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Beating-Off Down Under: It’s Hard to Do

As we sit here comfortably in “the land of the free and all that jazz,” our fellow porn-lovers living in that haven of surfers, slackers, and undervalued 70s, 80s, and 90s rock ‘n’ roll bands known as The Land Down … Continue reading

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Audrey’s Booty’s Back

For what was starting to seem like an endless winter, Audrey Hollander, the soft-spoken redhead who seemed determined to shove every object known to man upside her anus, appeared to be on hiatus from her porn career, if not retired … Continue reading

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Pubes On My Privates

Dear Missy Pink; I have a question that maybe a few other guys out there would like to ask. My girlfriend keeps her pussy shaved, which I get so turned on by, and I’m glad she does it. But, every … Continue reading

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Canada to Joanna Angel: “Nay, Nay!”

Anyone in London, Ontario who decided to follow Mr. Pink’s advice and head to the second annual Shock Stock to meet, greet, and nervously trade banter with Burning Angel’s founder and creative genius, Joanna Angel, might just a bit pissed … Continue reading

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Asa Akira’s Still At It (Again)

You’d think after taking on two not-quite-but-almost-randomly selected dudes she found in South Beach, Asa Akira would be tiring of spreading her legs for inexperienced cocksmen, no matter how well they hold up under pressure. Sure, it makes for great … Continue reading

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