Aussie’s Drink a Perma-Boner!

Australia, like much of the rest of the world, has been knocking back enough highly-caffeinated energy drinks to (possibly) kill its entire horse population (maybe) for almost twenty years. Now, though, there’s one less brightly decorated, warning-bearing can at the 7-11 with controversial energy drink MosKa being banned by Australian authorities.


MosKa, a “natural herbal” beverage designed to enhance sexual experiences, was pulled from shelves and banned throughout the nation after it was found by Australian authorities to contain Levitra. A trade name of Vardenafil, an erectile disfunction treatment, Levitra can cause priapism, also known as “the boner that wouldn’t go away.” Priapism is the inability of an erection to recede back into its usually flaccid state. An interminable erection might seem like fun and games, but priapism is known to cause permanent damage, and there’s the risk of hearing loss, too. Most endangered, though, are those with heart conditions, but that’s a pretty standard energy drink warning that nobody gives a hoot about.

MosKa has said the infringing batches of its product were externally produced and, as such, it can claim no knowledge of the inclusion of Levitra. “We are devastated that the overseas OEM supplier for MosKa energy for adults had included an undeclared ingredient, Vardenafil (Levitra), within the natural ingredients,” reads a statement from MosKa’s website. “Vardenafil (Levitra) is a prescription only substance.” Yeah, to give you raging hard-ons when you just can’t make ‘em by yourself anymore.

An otherwise healthy, sexually able guy with a throbbing, aching erection that won’t go away? That doesn’t sound too bad… until you consider that a common treatment for priapism involves a Winter’s shunt:

penile shunt

Yikes! That’s enough to scare any caffeine-addicted energy drink drinker into relative sobriety!

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Dana Does Hollywood Darkly

Hollywood Babylon
Having been climbing the porno ladder since starting as a performer 2003, the latest woman to join Evil Angel’s directorial roster, Dana Vespoli, knows a thing or twenty about Hollywood and she’s putting some nuggets of wisdom and a few of the more sordid anecdotes into her latest feature, Hollywood Babylon.

Due for release at the close of this month, Hollywood Babylon sees Vespoli drag her female lead, Sovereign Syre through the proverbial mud of Tinsel Town as she aims for the money, glamor, and fame stardom brings. Calling her newest Evil Angel effort “part love letter to Hollywood, part meditation on the notion of reinvention, and of course an exploration of twisted, psycho-sexual relationships,” Vespoli claims the idea came to her quite simply, by asking herself a question: “What if a girl came to Hollywood and became involved with a psychopathic plastic surgeon?” Played by porn’s most popular male thespian, Steven St. Croix, said plastic surgeon doesn’t limit his treatment of Syre to office appointments, inviting her to partake of a little familial loving with he and his wife (played by Dana DeArmond). Hollywood psychos seem to be a problem for Syre, though, and she becomes embroiled in a detective story that sees actor J.M. Darling attempt to sniff out the truth. Hell, it even sees Ms. DeArmond fire a handgun right into the camera lens for an altogether more shocking scene than even her most intense DPs.

With Vespoli keeping the budget of her mini-opus down to only $18,000 yet somehow managing to cast some of porn’s most talented fuckers – Syre, DeArmond, St. Croix, James Deen, Ryan Driller, Roman Nomar, and Italy’s latest, greatest, most curvaceous import, Valentina Nappi – Evil Angel couldn’t be happier. “[Features are] something we don’t usually do at Evil Angel,” said the company’s Justin Rich, “but Dana has the filmmaking chops to do it well.” And, when it comes to psychologically dark feature porn, there’s no better or more adventurous director currently working than Dana Vespoli. That much is certain.

Hollywood Babylon is to be released by Evil Angel on April 30, 2014.

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Mile High Madness

Mile High Media

Every year, basketball fans go gaga over March Madness, the CBS and Turner Sports-produced coverage of the NCAA Men’s Division I tournament and clog up the airwaves with stuff that bores the crap out of anyone without a raging hard-on for athletic competitions. Those of us with our minds squarely in the gutter can now compete with basketball fans thanks to Mile High Media’s annual social media-based fan-voted popularity contest: Mile High Madness.

The 2014 competition was launched back in December when fans were invited to submit the names of the pair that would star in their perfect fantasy porn scene. After announcing a field of 64 pairs and asking fans to vote for their favorites, Mile High Media took in a huge number of votes and whittled the field down to eight final pairs, two each for the major Mile High-branded studios: Chanel Preston/Lex Steele and Alina Li/Eric Everhard for Reality Junkies, Riley Reid/Eric Everhard and Sarah Shevon/Tommy Gunn for Open Life, Natalia Starr/Zoey Monroe and Lily Cade/Charlotte Stokely for Sweetheart Video, and Skin Diamond/Steven St. Croix and Adrianna Chechik/Tommy Gunn for Sweet Sinner. While all finalists should be congratulation on their fan-voted popularity, it’s the winners that deserve our full adulation. Will Charlotte Stokely and Lily Cade please take the stage?

