Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 19th, 2019

mrpinksSt. Patrick’s Day isn’t just tough for alcoholics sufferers of dwarfism but also for fans of quality porn. Instead of recapping the leprechaun-fucking offerings available this past week, Mr. Pink’s is getting on with business as usual, detailing the ins and outs of three quality porn outfits eager to keep you spunking and spending. The Bang Network started out small but has exploded into a truly mammoth outfit filled with HD and 4K porn both original and licensed, and among its Originals includes a few seriously hot reality-warping sites. Little Asians brings the tiniest and tastiest young Asian performers to the Team Skeet network, dresses them in kawaii-as-fuck outfits, then provides them with some of porn’s biggest dicks for a grand ol’ stretching, stuffing good time for all. Adult Time is another epic network that, though only early in its life, is already threatening the established big players. Also dealing in both exclusive originals and nonexclusive third-party content, Adult Time brings a huge number of big time porno studios and sites together under one digital roof. After such a heavy week, maybe our next slate of porn reviews will be a lighter, breezier affair. Then again, maybe not!

An Amateur Bro Goes Pro

It’s not much of a surprise when the folks behind the Nubiles Porn Network launch a new site, nor is it a surprise that these new sites are not, at least initially, directly attached to said network. Instead, held off as standalone entities they draw as much attention as possible on their own merit before being absorbed by an established hit. And then there’s the obvious financial incentives… Some sites are too tasty to leave well alone until they find network integration; they must be seen as soon as is reasonably possible. After all, you’d hate to be waiting for something that never arrives and miss something incredible sitting right under your nose, wouldn’t you?

Hot Crazy Mess

Hot Crazy Mess appeared only six months ago but has already gathered a tight little bundle of pure perversity that, to some viewers of custom clips and independent porn, may feel quite familiar. What appears to be natural lighting, a consistent POV camera angle, and sordid domestic affairs with gradual accelerations of flirting and foreplay, multiple sexual encounters per episode, and naturalistic dirty talk that, from the right woman, can be a serious mind blow all combine to make Hot Crazy Mess a steamy step-cest-heavy sleep hit. The leading man in many of these scenes, Alex Adams, is a fairly new face to many but hardly a new hand at this specific style of porn. In fact, he’s a master. The mastermind behind Clips4Sale sensation and standalone site Family Therapy, Adams brings his style to Hot Crazy Mess without missing a beat. And Nubiles, or whoever’s bankrolling this venture, should be commended for not pushing a more conventional semi-POV style.

Designed as simulations of hypothetical but not entirely unfeasible scenarios that blur the lines of ethical responsibility and two enflamed libidos thrust together despite their familial proximity – in other words, super hot and super taboo sister, mother, and daughter fucking (for the most part) – Hot Crazy Mess (and Family Therapy) don’t aim for perfection. Life isn’t perfect and sex sure as hell isn’t either, so why should porn that aims for realism also aim for perfection? For the viewer to feel as close to present in the depicted scene as the technology can make possible, shadows and physical collisions, and confusion over positions, as well as obscured, imperfect views of “your” partner all contribute a great deal. There’s arguably no better example of such immersive realism in porn today outside of Virtual Reality, and even then, it’s a close call. Speaking of which, will someone please give Alex Adams a VR development deal?

Hot Crazy Mess delivers weekly episodes of taboo domestic lust in 1080p HD. Family Therapy hasn’t updated since Adams started devoting his energies to this new venture but it does hold a mammoth archive of more than 750 step-cest and assorted socially taboo sex and is one of independent fetish porn’s best kept secrets.

Hot Crazy Mess review

Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – March 13th, 2019

mrpinksThis week at Mr. Pink’s we’re continuing our coverage of AdultTime websites with a slightly fetishistic twofer that’s a little short in supply but offers amazingly sophisticated adult viewing. Age & Beauty focuses on women older than the porno norm – hey, Nina Hartley, great to see you! – while Sister Trick treads through the step-cest niche with a little extra perversity. Both sites offer awesome 4K UHD viewing and act as doorways to the truly mammoth AdultTime network. Also on the agenda this week is Lustery, a boutique amateur showcase of hardcore content produced by a wide range of couples from all over the world. Offering a private and exclusive atmosphere loaded with intimate, passionate displays of genuine love and desire, Lustery brings hipster porn out of the tats-and-piercings phase and into a slick and sensual upgrade of /r/GoneWildCouples. Until next week, why not see what Kissa Sins is up to on Mr. Pink’s blog then head back here for another dose of porno wisdom next week?