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Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comMissy Pink,

Being a woman, you may understand my actions and help me to calm my husband down. I have two best friends, we talk about everything, including our sex lives. I just happened to make a comment in passing the other evening to my husband about the intimate talks with my gal pals, and he was more upset than I’ve ever seen him. He’s not touched me physically since, says he doesn’t know if he ever can again, the only thing I’m getting is the cold shoulder.


Dear Blabber Mouth;

You’re right in one respect, being a woman, I do understand you sharing those private details with your best friends over a bag of Oreo’s and a diet soft drink, it’s an easy thing for females to do. We talk, about everything, to gain insight, to brag, and at times, just to hear ourselves say things aloud, but this time it may have back-fired.

Chances are, you’ve been speaking of what goes on between the sheets with your confidants for quite a long time, which makes me wonder why now you had a slip of the tongue. Maybe to see what his reaction would be, or maybe just a subconscious way of letting him know he’s being graded by your girlfriends. Either way, sometimes silence really is golden.

Just a simple, “Girls do this all the time,” is not going to suffice, in fact, it will probably make him angrier and more hurt, because as his wife, he probably expected something more from you and now he feels betrayed. Part of that is male ego, the other is the unspoken bond of believing what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. So, yes, I can understand his pain to a point.

Nothing short of groveling is going to restore his libido at this point, I’m talking all the tears you can muster, and the most sincere expression as you promise it will never happen again. Will your fingers be crossed behind your back when you make that promise? Only you will know the answer. It may take a bit of time, but he should begin to soften around the edges a bit and hopefully work his way around to total forgiveness, that’s his way of smacking your fingers for misbehaving. If he doesn’t accept your apology and goes on with holding back on the boner, well, then it could be his own pride may be the only thing keeping him company on these cold, wintry nights. Prove to him you’re genuinely sorry, then let him work it through the rest of the way on his own, if he never does find the path back to the bedroom, then something tells me the only thing he’ll be heating up will be TV dinners, because there are times when women will be women, you don’t always understand us, but you’re still welcome to love us!

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