Kink Leaves, Twin Peaks Returns

San Francisco Armory

Having been home to the notorious studio’s productions since 2006, is moving out of the San Francisco Armory, the Moorish fort that founder Peter Acworth acquired over ten years ago. A national landmark that soon became the center of many controversies surrounding the outlandish and outspoken porn studio, the Armory will still hold Kink’s offices but production will move to Southern California, Nevada, and elsewhere in the Bay Area, just not so close to the historically sexually-liberated Castro district.

Arguably the hippest studio of the hipster-porn explosion, it makes perfect sense that Kink would hold off on one of its signature extreme fetish parody porn efforts until the final day inside the Armory, keeping one ultra-hot pop-culture property on reserve until the very end. A natural fit for a studio that helped make the careers of Tommy Pistol, Ella Nova, James Deen, and Sasha Grey, the final episode to be shot inside the Armory sees David Lynch and Mark Frost’s acclaimed TV series Twin Peaks, itself about to be relaunched, as the subject of an utterly intense Hardcore Gangbang.

Director Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, who calls herself a “huge fan” of avant grade and surrealist cinema, cast Amber Ivy as the town’s teenage flirt-queen Audrey Horne, and chose to focus on One Eyed Jack’s, the Canadian border brothel owned by business magnate Ben Horne, Audrey’s father. Dipping a toe into incest themes, coercion, prostitution and servitude, and, of course, hot black coffee and cherry pie.

‘Damn Fine Pie!’ sees Ms. Ivy working at One Eyed Jack’s, the former workplace of her murdered schoolmate Laura Palmer, in an effort to uncover the truth about her family’s involvement in such shady business dealings. With co-stars Tommy Pistol as Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Owen Grey as stoic biker boy James Hurley, Will Havoc as cokehead quarterback Bobby Briggs, Jon Jon as Leo Johnson, and Mickey Mod as Ben Horne, seen here poking a finger into his daughter’s mouth.

Damn Fine Pie

But, wait, where’s Bob? has officially left the San Francisco Armory but will continue to explore and expand the outer limits of sexual entertainment from its new facilities. Twin Peaks returns to television next week, debuting on Showtime May 21st. ‘Damn Fine Pie!’ is available now from

Mr. Skin’s 2016 Guide to Nudes

Mr. Skin

For many, 2016 has been one disaster after another. Cultural icons seemed to kick the bucket en masse, taking away many shining lights of our entertainment-addicted lives. Mr. Skin, intrepid pointer-out of celebrity nudity, once just female but now also male, takes to his blog roll around this time every year to recap the best and most beautiful appearances of naked female celebrity skin on the small screen. And, thankfully, this year delivered some treats that could help reinvigorate your interest in 2017.

Mr. Skin’s 2016 Top Ten sees notable names and almost-complete unknowns share list space on shows for HBO, Netflix, Starz, and other networks, confirming that TV is indeed getting more raunchy and risqué with every passing season. Still need proof to get you back on the sofa? How about these ten skin-baring turns from Hollywood sex symbols both legend and debutante?

Chelsea Handler is rarely shy about baring her naked body and this season of Chelsea was no different, seeing the host take a topless dip in a Russian bath house. Lina Esco of Audience Network’s MMA drama Kingdom took the ninth spot thanks to her wild and numerous sex scenes. Ruby Modine, daughter of actor Matthew, followed in her dad’s nude-friendly footsteps in Shameless for Showtime, which also saw Sasha Alexander and Sherilyn Feen ditch their duds. Cinemax’s original series Quarry showcased Jodi Balfour in what seemed like an abundance of sex scenes baring her breasts and butt. Ashley Green of detective drama Rogue got naked alongside Thandie Newton and Kira Clavell, earning her a spot at #6.

