Alison Pill’s “Accidental” TitPic

She might have appeared naked in a movie or two, nabbed a role in recent TV hit The Newsroom, and played the role of literature’s ultimate party girl, Zelda Fitzgerald, in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, but until now there were still plenty of entertainment junkies who didn’t know Alison Pill from, well, Zelda Fitzgerald. That is, until she recently “accidentally” tweeted a photo of herself lying on a bed wearing oversized spectacles but no shirt.

Alison Pill

“Yawn,” I hear you thinking, “another ‘accidental’ topless tweet from a not-that-famous Hollywood blonde. How twenty-ten!” Not so fast there, Sonny Seen-it-all! What sets Ms. Pill apart from most other celeb babes who’ve bared their chests on Twitter only to later cry “Hack!” or “Stolen iPhone!” is that this particular starlet immediately admitted a mistake and got on with her day. A simple apology later, Pill was back to tweeting about the Benghazi attack and quoting Mark Twain for his appreciation of cats and cat lovers.

So, is this where celebrity tit-pics are going? Immediate admission of their existence and not a hint of a probe or threatened lawsuit in sight? If so, I’m gonna have to start sleeping less and tweeting more ’cause there are plenty of racks waiting in the wings, that’s for sure.

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