Requiem for a Pimp

Humanoid robots equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligences may be coming soon to a brothel near you and sex workers rights may a hot political topic, but when it comes to prostitution, few Americans could hope to match the adulation and respect, and the vehement condemnation, of his peers as Dennis Hof, proprietor of seven Nevada brothels, who was found dead at his famed Love Ranch on Tuesday.

Dennis Hof

Among his many claims to adult industry fame, Hof trumpeted free sexual commerce as typified by his legendary establishments. Porn fans didn’t just admire his work from afar, though, as many traveled to Crystal, Nevada to enjoy fantasy fulfillment sessions with Sunny Lane, Mika Tan, Coffee Brown, and a string of other stunning starlets who made the move from selling themselves on-screen to doing it in person for anyone willing to pay.

Passing away in his sleep romping around his own 72nd birthday party (and even adopting a dog), Hof leaves behind an empire that is truly second to none on American soil. One-time (and perhaps current) flame, Heidi Fleiss, herself quite experiencing in the ol’ pimpin’ business, is rumored to be poised to take over. Hof’s political opponents and supporters – he was mid-campaign for a Nevada State Assembly seat – are in shock at the news. And we, the porn fans that never made it to one of his houses of sin to bang our favorite adult superstar (or dedicated off-screen-only unknown), raise our glasses in toast of one of the adult world’s truly singular (and singularly controversial) figures!

The Playboy is Dead, Long Live the Playboy

This blog was inevitable, so I should have been better prepared instead of seriously wondering whether “OMG there’s no words ~~ NO WORDS !! HEF!!!” would sufficiently convey the feelings of millions of men and women upon learning of the passing of Playboy Magazine publisher, magnate, figurehead, the one and only Hugh Hefner. He was 91.

Hugh Hefner RIP

Founding Playboy in 1953, “Hef” was the most recognized and rewarded pornographer on the planet. So complete was his transformative influence on sexual politics and experience that the commercial sex world is unthinkable without Playboy’s vast multi-platform imprint. From basically family friendly cable TV shows about ditzy blonde models to somehow convincing women everywhere to wear his famous Bunny logo on their crotches or even tattooed on their thighs, Hef has, for better or worse (depending on who you ask and their religious convictions) touched an astonishing number of people with his astral libido.

Hef’s influence is obviously felt closer to home, too, having inspired and challenged of acclaimed photographers, and launched the careers of many more. Although the current state of Playboy Magazine, flip-flopping between a commitment to non-nudity and showing signs of its old bare-assed self, may not be the most fitting tribute to its founder, the Playboy Plus website is. A simple affair filled with the steamiest pictorials and videos from Playmates both four months and forty years past.

If one man can make you think of him whenever you stare longingly at a gorgeous naked woman, well, isn’t that the pinnacle of success?

Wrestler. Pornstar. Chyna.

Chyna, the former WWE wrestler, actress, reality television personality, and adult performer born Joanie Laurer in 1970, died at her Redondo Beach home last Wednesday at age 46.


Upon the 2004 release of 1 Night in China, a sex tape starring Chyna and her then partner, fellow wrestler Sean Waltman (through Red Light District), professional adult interest in seeing Chyna perform heated up until she well and truly seemed to find a new post-wrestling career path. Soon given a string of feature releases to star in – Another Night in China, Backdoor to Chyna, and Chyna is Queen of the Ring – as well as doing such a great job as She-Hulk in Axel Braun’s Avengers parodies that she got her own spin-off movie, Chyna was well and truly a porno phenomenon, shooting her way from homemade anal attempts to five-wrestler in-ring gangbang battles, earning a herself legion of devoted fans and admirers along the way.

With news coming to light that Chyna’s death may have been the result of an accidental overdose of Valium and Ambien, her noted (and televised) struggles with substances again come to the fore. Her legacy, however, will surely center on her instrumental role in increasing the stature of women in one of the most machismo-afflicted sports and entertainment industries of all.

In a tribute to Chyna, WWE assembled a video compiling some of her finest moments in the ring. May I suggest a viewing quickly followed by the entirety of Chyna is Queen of the Ring, tissues by your side for tears (or whatever) should they well up and overflow in fond memory of the one and only Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World.