Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 29th, 2017

mrpinksHef! Ladies and gentlemen, how about an upright ovation for one arguably the most influential pornographers to ever put tittes on newsprint, Mr. Hugh Hefner! Now, in honor of Hugh and in honor of you, this week we saw two fresh Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews hit the web-waves for your adult edification, education, and entertainment. The golden hues hitting the luscious bodies of Twistys famous Treats is still looking incredible these days, streaming in fine 1080p HD frames and high-res galleries, with more superhot models than ever. Screwbox might take a more wild approach to porn, shooting parodies and high-concept, high-gloss hardcore, but it’s making a very solid first impression in this, its Mr. Pink’s debut!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 15th, 2017

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we took a peek into the future of onscreen fucking with two networks owned, operated, and overseen by the same forward-looking organization. First up, 21Sextreme, a 16 site network, dealt with the more extravagant and outrageous elements of sexual entertainment, dishing up creampies, granny-fucking, trans-porn and more. On a slightly less adventurous plane, 21Sextury took care of any viewer more aligned with mainstream tastes (but not that aligned), serving up 21 sites of anal, teen, deepthroat, lesbian, swallowing, DP, and even some rather romantic sex. All in all, a pretty damn satisfying twofer, I’m sure you’d agree!

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 7th, 2017

mrpinksPorn has a way of messing with your sense of reality but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little wild porno-fueled fantasizing every now and then, does it? This week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we took a look at two very fantastic sites, one delivering immersive VR content and the other a network of high repute and powerful erotic charm. Mature Reality brings you face-to-snatch with some of Europe’s most desirable mature women in brilliantly vivid 3D POV VR hardcore encounters. Much larger but less technically advanced, Team Skeet proves a powerful network of 36 distinct sites dealing with everything from step-cest to classroom romps to cum-splashed cuties in day-glow outfits. Also now discounted to a dirty cheap monthly price, Team Skeet earned itself another Beating on a Budget blog, delivered to all y’all in the spirit of thrifty fap fodder! Until next week, friends…