Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – February 16th, 2018

mrpinksAlright, folks. I’m gonna level with ya. James Deen: not a big fan of the man. That said, this week Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews took a look at his self-titled website and, fuck it, it’s impressive. A parade of porno starlets and wannabes run towards Deen’s dick and work it lustily in HD for your viewing pleasure. What’s not to like? (Oh, right…) On the other hand, FILF, another new step-family-fucking bonanza, looked great on the outside but was extremely troublesome inside. Sure, the HD streams of top-notch starlets fucking their “brothers” and “daddies” are great; they’re being hard to find really isn’t. Our blog subject this week detailed some more step-cest (and hot-wifing) action, this time with a Valentine’s Day theme. And, on that note, all of us at Mr. Pink’s hope your V-day was as enjoyable and eventful as can be. Join us next week for more from the ever-so-wide world of porn, as seen by Mr. Pink!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – February 8th, 2018

mrpinksNow that the AVNs have wound down and the winners are recovering from the hang- and bang-overs and getting back to work, we decided to take a look at two very different sites from two very different studios. She Plays with Her Cock isn’t Nacho Vidal’s best effort, but it is a powerfully transgressive take on sexual fluidity. Shot from the perspective of a dominant, demanding, big-dicked father figure, Bad Daddy POV features takedowns, seductions, and taboo playing with step-daughters, nieces, babysitters, and mature babes play-acting as young, ditzy sluts, all wrapped in a tasty HD package. On the blog, we’re taking a look at decisions and their consequences with Kendra Sunderland, whose recent retirement announcement has many fans either sobbing, stroking, or searching for a new favorite utterly indecent college girl. That should give you plenty with which to refine your porno consumption, folks, but I’ll see you again soon with another dose of porno assessments!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – February 3rd, 2018

mrpinksLast week on Mr. Pink’s blog we brought you a quick recap of what Australian cock-crusher Angela White has been up to since landing on US shores. With her incredible nine-award slaying of the 2018 AVN Awards, however, we’re looking at the lady and her very fine work once again. As for reviews, this week we look at two attempts to fuse intensely kinky sex with high-glamor and an erotic air. Dana Vespoli’s Twisted Visual delivered strong HD hardcore starring pornstars both mainstream and outlier in all kinds of kinky scenarios – awesome stuff! Explicite Art, the work of Frenchman John B. Root, takes a more classical approach and doesn’t bend the gender norms as much, but it still packs an erotic wallop well worth experiencing. Next week will see us examine two even kinkier sites, so strap yourselves in and return here next week for more of Mr. Pink’s patented perversity!