Game of Thrones is well known for its gritty violence and copious sexual activity, some of which involved Eline Powell and her perfect pair of bared breasts. Arguably the most famous name on Mr. Skin’s 2016 list, Olivia Wilde stepped from her costumes in HBO’s massively ill-advised music industry drama Vinyl, at least giving viewers a strong reason to keep tuning in. The top three places on the list went not to individual actresses but to the shows that host them: HBO’s Westworld remake saw plenty of onscreen flesh from Evan Rachel Wood, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, and Thandie Newton (again); Joe Swanberg’s indie drama Easy delivered more sex than many erotic movies, bringing the bods of Malin Akerman, Kate Micucci, Elizabeth Reaser, Aislin Derbez, and Emily Ratajkowski to the screen. Somewhat predictably topping the list is a show that, had it not featured plenty of nudity and blatant fucking, would have gone unwatched by millions (more). The Girlfriend Experience, based on the Steven Soderbergh movie starring Sasha Grey, served up many salacious moments starring Riley Keough (Elvis’s granddaughter!) and a handful of awesome indie actresses.

For the full rundown on who placed where and why, check out Mr. Skin’s Podcast. And, hey, while you’re there, why not consider a membership to the greatest celebrity skin venture ever embarked upon?

Mr. Skin review

Roku Porn Channel Roundup: Pt. 2

Porn on Roku

Last week at Mr. Pink’s we perused the available adult Roku channels, from Vivid to Videobox, in the hopes that more and more readers will embrace TV-based porn streaming just as eagerly as many already have. Among those sites and studios putting themselves on the Roku system, Videobox, VideosZ, and SugarInstant have long reigned supreme, serving up wide ranges of porno on their very own streaming television service. All equipped with HD videos and breezy navigation, this trip form a solid foundation, yes, but one many viewers will want to expand from with kinkiness, carnality, and cock-hungry pornstars galore.

Pornstar Empire and Adult Empire (Unlimited) make a great pair, the former focusing on A-to-D-list pornstars and featuring quite a lot of exclusive content while the latter can be enjoyed as both as pay-per-view site or in its Unlimited form for endless smutty viewing. Again, both services pump hot HD smut into your living room. Studio streams from Reality Kings and Naughty America should have many Roku owners salivating. While RK does a decent job presenting a select range of its excellent reality-porn, Naughty America really takes the cake here: 360p, 270p, and 1080p HD streaming options support selectable network sites, pornstar profiles, and content from NA affiliates Tonight’s Girlfriend and Perfect Fucking Strangers (though unfortunately no Virtual Reality yet). Infamous purveyor of celebrity porn, Vivid also leaps onto your Roku, bringing with it a bevy of, parodies, educational vids, and hardcore sex. What Vivid does lack is information: models are left unidentified, activities un-tagged.

For anyone living with housemates or family members, parental locks on adult Roku channels are essential. Thankfully, Pornstar Empire and ScoreTV both offer pin-lock access prevention – although, for Pornstar Empire, the pin arrives after a screen load of naked boobage. Barely Legal and Hustler’s Forbidden, on the other hand, give you the option of placing on your Roku home screen not a blatantly XXX channel icon but a generic ‘CSB Tutorials’ image that nobody in their right mind would assume leads to illicit entertainment. Vivid, too, allows you to use a SFW icon on your home screen, theirs being one large “V.” (So, unless you’ve got a son named Victor, you should be in the clear.)

A few small snafus occurred during the writing of this here Roku porno roundup and most stemmed from unstable channels tossed into the online pornosphere with seemingly little quality control. Barely Legal’s channel doesn’t work with a standard Barely Legal website membership, but specifically requires a Barely Legal TV account in good standing; Vivid and Reality Kings lacked crucial onscreen information; Hidden charges may prevent you from watching movies on Sugar Instant and Adult Empire.

When you think back a few years and realize that streaming HD porn into your living room via a widescreen plasma TV (or whatever glowing screen warms your body on a cold night alone) was barely a conceivable fantasy, the current state of Roku porn is, for all its faults, missteps, and misguided attempts at multi-platform integration, well worth celebrating.