content to do as little as possible to part you from your money, Plumper Pass aims to make sure its members are well fed and kept happy. Behind-the-scenes videos accompany most of the masturbation, girl-on-girl, or straight hardcore scenes added in the past few years. Go back further into Plumper Pass’s archive and quality may be lower but, with the authenticity ramped up with semi-amateur women, there’s still plenty of sexy plumper-pounding action to be had.

Those BBW admirers that equally enjoy watching their favorite beauty swan around and gradually undress as they do her test her dick-sucking skills and cowgirl stamina will really appreciate all the behind-the-scenes material, much of it giving valuable insight into the models’ personalities, working demeanor, and sexual interests and experiences. Factoring those videos into the following dollar-based breakdown keep their contribution in mind. So, just how good a deal is Mr. Pink’s brand spanking new $19.95-a-month Plumper Pass discount deal?

Plumper Pass currently holds 2,157 mainline scenes along with about 150 BTS videos for a total video count of 2,307. With membership now down to $19.95-a-month from the usual twenty-five bucks, each of the scorching hot BBW-starring softcore and hardcore delights held within Plumper Pass’s sexy and secure walls costs less than a single cent each, 0.86¢ to be reasonably precise.

Find me another BBW site of this caliber that so affordably delivers “the goods” and, hell, I’ll review and blog about that one too! Until then, it looks like it’s Plumper Pass all the way.

Anna Bell Peaks: A Banging 2015

Anna Bell Peaks

A few months into 2015, I started to notice a heavily tattooed and very curvaceous pink-haired woman slutting it up on the Internet. Tattoos have become a lot more common on pornstars in recent years, but this particular bodily canvas was far more heavily decorated than most, and that pink hair, now that you notice immediately. First she popped up at MyFreeCams and looked a damn sight more interesting than most of the dull, spiritless camgirls you usually see there. Then I noticed the same pink hair and ample rack over at Pure Mature, where the exquisite photography cast this mysterious woman in an altogether more flattering light. And finally, here appeared her name: Anna Bell Peaks.

It’s been a big year for Ms. Peaks, with two Inked Awards for Cam Girl of the Year and Perfect Pussy, interracial maniacs Dogfart according her runner-up in their monthly popularity contest for December, an AVN nomination for Hottest Newcomer, and now an accolade to beat all those others (unless she nabs the AVN): Bang Bros has named her their Pornstar of the Year for 2015.

Carrying a 97% approval rating from Bang Bros members with a combined 327,993 views of her three scenes, two for Bang Bros Clips and one for Big Tit Cream Pie. Standing 5’6″ with an amazing 32G-25-32 figure, ink all over, and plenty of piercings, Ms. Peaks pushes towards Belladonna and Bonnie Rotten territory while remaining a sensual performer, never quite becoming the obscene hyper-whore foaming at the mouth as those two are known to. That’s not to say Peaks is boring. In fact, she’s far, far from it with incredible oral technique, a frequently filthy mouth, and a body that, when in motion, is impossible to stop gawking at.

Ironically, Anna Bell Peaks, who now asks her fans and admirers to vote for her at AVN, sports a rather prominent tattoo across her upper chest reading “Judge Me Not.” Well, at least it doesn’t say “Don’t vote,” ’cause then she’d be fucked – and not in that always exciting Bang Bros way, either. Thanks heaven for small miracles – and for 2015’s most scintillating alt.newcomer Anna Bell Peaks.

Hentai Springs to Life with Anime Eyes

Puuko hentai

Hentai fans, grab your wallets! No, it’s not another tentacle bangin’ bonanza, it’s a new range of contact lenses that can have the wearer looking far more kawaii than anyone else on the convention floor. Produced by Anime Contacts, the three distinct designs of contact lens now available aim to transform boring old human peepers into sparkling windows into the most charming of souls. Or, if you’re a deviant – and since you’re a Mr. Pink’s reader, I assume you are – they’ll transform any near-perfect ‘couples cosplay’ adventure into a much more convincingly surreal experience.

Having over the years reviewed more than a few hentai websites, JAV websites, and bizarre amalgamations of the two, this reviewer can see great porno potential for such a cartoonish accessory. Imagine how cool your filtered iPhone pics of your sweet little Reki-jo on her kimono-covered knees with your dick in her mouth! Adding that extra dose of anime styling to professional porn would prove even more popular, I’ve no doubt. Take something like Kink’s fairly recent Hardcore Gangbang of Marica Hase in which the ultra-flexible Japanese babe donned a bright blue wig and form-fitting superhero costume to play a convention-bound girl with magic erection-locating powers. Throw in some POV shots with Marica staring up at the camera, first bright-eyed and eager, later teary and worn (as is Kink’s M.O.) and you’d have anime-loving porno fans (like Marica herself) all in a tizzy.

Priced affordably at 3,300 yen (or $27 USD) per pair, the three lens styles are called Ururu ( meaning teary-eyed), Kirakira (twinkle/sparkle), and Kiratto (bright) and are now available direct from Anime Contacts in Japan. US distribution hasn’t yet materialized but Mr. Pink’s will surely let you know when they become locally available.