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Over The Knee Needs – Missy Pink’s Sex Advice

Ms. Pink, I’ve read your articles and I hope it’s alright for a gay male to ask a question. I’m in my late 50’s, and have been with the same partner for 19 years, but, our sex life has gotten … Continue reading

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Fleshlight Gets a Grip

How many times have you been plugging away at your Fleshlight, on the verge of completion, when your chosen porn-viewing device (smart phone, duh) falls from its carefully placed position against your thigh or pillow or sleeping cat and makes … Continue reading

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Crushing Animals lands Florida Models in the Clink

I’ve yet to meet a single human being who didn’t have a soft spot for at least one species of non-human animal. I’ve seen ruthless employers rave about a certain racehorse, an callous former flame go to pieces over a … Continue reading

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Aussie’s Drink a Perma-Boner!

Australia, like much of the rest of the world, has been knocking back enough highly-caffeinated energy drinks to (possibly) kill its entire horse population (maybe) for almost twenty years. Now, though, there’s one less brightly decorated, warning-bearing can at the … Continue reading

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Dana Does Hollywood Darkly

Having been climbing the porno ladder since starting as a performer 2003, the latest woman to join Evil Angel’s directorial roster, Dana Vespoli, knows a thing or twenty about Hollywood and she’s putting some nuggets of wisdom and a few … Continue reading

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