Charlotte Stokely and Lily Cade

Mile High Media promises to shoot and release scenes starring all four finalist pairs, we can presumably expect Mss. Cade and Stokely’s very promising encounter to land at Sweetheart Video, one of porn’s essential lesbian studios, where it’ll be in stellar company. Voters are well looked after, too, with those responsible for submitting the names of any finalist pairs receiving a free six-month pass to their favored studio’s website while whoever submitted the overall winner will receive six months free at all four: Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, Reality Junkies, and Open Life.

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The Return of Missy Monroe

Missy Monroe

Hair cropped short, sharp and dyed blonde, with a curvy natural figure, a filthy mouth, and one of the most ferocious performing styles in US porn, Missy Monroe made quite an impact during her tenure as an adult performer. She even earned a remarkable 18 industry award nominations but never managed to walk away with an individual trophy. Then, as soon as she’d appeared on the scene and astounded viewers worldwide, Missy Monroe left a promising career in porn (both in front of and behind the camera) for the relative anonymity of “real life.” Now, after almost eight years on the sidelines, Missy’s back and bolder than ever!

Returning with a fuller figure, amazing 36DDD – TRIPLE-DEE, DUDES! – breasts, and some new colorful ink work, Missy seems intent on picking up where she left off. And that means plenty of flowing bodily fluids, expanded orifices, and multi-partner romps that would leave most regular women sore and complaining for a week. Having already this year shot for Jules Jordan, Devil’s Film, and Score Group and earned an XRCO Award nomination for Best Cumback – which she lost to her friend Sunny Lane – it shouldn’t be long before we see Missy’s adventurous self in some commanding hardcore work. But with the current generation of newcomers jumping into Missy’s old routine (squirting, anal, double-vag, DPs, double-anal, gangbangs etc) mere weeks after debuting, can she keep up with the porn of 2014?

Missy Monroe

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Buzzing Business – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDearest Missy Pink,

First of all, I want to say, I’m in my mid 40’s, have been married for nearly 20 years and am a successful business owner. My husband has never felt threatened in any way by my place in the community, or financial independence, in fact, he’s always been my biggest supporter in every endeavor. With my job, I do have to travel, and, when packing my suitcases, I will include what I call my “travel toy.” A smaller sized vibrator, sex toy, and, I’ve never hidden it from my spouse. We are open in all discussions about every topic, and our relations are no different. I’ve explained to him that while in a motel room, I enjoy relaxing with a solo masturbation session before falling asleep, it has no reflection on him, it’s just something I do for myself. He feels as though I’m replacing him in our love life with a battery operated device, and he is threatened by my using it. It remains packed in it’s personal case when I’m at home, it only comes out when I pack for a business trip. How do I make him understand he has nothing to fear?

– Buzzing Business

Dear Friend;

There are a few different factors that come in to play

from the situation youve presented me with.

You’re more than pleased in knowing your husband doesn’t feel threatened by your status in the community, or the fact that your paycheck holds a digit or two more than his own, so, first of all, allow me to offer a pat on the back to him for being secure in his manhood. He’s given much it sounds like, but, I’m sure your relationship has been filled with give and take scenarios, so, you’re both to be commended.

Since he has been your biggest fan throughout the occurrences of life, you feel more than confused over why a small sex toy should make him feel inadequate. And he, on the other hand is probably disappointed with himself for having those feelings, but, at least you have the type of closeness where being open and honest is a natural act, nothing is kept inside to brew and manifest into an even larger issue.

For one moment, kick off your high heels and step into his shoes, look at things from where he’s standing. He has supported you throughout the last 20 plus years of your life, he’s stepped back just a bit, with no qualms, for you to be large and in charge, even though some men may have seen that as a blow to their ego, he’s been happy to do whatever puts a smile on your face.

But, when it comes to the bedroom, where your business suit and stockings come off, the glasses are removed from the bridge of your nose, and your long hair falls softly over your shoulders, instead of wrapped tightly on the top of your head, you are now a bit more submissive, and he brings the strength to the sheets. This is where your husband feels he is now in control, the stronger and more powerful, HE is the one that brings you pleasure and passion during hardcore actions. What this means is, when you pick up the case that carries your smaller sized vibrator and place it into your suitcase, he does feel as though he’s being replaced, because in his mind, that battery operated sex toy will bring you to an orgasm the same way he does, and quite possibly, he may fear, even better.

You have the type of relationship with your husband where there’s wonderful openness, use it to the advantage of your marriage. Explain to him that a vibrator could never replace him, but also listen to him when he tries to explain why he feels it might. It’s called compromise. Maybe sharing a little phone sex across the miles could be an alternative, where you can still use the stimulation of your vibrator, but only while hearing his voice, so he feels secure in knowing it’s still him that you want the most. There are endless possibilities as to how this could play out. Don’t brush off his doubts and fears as something ridiculous, anything that’s real to him, should be the same for you.

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